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Part Two

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Almost the end!

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Chapter something : Part Two


“This feeling I have is weird, its like victory without it happening.” Crimson stated smiling.
“You spent to much time with Wowify!” Yesterdays Kid giggled.

The roar of an engine sounded and the Killjoys exchanged glances, “Lets go.” Jet said absent mindedly.
They all ran to the double glass doors, not bothering to look behind them. The room was shining and glowing, it didn't look like a bad place to be, until you saw BLI. They all inspected the walls and cameras, then the calendars. It was Decmeber 2019. Wow, it had been a long time.

“Come on girls!” Jet broke them from their endless thought, Blue and Shock looked at each other exchanging reasuring smiles.

Jets POV:

The steps were glistening. It seemed like the building was only there to look good! I looked behind me to see all the girls still stood staring into space. They all looked kinda sad, maybe they won't after we stop BLI

“Come on girls!” I called, they all came running.
The first floor was easy, just a few termites that had eaten away at the chrome flooring, totally normal. However Shock and Crimson had some trouble getting across.

Crunch “OH NO” Shock screamed as Blue laughed at her from the stairs, she was practically dangaling half her body at ground floor!
“Its okay, I'm coming.” Crimson was trying to calm down Shock, whose robotic arm wasn't working very well at this point.
Next thing we knew Crimson had fallen head first into the hole, holding on to Shockwave. Blue just laughed harder. I ran over to pull the two out, Yesterday just stood there, picking at her nails.

“Okay up to floor two then!” I commanded as we all made our way to the flight of stairs.

Floor two was less easy. The floor was covered in acid! The only thing that can walk on that is a robot.
“We cant get across unless we suddenly turn in to robots!” Yesterday moaned fidling with her black hair.
“Move outta my way.” Shockwave sighed.
Then she ran across the floor and pressed the red release button. That made monkey bars decend from the ceiling, fantastic. Crimson let out a noise that sounded like an out of breath dog, obviously she was very pleased.

We made it across the monkey bars and for some reason the girls decieded to run ahead, going up the stairs. Flight by flight, they finally reached floor six and it had a lot of computers.
“Okay then Yesterday and Blue, you have thirty minutes to get the system ready for the other disk. Can you do that?” I asked hoping for a 'yes'.
“Well...”Yesterday started, “Of course we can! We are just that smart!”
After some harsh tapping and tech talk, the rest of us got bored.
“Jet! Me and Crimson are BORED” Shockwave whined.
“Why don't you look at the distraction then!” I retorted, slight annoyance in my tone.

I looked as well, there were colour bombs and paint balls. Plus there was a giant duck!
“Hey guys two more minutes then its up and live!” Yesterday shouted from behind us.

Thats when we heard it, the music. Everything started becoming colourfull again! People were cheering, not just Killjoys! Then the building that ex-killjoys/rebels were kept, crumbled and released the family members that we were all fighting to find!


The war was over. BLI was dead. But what will the future hold for the team?
Party poison, will he find Bandit?
Jet star, will he find his wife?
Kobra Kid, Will he find his family?
Fun Ghoul, Will he ever find his twins?
What will happen to Blue, Shockwave, Cyanide, Desert, Crimson, Yesterday?

All will be answered in the next Chapter....
Which will be up later tonight!
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