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Ghouls past is completely destroyed

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Chapter 15 : See

Ghouls POV:

Everything has been going perfectly and BLI seems to be weakening but I don't trust Wowifys words, last time I did Blue stabbed me, again! Blue and Party are getting along better than before and Rabbit seems to be in all of Blues dreams, explaining plans others have made to kill or hurt one of us, though she never tells her she is about to stab me, apparently she just laughs.
“Ghoul?” I heard Blue call from behind me, it was pitch black outside so I sparked up my lighter in response.
“I just got news from Rabbit, its not good.” It must have been really bad because she was shaking.
“Well, what is it?” I asked fearing the answer.
“Rabbit told me that someone close to you would be joining her soon, she said that they will be near soon but slip away without any notice.” I didn't understand, no one close to me was here, most were dead!
“But who? Theres no one to die!” I asked, I mean seriously, who the hell could possible slip away from me!
“I..I don't want to say, but I will be there with you, it may be a mystery now but very soon it wont be.” she stated and grabbed her jacket putting it on.
“How soon is soon?” she looked up and relied, “All I will say is put your jacket on because the others won't be up when we are taken.” I nodded and zipped up my jacket as an engine was getting louder and louder.
“I hope you are ready for this!” she shouted over the engines and jumped closer to me, shaking, I saw a side of Blue that not many have, she was scared but I dont think it was of BLI.
Then I felt a needle in my chest and blacked out.

BLI head quarters.

BLI unknown person POV:

I saw a familiar person blink and call out “I thought you were dead!” he seemed saddened, I don't understand why.
I was only being put through the procedure:Dependant Eruption And The Hearing, I never understood what it meant but some Killjoy told me to put the first letter of every word on a page and then I would see what it meant.
It was supposedly a simple thing that was to move us to the next level or to help others become like us, so it was a good thing.
“What is dead?” I asked because I had only heard the word but been told it was a thing that is natural to become.
“Shut up both of you none of you speak or I will blow your brains out!” I didn't understand the women's comment.
“What will that do?” I was told that the only thing that could kill is to disobey BLIs' orders.
“You will soon find out!” she bellowed at me with a sickening smile.
“So Ghoul, you missed her. Better say something before we shock and kill her.” The women continued and 'ghoul', as she called him, started to cry silently with a white face.
“I love you I always have!” he directed at me, but who was he?
“What is love?” I asked unaware of the situation or why the man across from me started crying heavy when the red light came on and a count down sounded.
“Ghoul! What's happening! I can't see!” a girl with blue hair panicked, trying to touch her cloudy eyes.
Then everything went black, I felt nothing.

10 hours later


Ghoul and Blue were in a beaten down car in the desert somewhere, Blue trying to figure out why she had suddenly gone blind, Ghoul containing his tears.
“Who was she?” Blue asked while feeling around for Ghoul.
“She was an ex, and I am here, that's the seat.” he replied with no emotion in his voice, grabbing her wrists.
“I'm just not good at this blind thing.” she stated hanging her head and sighing.
“I am sure its not permanent! They are cruel but they want you to see yourself suffering.” Ghoul breathed out and pulled the blanket over himself.
“Get some sleep we need to be up tomorrow to get to the station fast.” Blue did as he said and fell into a deep sleep.
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