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Looks like Killjoys can have fun to!

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Chapter 18: Tricks

Blue Flares POV
Wowify was stood there with a worried crazed look in her eyes, “Is she still here?” she asked in a hushed tone, as if she knew that it would wake everyone.
“Yes, she is in the room over there,” I stated pointing to the old rusty door, “Do you want to know the damage before sneaking her away?”
She nodded in approval, she had waited years for this day. Plum Murder is the reason we no longer have half the gang with us, I only recently found this out when Wowify came to help out. Plum is the reason Nirvana Rainbow and Yellow Dynamite ran into the dark lands, the dark lands are what the underground tunnels are called. They swore that when Plum had been taken care of they would rise again and it would be just like old times. Which is why Wowify is here to take her to Killjoy Jail and there Plum will face her fate, may it be death or life in a padded cell.

“Well, as you know Party brought her back to the station, then I left after me and Desert had a fight. After a while I heard a voice that told me to come back here, so me and Kobra rushed here to find Desert tied up and terrified. Party was on the floor bleeding, Ghoul and Jet were tied up. Plum then shot Ghoul in his side, so I am monitoring him.” I explained to a serious Wowify, she was so serious it freaked me out.
“Sorry I never told you about all this, David told me it would be better if I told you....OH! Shut up David, honestly.... Do we really have to talk about this now.” and no the craziness is back, I missed it.
“Take her straight there yeah?” I ordered just in-case she forgot.
“Ofcourse! Panic Pistols with me, she is tuff, trust me! She had me in a headlock earlier!” Wowify called out, then slapping her hand to her face so she wouldn't wake anyone with her volume.

The Next Morning
Party Poisons POV__________

Everything was going well, I was much better and so was Ghoul was recovering. There was something strange going on though, Blue wasn't letting me see Plum, even after I told her she needed meds!
“Hey Party!” Kobra panted after running around trying to find me.
“What is it?” I was very annoyed at the fact I was being disturbed in my 'me' time.
“Blue said she let Wowify and Panic take Plum to jail!” He seemed very angry at this, I think that's where she belongs.
“I know you really liked her, as a sister, but she belongs there she is not the person we used to know.” after I told him that he let out a sigh.
“I guess im going to have to let Blue out of the cupboard then.” he breathed before walking away to do whatever, I giggled a little bit though, so at least I got something out of it!

Kobras POV

I trudged down the hall to where Blue was banging on the door, sounding very annoyed, I probbably should have explained to her why I did this, oh well.
“Blue! I am sorry! I should of told you that I knew about the whole Plum thing and I was angry about it.” I shouted through the banging.
“I am gonna leave you in there till you calm down okay.” I hushed while she was quiet.
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN LEAVE ME IN HERE” I didnt hear the rest because I ran in the opposite direction, and fast.

Two Hours Later

“I feel there is something I am forgetting, anyone know?” everyone just shrugged in response, well it cant be that important if I forgot!

Ghouls POV

I raced down to the storage cupboard because I had just spilt coffee everywhere and if anyone found out they would kill me beccause coffee is hard to find in these times. So I had to get to the mop and that stuff whats it called? Oh yeah disinfectant!
I opened the cupboard and was immediately punched in the face fantastic! What did I do now?
“OMG I am soooo sorry, I thought you were Kobra!” Blue shrieked and helped me up, “Is there anything I can do for you?”
“Erm, could you help me clean up the coffee I spilt?” I requested grinning.
“Okay where did you spill it?” she asked grabbing all the stuff she needed.
“All down the stairs..” I trailed off while she gave me the 'you have got to be kidding' look.

After we cleaned up and hid the evidence ( a broken mug), Blue raced up stairs to get her revenge on Kobra, this was bound to be good!


Blue dashed up the stairs to find a sleeping Kobra Kid, 'Perfect' she thought an evil smirk etched across her lips. She grabbed the silly spray she had recently got from Wowify, then got the tape from the draw.
She then taped Kobra to a pipe on the ceiling, being careful not to wake him. Ghoul and Desert watched from the door with confused faces.
Blue spotted this and whisperd, “Rabbits taught me this trick, after we did it to Wowify, she freaked out!”
After Blue had securely tapped Kobra to the ceiling, she sprayed silly spray all over him, making sure his face and upper body was completely covered. Then she placed a mini pool of water under him.

“Desert I need you to scream really loud.” Desert nodded in response, as she signalled for Ghoul and Blue to shield their ears.
She inhaled deeply then screamed, at this Kobra came of the ceiling and landed in the pool of water and a hidden fake snake that popped out.
“Whats going on?!?” Kobra sreeched trying to break free from all the tape.
“Hey guys get behind the sofa and watch this.” all of them piled behind the sofa and watched as Jet, Party and Shock apeared with wide eyes.
“What the hell have you done now Kobra!” Jet sternly shouted at him, Party running to help him out of the pool.
“I have no idea, one minute I was sleeping the next I'm in here, insane right.” Kobra explained, dumbfound.
Shock just sighed and walked away. Blue was holding in the laughter as were Desert and Ghoul. Blue nudged both of them and mouthed 'Watch this'
Jumping out from behind the sofa screaming BOO at the top of her lungs, Party, Jets and Kobras faces were priceless.
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