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Rounding Up

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So close!

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Chapter 24 : Rounding Up

The Recording___


As the last of the guitars were strum, everything was falling in to place in the planning room, every Killjoy was on edge hoping they were not going to be the ones who ran into BLI to detonate the sound bomb. However, they did want to be there for the looks on their evil faces, the joy of knowing it was all ending.

[the board room]

“So how do we tell them that their in?” Kobra asked Party as he fiddled with his zipper.
“We call them in.” he answered calmly, giving the list to Ghoul, so he knew who to bring in.
“This all the people we need?” Jet asked peering over at the list.
“We all agreed to take minimal people, this is the team that we all agreed on.” Party replied, watching Ghoul leave to find the team.

Fun Ghouls POV:

First to find was Blue and Shockwave, they would be easy to find because I knew all their hiding places. I walked up to the opening of the vents, then knocked twice.
“Who is it?” called Shock and Blue in unison, I smiled at this.
“Ghoul, open up! We need you in the board room!” I shouted through the metal board.
I was answered by the metal being forced away and two blue messes stepping out of a cloud of steam, probably from the coffee they stole from Party.
“I will see you in there I need to round up some more okay then, see ya!” we both rushed off in opposite directions.
Next up was Crimson Revenge, she should be with her gang, trying to control the fourteen year-old tribe. They should be in the green zone, hopefully!
“Put down my hair dye!” I heard the familiar voice of Crimson screaming at some girl, they both looked incredibly red.
“Hey Crimson, you're needed in the board room, asap!” she gave me a smile of thankfulness and ran like lightning to the room, why is everyone so fast these days.
That was easier than I thought, time to find... Yesterdays Kid, should be easy she's always in the training room teaching others how to fight like her, a back up army kind of. There are so many tents set up, its like a city in here.
“My hair!” A girl squealed, I turn to look at the source of this noise.
There stood holding a girl, almost twice her age, up by her hair. Supposedly teaching her class a different lesson.
“Hey Ghoul, what brings you here?” Crimson asked dropping the girl to the floor, I smiled before answering “You are needed in the board room, for a briefing on the next phase.”
“Cool, I get to kick some ass, finally!” she giggled walking past me, “See you there!”

Cyanide Sunlight, the final person on our fighting squad. I had no idea where to find her, she was always very quiet but was good at fighting, she had a very good reason for it though!
“Ghoul?” I heard the voice of Cyanide behind me, with a very shocked expression.
“We need you in the board room, you can walk with me if you want.” she just nodded in response following me closely.

We arrived to see everyone waiting in a semi-circle around Jet.
“So you are the fighting/invading team, that will be taking the recording in to BLI HQ. Just to make sure we are all here I am going to read the list.” Jet proceeded to pick up the paper beside him, “Blue Flare, Shockwave Current, Crimson Revenge, Yesterdays Kid, Cyanide Sunlight and Desert Shadow.”

“Hey what about Panic and Wowify?” Blue asked leaning forward.
“They are going to be head of the distraction along with Dahlia Muse, we need someone as crazy as Wowify to plan that out!” Jet laughed out, the group smiled thinking of the zany ideas that rush through Wowifys brain and how Panic is always there to sigh or slap her back to reality.

“Anyway, back to the briefing.” Jet started, “ We will be split in to two different groups, Party will be leading the first and I will be leading the second. In Partys group are, Desert Shadow, Cyanide Sunlight, Kobra Kid and Fun Ghoul. In my group will be Blue Flare, Shockwave Current, Crimson Revenge and Yesterdays Kid. We will each have a copy of the disc and will get it to both major areas in the HQ, or that's the plan any way. We leave tomorrow at twelve, so the Discs will be fully ready and checked.”

Wowifys Diary Entry.

Dear Darwin,

Today has to be the best ever, the ten fighters were announced and the three people head of the distraction! I am leader followed by Panic Pistol and Dahlia. I think I will do something with lots of colour and even more music, synthesis and guitars! It will be a parade! With people dressed as pandas and other fluffy animals. All the Killjoys are working hard to get all my demands finished by seven tonight, which is ten hours away, so there is plenty of time! YAY. It has been a busy month, with all the planning and rescuing and more planning, soon I will be able to sit out in the sun with my lost family and celebrate the freedom! Hell! It might even make me sane again, I think that's a good thing, I am hoping it is anyway.
I wish all Killjoys parents were just locked away in vaults, waiting to be saved, it would be such a happy ending, maybe they will be a family, just a different kind. This may be my last entry in this place but who knows maybe we will stay here, I doubt it though, I heard people saying they were going to places like Canada and Spain, I will miss everyone!

Until next time goodbye Darwin,
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