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Intresting what awesome sauce can do!

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Chapter 20 : Warning

The Ride Home- Continued...

Blue Flares POV:

As soon as Kobra confirmed drinking the awesome sauce, I knew he would start acting like Wowify, just tuned down a little. This is going to be fun..
“So has the awesome stuff kicked in yet?” I asked, he knew her meds were in there. Right?
“What are you talking about?” he did not know that her meds were in there.
“Her medication is in the drink, that's why she says it taste like rainbow! So very soon you will be just like a Wowify, that's right you will be insane for about three to four hours!” I laughed at his confusing and terrible situation.
“When will it kick in?” he asked as I looked at my watch, it had been around 5 hours so soon.
I smiled devilishly and replied, “Any time... now!”
After a minute his worried expression changed to an overjoyed one, this is going to be a long night....

An hour later______Back at the station. (Out back)

Deserts POV:

We were having the best night, Party and me were cuddling up to each other, while everyone else sat round the fire, excluding Blue and Kobra, I was wondering where they were when...
“HEY DESERT!” Kobra called from round the corner, “COME HERE!”
As I passed Blue on the way I asked “Why does he want to see me?” she just shrugged and joined Shock on the bench.
I noted her menacing smile as I looked back, hesitating for a moment, but then thinking 'what could go wrong'.
“Hey, so I was talking to my friend soap bar, and he helped me realise that I love someone!” wait did he just say soap bar?
“Oh that's cool, so who is this special lady?” I asked unaware what was going to happen.
Then he....

Partys POV:

I watched Blue zone out again, like she always does when talking to Rabbit, this time she had a smile plastered to her face and it was not a good one.
I threw an empty can at her and shouted, “What you thinking about!”
“Rabbit just told me something funny that is going to happen very soon, so don't get mad because..” before she could finish her sentence I heard a scream.
So we all looked around to see Kobra trying to kiss Desert, what the hell is he playing at?
“PARTY HE IS ON AWESOME SAUCE” I turned back to look at a Blue who was waving her hands trying to get me to stop.
“Do you think this is funny? Really you have to make a joke of everything, awesome sauce doesn't even exist!” I shouted, making the group completely stop and stare.
I charged at Kobra taking him in to the station, everyone hurried behind us. Desert ran to her room with Jet following.
There was some shouting, then Kobra shouted “IT WAS THE SOAP BAR” then I zoned out of everything but punching him.

Shocks POV:

I looked over at the massacrer of blood that the two brothers had created, Blue must know what's wrong with him.
“What did you say that he took?” I asked as she searched her pockets for something.
“He unknowingly took some of Wowifys meds, meaning he is going to be like Wowify for a bit, I have the reverse thing somewhere.” she responded, I had no idea what to do, the others overheard this and ran off to tell Jet and Desert.
She then pulled out a needle from her bag, letting out a sigh she asked me, “ Can you get Party off him so I can inject this?!” I nodded instantly.
I struggled for a while but eventually I was able to pull Party off then whip him into a table, leaving him momentarily unconscious.
“Okay, he is coming back to us. YO! Shock come over here and help me fix him up!” Blue demanded, I ran over to help, he needed a lot of bandages!
By the time we were done explaining to everyone it was midnight.
“I think we should just go to bed.” Ghoul suggested walking to his room.
“Yeah okay, but I still want to talk to Blue.” Party stated, he didn't seem in a very good mood.
“I think I should stay.” I was about to sit back down when he spat “ This does not concern you!” I decided to just leave, Blue was in so much trouble, even though she did nothing!

Blues POV:

I sat down, not fully understanding why he was angry at me, I didn't force the drugs down his throat! It cant be that bad, just a few bad words or words of warning.
“I want to know why you didn't tell me about this.” Party questioned, I was confused I tried three times but he wouldn't listen to me at all!
“I did but the first two times I was cut off then she just said I was joking, awesome sauce is the stuff Wowify puts her drugs in, she has been doing it since I met her, at like ten!” as I told him this his anger seemed to shed, it showed how sorry he felt.
“Oh, well, I hope Desert got over the shock!” he changed the subject quickly.
“We will find out later, I'm gonna hit the hay, bye!” I ran off quickly, I did not want it to get more awkward!

Blues Dream_____________

The first thing I saw was a field and a few children sitting on a blanket, with food, not much but still enough to make me drool. Then I saw Rabbit appear from behind a tree, she didn't look as happy as she always did in my dreams. She was draped in a dismal cover, then she flew over to me.
“This was out old life, now I am dead and you are fighting an unwinable war! I wish we just live normal lives, paying bills, working a dead end job and having an element of freedom!” Oh fantastic I have a dead person dealing with regret and grief, just perfect! Well at least I can look at the amazing field and peer into an old life. I was brought out of my in dream dream by Rabbit shaking me violently.
“Whaa?” I asked looking at her, “Oh, nothing I just wanted to stop you from putting yourself into a never ending dream!” I laughed at her answer.
“I just wanted to say, before you go, soon you will need to fight so prepare yourself and the others.” then everything faded to a deep red.
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