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Plum doesnt murder today

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Chapter 17 : Plum

Desert Shadows POV

Party had brought back some girl called Plum Murder, she seemed like a nice girl. She told us that her past was filled with death and disaster, just like a regular killjoy. Party and her met when Plum first escaped from the dark depths of Battery City, she was covered in blood and beaten badly, so she looked blue. For some reason Blue hasn't talked to her, some thing about her awful dress sense, I dont see the problem, its just purple, head to toe. Even her hair is purple, weird I know!
I was just talking to Party and Plum when Blue pulls me aside, “I have a bad feeling about that purple idiot, she's no good, I think she might do something stupid or even worse! Kill us.” she hissed at me.
“What the hells your problem! It's just because she is trying to be my friend and your jealousy has over come your mind, she's really a nice person you know!” I hissed back angry at her for not even giving her a chance.
“Actually, some one from the other side told me to be ware of the person in purple, I would never be jealous of HER.” she retorted calmer than before.
I thought hard about this whole situation, it did seem odd that some one else from the dead connected with Blue, she didn't have another connection like that.
“You must be lying! She is really nice even Kobra likes her!” I was getting really angry now, why is she lying because I dont understand!
“But it must be bad if some one that I have never met tells me this stuff. Honestly, why dont you just go over to your 'new' family.” With that little remark she stormed off.
Wow, she thought of me as family, I never thought like that. I must be the worst sister in the world right now.
“Hey, Party?” I asked as he was in deep conversation with Plum, she seemed to like him more and more every second, strange.
“RUN! Get away from her! She WILL kill you!” a voice boomed into my head, I had no idea whose though.
“Is there something you want to say!” Plum screamed at me with an evil stare, maybe she is as Blue describes.
“I..I just wanted to,” before I could finish in my mousey voice she shouted, “I dont care!”
Then stabbed Party in the side making him fall to the ground, the rest of the guys jumped out of their seats and grabbed their guns... that weren't there.
“Looking for these?” she asked holding up the ray guns they were searching for.
“What did we ever do to you!?” Ghoul screeched as she shot him in the foot.
“Nothing!” she cackled madly.

Blues POV_____________

“Why are you out in this part of the desert?” Kobra asked, patting the spot next to him.
I sat for a moment and considered all the options that I could go forward with when I saw the others again.
“Kobra?” I pushed him, he was asleep. Great.
He was a really heavy sleeper, so I guess I will just have to sit here until he wakes up because he could get attacked.
“GO BACK HURRY.” the voice from my dreams, why would I go back to them now.
“SHES A PHSYCO, SHE IS THE REASON IM DEAD” at this I sprung up, slapped Kobra till he was awake.
“What the hell?” he asked dumbfound.
“Quick we need to get back the others are in trouble!” he looked alarmed and ran with me.
“SLOW DOWN, she will see you coming!” The voice echoed in my skull.
“SHHH!” I tried to quieten Kobra down as we approached the station.
I could see Party on the floor and Deserts pale face in the shadows, I think she was crying. Then there was Ghoul and Jet tied up and gagged, looking ready to kill.
“I think we should call for help, Shockwave is with Wowify, I will radio them.” he signalled for me to stay put and radioed the others.
I could see them creeping around the corner.
“Had a nice day?” I asked Shock, who was clearly annoyed by Wowifys behaviour.
“Shut. Up.” she replied, I smirked at her tone.
Then we heard a click, it was the door, opening, “What are you looking at!” was bellowed at us, Plum was grinning at us with blood staining her purple clothes.

Ghouls POV____________

I could here Desert weeping in the corner, trying not to think about Party dying. However, I could see two Blue flashes in the corner of my eye. I managed to spit out my gag.
“Desert, are you tied up? Cause if not why aren't you moving?” I had no idea why she hadn't come out from the corner.
“I..I can't move she has tied me to the pipe!” she stuttered back, not hiding the weeping.
Then I felt a sharp pain in my side, I looked to see a smoking hole.
“GHOUL” I heard some one scream, I think it was Blue, then everything went hazy and I blacked out.

No POV____________

Shock and Blue ran over to Ghoul and set him out on a bed, while the others tended to Party. Ghoul kept flinching and becoming more conscious every stitch Blue pushed in.
After a while everyone had gone into the other rooms to sleep but Blue suggested she stayed with Ghoul, just incase he woke up and freaked out or something.
Then the door creaked open to reveal someone Blue was waiting for....
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