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Part One

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Group One...

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Chapter 26 : Part One

Party's POV:

“When can we start going in? Its really cold out here!” moaned Ghoul rubbing his hands together waiting for me to answer.
“I have told you a billion times before! We are going to wait for the colour!” I responded, I could feel the vibrations of the thousands of feet, all ready to fight dracs and other evil beings.

“Hey Party, look Korses car is leaving, along with all the dracs!” Cyanide piped up, Ghoul jumped up and pulled Desert up with him.
“Come on! I bet the other team is already in!” Ghoul moaned again, pulling me and Kobra up.

We ran as fast as possible in to the building, it was dead they all seemed to drain away to kill the other Killjoys. The desk was trashed, meaning Korse was in a horrific mood again, not like its unusual. The only thing moving was the cameras in every corner, like beady eyes but without the body.
“I don't understand,” Cyanides young voice interrupted my thoughts, “Why will it take us an hour to get through to the top of this grey building? Its not like there is much stopping us?”
It was a good point but Panic suggest that it would take an hour at least because of all the jumping and dodging, I had no idea why we would need to do that though.
“It's just what was suggested by someone who actually read the plans.” Desert retorted, obviously annoyed by Cyanides flowing words.
I was choosing which door when I was rudely dragged in to a room that led to stairs, they seemed to know what they were doing but they needed to take it slower. The first floor was like a maze full of corridors and rooms with many doors, I took five minutes to find the next flight of stairs.

“Hey, this looks easy. The stairs are just there!” Cyanide joyfully mentioned, pointing at them.
“One sec let me just check there are no traps.” Kobra wisely suggested.
He then threw a knife through the open space. The walls shot out fire, bowling balls and acid that roasted the floor. All our mouths were open wide.
“How do we prevent that from happening to us?” Desert asked fearfully.
“Well. We will just run fast and hope for the best, we are Killjoys, right?” I said running fast, dodging all the weapons and acid, “Come on it's easy!”
They all looked very unsure, but Cyanide dived under all the weapons first, then Ghoul, followed by Kobra.
“Come on Desert you can just stay here!” We all chanted.
“FINE” she screamed, running straight into my arms, “Is it over?” We all burst out laughing.

Floor three looked okay but all the bad things might be hidden. We walked cautiously towards the flight of stairs leading to the fourth floor. Then half way across, a door flung open revealing a cage with a little girl trapped inside. Then she turned around. It couldn't be, could it?
“Bandit?” I called, maybe she wasn't dead.
“She isn't real Party. Its just a projected image.” Kobra whispered, pulling me towards the stairs.
“No! Come back!” I heard the screams of my daughter behind me, but I had to come back to reality. She was gone.

I was the first to reach the dim fourth floor and it was slightly scary, it looked like it hadn't been used in years. If it had then they didn't clean up very well. There was blood painted on the walls and it seemed like ghost haunted the area. Our guns were held in a defensive motion, hoping nothing would pop out of the creaking doors.
Cyanide screamed and ran the the stairs.
“What the hell is wrong with you know?” Desert asked, obviously angry with the huge reaction from Cyanide.
“There. Is. A. Giant. Spider. There.” Cyanide replied, making Ghoul shriek and run towards her.
I just looked at Kobra who was looking tired already.

The Fifth floor didn't look any better, it seemed to be where all the weapons were stashed and all the chips/pills for the citizens of the city were kept.
“Is there anything worth stealing?” Desert asked looking at the shelves and boxes.
“Nope. Looks like these things need fixing, we won't be needing these things soon!” I chirped cheerfully, walking to the next flight of dreadful stairs.
By the time I reached the top I could hear the buzzing of the machines we were going to hack and reprogram.
“Its only been half an hour! What else are we suppose to do?” it seems all Ghoul does these days is moan!
“Well we need to get the disk into the mainframe and then the other disk, when entered will react and create a sound blasting through every speaker in the world. Then the program in the disk will restore the land we knew before, in around six months.” I explained to Ghoul, who looked happy that BLI would be gone and in six months we would be living our lives like before.

We all watched intently as the screen flashed up with sound waves and equations, we were waiting for the sound. The beat that would mean freedom.

That's when we heard …........

(Next Chap will be the other Group and the ending to that sentence! But not the end ;] + Sorry its a bit short)
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