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The start?

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Chapter 23 : Recording

No POV :

It was a new day, meaning the Killjoys got to pick up the instruments they had lusted for, it seemed like centuries since the chords of a guitar were heard. As each group came out and collected an instrument from the mountain the Flares were setting up... a recording studio? Passers by saw this and became very excited especially Jet and Ghoul, playing those guitars was their heaven! Much like any other Killjoy, even if there was no instrument they could play, they could still tap a triangle or bang a gong. After a lot of organization the groups gathered to perform phase two.

Party POV :

As soon as I woke up, the first thing on my mind was finally being able to sing for a reason, and be heard. I ran to Blue and the rest of the flares.
“Hey! So, Blue. Do I get to sing, or do I have to strike a triangle?” I asked hopeful the answer would be that I could sing.
“Well, we are short on the triangle players, so yes you will be striking..” as she answered my face dropped, I was so devastated.
As I was starting to walk away Blue shouted, “Are you stupid! Of course you are singing!” I let out a relived laugh and turned to see other Killjoys containing themselves.

Two hours before rehearsals___________

Deserts POV :

Almost every Killjoy was here it felt like we were going to win, there was the biggest feeling of victory rushing through everyone. Panic was on patrol of the zones with Wowify, I let Panic borrow my head-phones. They were looking for a Killjoy who went by the name Dahlia Muse, she is supposedly very good at tuning instruments and getting everything to the right standard fast, which is what we needed today!
Through all this craziness I did wonder what the out come would be, if we would all die or if our freedom would return. The old days were the best, my friends would make jokes about the world ending and we would laugh, but now its not a joke, no one would laugh, not even me. I miss everything, everyone, just my past. My life better start going up...

Dahlia Muse POV:

“What the hell..” I said to myself as I saw a...thing with a duck strapped to their head, they were waving franticly at me and screaming my name.
Instinctively I ran, who wouldn't!?! Trailing after the weirdo was a more normal Killjoy, I was happy to see her. I stopped after realising that we were in a hotspot, but there were no Killjoys, none.
“YAY you finally stopped!” Screamed the freaky one.
“Stop that screaming Wowify!” the normal one demanded slapping Wowifys head, “I'm Panic Pistol, we know who you are.”
Her soft lips made a 'U' shape that I was not familiar with, it seemed that she was happy. I returned this facial movement.
“We need to get you back to the base, so you can help us with phase two.” Panic explained, grabbing my arm and running, very fast.

When we finally stopped at a giant building, I realised what was going on, I had heard about this revolution but thought it was only a rumour, so I never took action.
“We need you to tune the instruments.” I looked over to see two Blue headed girls smiling, “I'm Shockwave Current and this is Blue Flare.” She stuck out her robotic arm, I shook it.
“So when do I start?” I asked, thinking it was sometime next week, nothing ever gets done around here!
“In” Blue Flare stated calmly, and smiled as she watched me freak out, “Well hurry up you don't want to waste time, do you?” she continued leaning towards me.
“What do you need me to do?” I had no clue what to expect this time.
“Well we need you to tune around a thousand instruments.” Shock answered, “I will show you the way, its very busy in there!”
I was dragged through a billion people, before I reached a room filled with many instruments of any make! My world stopped, it had been years. I took of my leather vest, tied my black hair back with my white bandanna and then picked up the first guitar.
“So, how longs it been since you touched one of these?” Blue asked, fiddling with other guitars.
“To long.” I answered, “So what is the big plan that you planned?”
“To stop BLI with the last hope, music. I mean they banned it, so streaming it world wide will stop them!” She replied, but I was still unsure how this was going to help anything.
“I don't understand..” I was confused by her confidence.
“Well, music is what stops the pills, and it will take down the system, stop the dracs and then return everything to how it was before the outburst. Music saves all.” she smiled after her speech, for some reason this reassured me that I would be able to do normal things and live the normal way. One day everyone will be free.


No POV :

All the instruments were tuned, Killjoys were getting ready to make some noise. The flares were behind the boards/Computers, ready to record what would be the antidote to the poison that is BLI.
The vibrations of guitars started and everything seemed to flow from there, the beat from drums, the chimes of bells and the clang of a gong. Maybe this was the hope and this was only the start...
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