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Is The End Nigh?

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Theres a plan forming...

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Chapter 21 : Is The End Nigh?

Kobras POV:

I woke up in my room, but I don't remember getting out of the car. Maybe it was the awesome sauce, that still doesn't explain all the bandages and pain! The door cracked open and I saw light...then two different kinds of blue.
“Hey Kobra. I think we should explain what happened.” Shock nudged Blue as they walked over to me.
“Well you drank the awesome sauce, which had Wowifys drugs in. So then you came back here and kissed Desert. Party beat you up because you kissed her and we had to fix you up!” She explained, Shock was whispering in code to Blue for about a minute.
They stood laughing for a while before Desert and Jet busted in with panic on their faces.
“All of you have to come out now, there is some very bad news.” Jet shouted putting emphasis on the 'very'.

No ones POV

They all sat around the table waiting for Jet to deliver the news. Shock continuing to speak in rushed code towards Blue.
“I know what you are going to say...” Blue hushed out of the blue, everyone looked in her direction, not understanding how she could possibly know.
“There is a war. A new one. A bigger one.” each word made her eyes grow more dull, “The only defence is us Killjoys, but our weapon is something we can never get.”
“What is it?” Party questioned, as if he would be able to run out and grab it.
“Instruments, as many as possible. The music will shut down their system. But we have no instruments because they are all locked away. At station...” Blue zoned out and looked straight ahead, everyone waited in response.
It had been a few minutes before anyone thought to shake her, Shock happily did so. As she broke from her own world, she tried to scan her mind for the number.
“Station fifty..” everyone sat in shock.

Station fifty was the only station that no one had ever found or even attempted to find, it was inhabited by a gang of Flares. Blue once belonged with them but then she found a new family, Desert. No one was really told about her past, she just lied and said that Desert was the first Killjoy to take her in. There are six Flares; Blue, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Green and Red. They were kept at station fifty because BLI thought that as a team they were to much of a risk, but Blue and Orange escaped, they parted ways and waited for the 'tale' to die down before they made any real friends.

“I know how to get in and out!” Blue became suddenly happy, the others looked shocked, “It wont take long we just have to gather more people.”

Party immediately whizzed off to the radio centre, to get as many Killjoys as he could, there were fast responses because he said he could end the war with their help. Blue began drawing up plans and other things like blueprints.
Soon over 100 Killjoys had come and this was just for Phase one!

They all drove to the Skyline and settled in the empty area, everything was silent while Blue, Jet and Party stood on stage. Blue pulled out her drawings and laid them on a projector.

“We all know we are here to end this war, with the power of music and an element of violence,” Party began, people already cheering, Blue just rolled her eyes, “Well, Blue is going to explain what the plan is, from phase one till the end.” he walked to the side and sat on a chair watching Blue and Jet.

“To begin, we are just going to start on phase one, which is to take over station fifty and release the Flares, get the instruments we need and prepare for phase 2.” she then pushed a blueprint onto the projector.

“We will split into four groups and go in through the four main entrances,” Jet explained while Blue pointed to the entrances and drew lines to show the points each group would go to, “as you can see each group has a different point to get to and a different aim. Group one will aim to shut down the station, when this is complete they will split up and help out other groups or just get outta there. Group 2 will aim to get the instruments and get them out through the tunnel they get in through, which should be easy considering the fact the security is very low. Group 3 will be releasing the Flares and escorting them out to meet Blue who will then tell them what to do. Group 4 will be fighting the security, so they will need to be well armed.” he finished reviving nods, all the Killjoys seemed to understand and already began setting up camps for different groups.

After everyone had decided where they fit best, they began preparing. Blue and Party were the main leaders, mainly because everyone knew Party and he was some kind of celebrity amongst the Killjoys. They went round to every group helping them plan.

Blues POV:

We got to group one and they seemed to have it all planned out, everyone had their name written up on the board with their place and sub aim, they were working perfectly.
“So girls hows everything going?” Party asked as all the girls swooned, I slapped him on the back of the head and stared right at him, I think he got the message because he jumped up and practically ran to the front of the make shift den.
“You all seem to be getting along just fine, any extra questions?” I asked watching a few hands raise.
“Will we be in the same groups for phase two?” one girl with bright pink hair questioned, if all the questions were like this it will be easy.
“Yes they will just grow as more Killjoys arrive, they may not be even groups, there may be more fighter or more fixers, I am not sure just yet.” at that all the hand dropped.

Group two had already given out hand outs and were in pairs so they could have a chain that they passed the instruments down, they were doing fantastic and did not need our help at all. Group three were in sub groups, they had already found out how they were trapped (they were chained) and had chosen a Flare. Group four had already begun training, so we left them to it.

The only trouble was to find Orange Flare and get her to rejoin everyone else and not just live in a basement with some machinery. But that's phase two and we haven't even gone through with phase one!

Rabbit is the BEST when it comes to stuff like this, it's good I can still hear her!
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