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Read it and see an eventful day

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Chapter 13 : Hearing


When the group woke up they found Shockwave with oil everywhere laughing and pointing at something. They all turned to look at what ever it was she seemed to find funny. The whole group erupted in laughter when they saw Blue trying to get up and walk away from the oil patch she was stuck on, falling on her back every time.
“Shock! Help me please, I am sorry for stealing your oil and hiding it. Now could you please get me off this damn space of slippery!” Blue shouted to Shockwave, who then inhaled and started to walk over to Blue.
“Is slippery even correct in those terms?” Ghoul teased as Shock pulled Blue off the patch of black oil.
“What the hell happened?” Party asked with shock in his face, obviously not amused by the whole event.
“I woke up and started to walk then slipped so got back up and slipped again. That's when I realised Shocks white grin in the corner of my eye, she had set a trap, so I couldn't get to the last piece of pizza, plus it was to teach me not to steal her stuff. I guess I'm just used to borrowing my roomys' stuff.” Blue said softly with puppy dog eyes, everyone apart from Shockwave looked sorry for her.
“OH COME ON!” Shock yelled in defeat.

3hrs Later the skyline...............

Blues POV

I was just looking at some hoodies when I heard a voice say “Watch out enemy closing in.” I knew whose voice it was it was Rabbit, I looked behind me to see my ex-friend, she was my friend before she went into that 'hardcore' Killjoy gang, she was my bf, until she shot me to get with the hard-cores! Then she turned around and nudged her group they all smiled.
“Run you dumb ass! Don't just stand there.” I took Rabbits advice and ran as fast as I could anywhere.
“Take a left...NOW” I did as she said and ran straight into Shockwave, I could hear Rabbits muffled laugh.
“What the hells scared you, seriously. You look like you saw a Korse!” Shock questioned.
“Someones here and I have a feeling they might attack me!” I replied leaving Shock pondering.
“Attack? More like kill!” I heard a voice, her voice, she was behind me, I looked around to see every one running even Shock.
“What do you want?” I asked, “You know what they want, stop playing dumb and fight, you know you can take em!”
I stood up and got ready to fight, it was just her though.
“Her weak points her knees. Aim for the god damn knees dude!” that is all I needed to fight her.
Next thing I knew I was on the floor, “Help is coming just hang in their.” mentally I asked “Who the hell is crazy enough to beat her up?”
“Hey that's my friend! David and I will not stand for this silly fighting.” Wowify! That answers my question!
She pulled me up and pulled out her gun, “SEE YOU LATER IN THE HOSPITAL BIATCH!” is what I heard as Shock burst through the roof and onto 'her' she looked surprised and I was delighted.
No questions were asked we just went back to the station, I think its for the best anyway.

Partys POV

Blue got a lot of wounds from the fight earlier, I was the one chosen to fix her up, I took this as a chance to speak to her and get to know what she's like.
“So, Shock told me about you hearing Rabbits voice.” I stated hoping that she wouldn't just nod.
“Yeah, that's how I knew about everything that was going to happen and when it was, I think that's how Wowify found me. It seems to be a good thing at the moment. She warns me about stuff, apart from this morning with the oil patch.” Blue responded, that's the most she has ever said to me without being forced to.
As I stitched up her arm, she seemed to be listening to something, but she had no headphones in.
“Hey! What are you concentrating on?” I seemed to have startled her because she jumped causing me to jab her with the needle.
“Ouch. Just Rabbit telling me about everyone else's day and stuff like that.” she trailed off, shifting her eyes to the floor and then to the wound on her arm.
“Whose day?” I asked she stayed silent for a few minutes, “Deserts.” she said simply.
“What about it?”
“Just how you and her sneaked out of the skyline to spend a romantic day together and that's why the rest of the gang went to other places leaving me to be beaten up.” she gave me a death stare before leaving, I don't understand why we don't get along its not like we have had a big fight or anything!
Later that night.
“Why are you up so late?” I heard Blues voice behind me.
“I cant sleep, simple why are you up?” I said in a monotone voice.
“Its no surprise with all that coffee! I cant sleep with Shocks constant sleep talk!” she replied, “Sorry about earlier I was just annoyed about everything, and missing Rabbit. Dude!”
“What?!” I asked alarmed.
“Smile..” she said smoothly smiling exaggeratedly.
“Fine but why aren't you always this nice?” I seemed to be full of questions.
“Because, when you're nice all the time its not special, so if I am sarcastic and a tad horrible, its more reassuring when I am nice. Get it?”
“I guess...” before I could say anymore she chimed in “Go back to bed Desert misses you, she's getting cold better hurry!” I smiled and ran off to my bed.

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