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Blue has a question

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Chapters 16 : Love?

Before I start I think that taking them to HQ was a spur of the moment thing that I will fit in some how.

Somewhere in the deserts------------------------


By this time the blindness had faded and Blue could see clearly now, she had to wash her eyes with acid though, it was painful but for her it was worth it.
Ghoul was on look out for passing Killjoys, they had run out of gas an hour ago and were getting hungry. Blue took this as a chance to ask about the girl.
“Who was the girl, at the BLI HQ?” Fun Ghouls face went white as soon as she mentioned the girl his face went as pale as it could with all the dirt and stains.
“Me and her used to go out.” He could see the confusion in her eyes, obviously she had no clue about this stuff because before anyone her age had a chance to even make friends they were forced into the desert to live alone.
“What do you mean by 'go out' like outside?” Ghoul laughed at her comment until her realised she was being serious.
“You know what love is right?” He asked hoping the answer wasn't one of confusion or unknowing.
“Its a feeling that people experience when they meet someone, its supposedly confused with the sin lust. I got that from a dictionary and an old magazine, I think I might not ever get to feel it.” she stat5ed with sadness swelling her voice and making her choke slightly but recover before her image was blown.
“Love, is a good feeling, I am sure you will get to feel it before you die or get brain washed.” He reassured her trying to start an empty engine.
“Well, what's it like then? I've never understood it, I mean people die for it!” she stated loudly.
“Its just a powerful thing.” Ghoul breathed before crying silently.
“Stop staring and get in the car!” Ghoul snapped at a frightened Blue.

Blues POV----

I got in the car turned on my iPod and played Neon Trees- Animal, it was some how comforting.
“I think this will work. Stop staring at me seriously! You are just how they told me you were!” I wasn't sure what he was talking about not many people knew me and I didn't think he hated me.
“Do you hate me or something?” as soon as I mentioned hate he looked at me.
“How the hell do you know what that means but you don't know love?” I had enough of his stupidity!
“Thats it I have had enough of everyone!” I jumped out the car and on to the burning desert.
I ran towards an old friends, he has known me for a while and knows all my secrets.
There he was, flowing bleached hair shining, as always, dusty old clothes, red rimmed eyes, smiling face. I missed Thunder
He heard me and ran towards me.
“Hey. Blue I haven't seen you in a while I thought you were..” he trailed off at the end, “I was what?” I asked as he hugged me tighter than before.
“Dead.” his eyes were sad and becoming dull, what the hell am I meant to do!
“Kiss him you idiot! Honestly you were always so unsociable!” Rabbits advice, or it could be seen as a 'diss', echoed through my head, “NOW!”
At that I practically jumped at him! He seemed shocked and happy, but continued anyway. I wonder what this is called.

12 hours later 10pm

I must have fallen asleep next to him because it was really dark out side the shack, but for once I felt completely safe like nothing matters, it was how I felt as a kid.
“Hello?” It was Wowify, how did she find me.
“Hey what you and David doin' here?” I asked, unaware of why she was panicking.
“ Everyone's looking for you what the hell are you doing!” It was like a dream or something but it was real.
“I will just radio the others do not move, not even to go to the fairies!” this was weird even for Wowify.
“Okay I will just sit here and wait, I guess.” I replied even though it was more of a statement than a request.
After a while Ghoul turned up and ran towards me, “ I thought you did something stupid! Never run away again!” he called over to me while running.
“Er-mm, okay then.” I was really confused, surely Killjoys do this all the time!

Later on that night- Blues Dream-------

“Hey, Blue! It seems like you had a nice day. You found an old 'friend' and spooked the gang out without even trying.” Rabbit laughed, clapping like she was retarded!
“Hey! Why were they spooked and I know you know!” I shouted back realising we were in a field full of beautiful flowers.
“I told Ghoul that you were gonna march into BLI, don't be mad but it was funny to see their faces, you can kill the dead!” she shouted as I ran after her trying to tackle her, after a while it just faded to black.
Then I heard another voice different to the rest scream “ BEWARE OF THE PERSON IN PURPLE”
Then I woke up...................

OOOOO cliff hanger.
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