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Wowify shows Kobra the ribbons ;)

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Chapter 19 : Random

Wowifys Diary Entry:

Dear Diary, (I wanna nick name you Darwin) so, Dear Darwin,

Today is suppose to be a good day, Kobra is coming over while Panic Pistol is going to skyline with Desert, they are going to get 'facials', pffft Pansy's. Plus Kobra needs a break from Blues practical jokes, she says Rabbit helps her out to, so she is unbeatable!
In other news, David now has a girlfriend, her name is Davetta. I have planned for me and Kobra to clean my sand pool, help me in target practise and then find a place for Yellow Dynamite to sleep. I think she should sleep with the ducks and/or fishes, although Panic Pistol does not agree, it still happening.

Goodbye Darwin, till tomorrow.

P.S I stole Blues Skittles, just needed to confess :) .

Kobras POV:

As Blue rolled up to Wowifys... colourful shack, I realised I had to spend a day with a crazy and this was meant to be my break from Blue.
“Hey, have a nice day. And try not to get killed yeah!” she smirked as I got out and gave her a death glare.
“Wait! What do you mean try not to get killed?” She laughed at my question and answered, “What do you think she means by target practise?” with that she sped away leaving me in complete shock.
I stood there for what seemed like days, the sand hitting my face like tiny bullets. Then my worst fear became true, I saw her Cheshire cat grin in the corner of my eye then..
“GLOMP!” she shouted as she jumped on me/ hugged me, I almost toppled over with her sudden weight added to my side.
“So! First is target practise here's your armour!” she thrusted the rusty metal over my head and on to my body, luckily it fit!
She dragged me into the shack and back out into the fenced off garden. She pulled a BLI gun out.
“Start running! Its no fun if you don't!” she shouted at me, I did as I was told.
Then I saw flashes pass me and I realised that I wasn't running fast enough! So I sped up and then I fell to the ground when a forceful white beam hit me.
“200 points to Wowify! The crowd goes wild!” was yelled in a commentator voice, I looked at the clock, it was 12, meaning I have been here for four hours, and I still have four more to go!
I am going to die...

“What's for lunch?” I asked, afraid of the answer.
“Well, I stole some skittles from Blue, so we are having Gummy Bear soup!” what the hell is gummy bear soup!?!
“Okay, is that all?” I really wish I didn't ask that!
“Oh! We are going to be drinking Awesome-sauce, before you ask.. it tastes like rainbows!” she jumped up and down clapping her hands, how did Blue convince me to come here! Oh, now I remember she stole all the coffee and said she would blow it up, how unbelievable.

After lunch it was time to clean her 'sand pool' which was basically a pit of sinking sand, but some how she managed to play in it, all I had to do was 'go fish' meaning I just sat from one till two (yea! A whole hour!) with a stick it the sand. I was supposedly trying to find the sand monster that lives in the depths of the pit. It was better than running around for a whole four hours though, I will kill Blue.... But that's for later.

“Now lets find a place for Yellow Dynamite to sleep, she said she doesn't want to sleep with the ducks! I mean why wouldn't you they are so nice and David's family are kind and never say a bad word!” she stated, she thinks plastic ducks can talk, help me.
“How about on the sofa, we should set it up for her!” I requested, she couldn't turn this into an impossible job, could she, can she?
“YEA! You put the blankets and pillows on and I will be right back.” again, I did as she said and waited for her to come back.

Oh no! She had lots of gummy bears, strings and staples. I can see what is going to happen now!
“I want to decorate this area with stringed GUMMY BEARS!” she screamed with joy.
So for the last two hours I had to sow Gummy bears onto ribbon then staple them to the roof/ceiling. In the end I did over 50, by the way for every ribbon there were 30 gummy bears, work that out. I did, because I was that bored! 1500, that's a lot of gummy bears!

“Hello? Kobra you need to come back to the station now! I know you probably want to stay here forever but..” before she could finish her sarcastic comment I whizzed off passed Blue into the car.
“GOODBYE KOBRA” I heard Wowify shout at the top of her lungs, obviously hyper!

The ride to the station____________

“So did you have a nice time, I heard you made Gummy Ribbons and had some awesome-sauce!” she cooed as if I was a baby.
“Ha ha! Very funny, lets just get back shall we!” I glared at her before going into a state that I would not respond until I got back to the station.
“OOO some ones touchy!” she laughed.

Wowifys Diary Entry

Dear Darwin,

Today was fun! This is just gonna be a short entry because Panic Pistol and Yellow Dynamite want me to hurry up so we can eat out gummy bear ribbons. I had a good day, target practise went on for 4 hours, so I had a good time, fishing went well too, I will find that monster somehow! Anyway, Kobra seemed a little freaked out but I cant figure out why! Its really weird when ever I meet new people they are always freaked out, freaks!

Goodbyes Darwin!

P.S I forgot to tell Kobra that the main ingredient in awesome sauce is the medication that keeps me from turning sane, because who wants to be sane, actually what does sane even mean, I will research it!
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