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Wowify is here! And dont we know it!

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Chapter 25 : Colour

The discs were set. The radios were ready. The teams were pumped. The distraction was...Colourful?

Wowifys POV:

It was time to light the skies, make grey into rainbows and fix the depression running through the veins of the captured people! I was ready to distract and so was my army of colour bubbles, not forgetting my new duck friend DAVE (yes the capitols are necessary!)
All we had to do is maintain the attention of BLI while the other team went in to detonate the sound bomb. It wouldn't kill us though it would bring us back to reality, finally.

“Are we ready?” I asked through the bull horn that Panic had reluctantly given me, I have no idea why.
“YES!” that was the response I wanted, time to blow up the City!

We were all stood on a big float filled with every colour fabric and paint, time to redecorate, maybe? We had boxes of fireworks and other explosive things that we would need to entertain me, I mean distract the dracs. This was going to be to easy, especially with my wacky mind, with Dahlia Muses' sense of humour!

“So when I give the signal you light the fire works and get ready with your weapons!” Panic shouted at the humongous crowd of Killjoys, this must be everyone.
With in minutes the car that was Korses came blasting towards us with a small army, that could never take us.
“FIRE.” yelled Panic and Dahlia in unison.
The sky was painted with every colour in the world and the guns were fired all of them, creating a wall of defence. If we died today we died happy, that's one thing I know in this chaos.
“Wowify!” Panic shouted, in a panicking tone (HA), pointing at the sky.
A long line of jets lined the sky, I smiled at the five hundred Killjoys the other side of me, as we ran to our fire cannons. What did they fire? Well I thought you'd never ask! Some were ray guns, approximately two hundred, then a hundred were firing fire balls, the others were blasting out sound waves that would knock planes out of the sky, which is why we are using them! But it wasn't just any sound, it was the sound of our favourite songs combined, from Green Day to My Chemical Romance, Paramore to Lady Gaga, The Strokes to Fall Out Boy.

“PAINT THE CANVAS” blasted Dahlia and Panic, as they pointed towards the city walls and flat roofed houses.
Paint balls were shot at dracs and any wall they could reach, they were not to affective but shot through the robots, so not completely useless! Then the paint buckets were shot from the cannon making amazing colour blotches everywhere. By now Killjoys were shouting and cheering things like “That's what I'm talkin' 'bout”, “Rainbows on the boring!”, “Keep going!” and even “NANANANANA”, well actually that last one was me but...

“LAUNCH THE EXPLODERS” ordered Panic, grabbing one herself, I wanted to switch places, knocking down jets was fun but...Hang on a sec 'turbo' when was that button put there, what does it do.
I pressed the button and was launched up in the air, flying, shooting the dracs from their level, the rest soon caught on.
I looked down and could see the paint bombs exploding in the streets, everyone was happy and laughing at the sight bellow and above.
It was almost like a dream, it didn't seem possible that we were actually winning, against BL/ind as well! There was much more in store though, they needed at least an hour, it had only been half of that!

“RELEASE DAVE” Dahlia emptied her lungs just as we shot down the last jet, time to join the ground levels.
I ran to take me seat along with Nirvana Rainbow and Yellow Dynamite. We were ready to go.
“Are you ready ba-by!” I asked pressing the ignition, Nirvana smiled and laughed manically, Dynamite pulled on her Pichu hat on firmly, she wasn't stupid. Okay maybe just a little bit...

Panics POV:

“What the hell is 'Dave'?” Dahlia questioned, obviously not knowing the way that Wowify (and her friends) brain worked.
“You will see when the sky becomes like Wowifys mind.” I replied, leaving her with a slightly worried face.
“Hey why did it suddenly become dim?” one killjoy shouted, Dahlia giggled realising the joke.
All the firing from the enemy stopped as they looked at Dave the Giant DUCK!

“Yes, you are not seeing things this is really a giant DUCKKKKKK” she screamed the last word louder than the rest, “Prepare for my awesome power of colour and quackstruction!”

I presume that one of the enemy's were saying 'Is that even a word?' of course its not she insane! Idiots!
“What is she going to do in a giant duck?” once again Dahlia asked.
“I have. No. Idea.” this was going to be fun to watch.

Nirvana Rainbows POV:

“Time to launch the flappers!” Dynamite pressed the button to release the flying colour balls.
We were all spinning on our chairs and switching places, while eating pop-tarts, like a boss!
“THREE CHEERS FOR SWEET REVENGE.” we chorused as the balls exploded right on the stupid women from BLI that tried to make me 'eat pills' as she put it.
“Hey Dynamite!” I called, throwing a chocolate bar at her head.
“Yes!” she replied, catching the chocolate bar.
“If we make it outta here, are you gonna go to wonder land?” at this point we were all laughing so hard, not many people knew Dynamite as her real name, but we liked it better, “Or are you just going to explode?”
We peered down from the giant duck to see more than just the red and black of the drac blood/oil, we saw colour and light. Happiness.
“Hey guys they've done it!” Bellowed through the speaker on the floor.

The sound of...............................

(The next chapter will be full of the other teams story.)
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