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Station Fifty

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Chapter 22 : Station Fifty

Station Fifty


Group one were standing behind group four, who had their guns and any-other weapon you could think of in their hands ready to fight, they were waiting from the signal from Desert. She was head of the first wave.
The radio buzzed “When ever your ready, we are getting ready to drill through the cement. Oh, and group three are almost in the vents.” Blues voice explained.
“GO!” Desert shouted making the arm movements for any killjoy who could not hear her bellowing.
They charged in full speed, shocking the sleepy dracs, in five minutes they had taken down at least five waves. Group one ran to the control centre, tapping buttons and pulling plugs. Back in the 'reception' area group four had almost every drac down, they were working extra fast because they knew that some of them could go and get the instruments out and finally get to touch a guitar/bass/drum set/violin/keyboard or something they had long forgotten about.
“Group four's split, expect about twelve extras.” Desert shouted through the radio to Blue, who smiled informing everyone “Some more are coming to help, but do not slow down!” she received some smiles and groans.

Group three weren't doing as well, they could find the chambers and refused to call for help.
“It should be this way!” Party called out pointing in a random direction, he was not sure which direction to take but guessed thinking he knew right.
Everyone ran after him, looking around for the doors that held the flares, who would hopefully know the rest of the plan to taking BLI down. 'I cannot give up so easily, some one is bound to humiliate me!' Party thought in panic, although he showed none.

Out-side Station Fifty one hour later_______________

“Have all the instruments been taken?” Kobra asked as Jet checked every crate and tunnel.
“Yep!” Jet called back in a joyous tone, making everyone take in the moment.
“Wait where's group three?” Ghoul sounded, making everyone stop and think.
“I will just radio Party!” Blue pipped up grabbing her 'block' “Hello? Party....Where are you?......We have got all the instruments back at the meeting point already!.....Why didn't you call earlier!....I'm coming.”
“Party got lost in the Station and has no idea where he is!” Blue said with a tone of disbelief.
“I'll come with you to find him.” Ghoul offered, Blue nodded in response.

Ghouls POV:

We were following the signal of a bug that Blue had put on Party before they split up this morning, she explained that she knew this was going to happen because Rabbit told her to do it. I just laughed because everyone knew this was going to happen! As we got closer it beeped faster, then it suddenly went of the hook. We looked up and standing in front of us was a very red Party and his group looking red, for a different reason.
“Well,” Blue started, “I think we need to be fast is we are going to get outta here before dark, don't you?.. Okay then.” then just as she turned around to walk away she blasted, “I told you so!”
Then she started running, Party followed in rage, everyone else ran just to keep up. In about ten minutes we found a big metal door. The group started fixing the bombs to the hinges of the door, then the lock. We all ducked as the red light flashed.

BOOM A few Killjoys got up to do the unchaining or whatever they were held with. Then out came four skinny killjoys dressed in only one colour. The first two were purple and yellow, who looked like twins, then the second pair were green and red, I am guessing that they dressed the colour that was in their names.
“BLUE” they all screamed in unison, running and hugging her.
“Okay can I breathe?” Blue squeaked, laying flat underneath the balls of colour.
They looked like a little family. It made us all sad. None of us could smile.

The Ride____________

I was driving with Blue, Purple and Yellow, the last two were in a heavy sleep.
“You know you will find your family when you get out of here, don't you?” Blue chimed, raising an eyebrow, obviously she was only saying this to give me hope, that I lost.
“Don't be stupid they are all dead!” I shouted in an aggravated tone.
She laughed a little and then shocked me “They are not dead you idiot! Korse has an underground prison for all of the people that cant be broken!”
I just looked at her with an open mouth and wide eyes, how did I not know about this! She just sat back and hummed a tune, sounded familiar. I had to focus on the road might bump into..oh wait its a desert! The whole thirty minute drive Blue just hummed different tunes, that annoyed me because I knew them but couldn't work out how. I could ask Shock to get me her Ipod, she was very sneaky, it always comes in as a good factor.
“Hey is shock getting a new bike?” I asked as she ran through my thoughts.
“Yea! She's getting a Harley Davidson, she said that if she was gonna die on a bike it had to be that one!” she smiled while replying.

When we came to a stop out side the base Blue grabbed my arm, “In the end it will be just our little group. Desert Shadow, Crimson Revenge, Yesterdays Kid, Shockwave, Cyanide Sunlight, Panic Pistol and the rest of your gang.” I had no idea why the others would not be with us but I always had a feeling that the army wouldn't all be in the firing line...

Wowifys Diary Entry______________

Dear Darwin,

Today went well, we got the flares 'CHEER' and keyboards! I have wanted to play on the keyboard for so long, its the only thing that makes me happy and will forever! I think the next phase will be more fun because I get to play keyboard, then I don't know what will happen! However, I did hear Blue talking to the other Flares about recording the music then streaming it to the city, but not all of us have to go. YAY I get a day off, me and David are gonna PARTAY, that way David can get over his old GF, she was a whore anyway!
Till next time,
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