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Final Chapter

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The end...

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Final Chapter :

Wowify [Pippi] POV:

Gerard (Former name Party Poison) found Bandit. She was in a crowd of people, calling his name. Sadly, his wife was on the death list, so Desert helped to raise Bandit. They lead a happy life in the big city of New York, when it was finally rebuilt. Gerard went back to MCR and helped to structure the future of music and society. Desert, who never strayed from her nick-name, became a house wife, the type that went to rock shows and was a kind step mum to her adopted daughter. She kept in touch with Crimson.
Crimson also found a family member, I am not sure which one though, she lived with them before starting a band with new found friends. They became chart toppers and lived a dream, the perfect ending to a horrific story. Frank [Fun Ghoul] help to write some of Crimsons songs, they were always close.

Frank found the twins with their mother, hidden in a bunker in a BLI building. He also rejoined MCR, inspiring many to pick up a guitar. Every day of his life he looked back on his days in the desert, wondering what would have happened if the plan failed. He probably would still be there now! He and Ray [Jet] stayed close friends, just like before. In a way it was as if nothing had changed, apart from all the new people that had started a revolution. Mikey found his wife, they started a family, while Mikey was on tour Desert and his wife would be joined at the hip, watching all the children play. Gossiping. Just living like normal really.

Cyanide, Panic and Dahlia moved to California, to enjoy a less crazy life, without a Psycho tagging along. They all found love and stayed very close friends, I am sure they never moved a street away from each other. They all got married, not one got divorced! Each of them, around the age of thirty five, wrote a book about their experiences. I remember reading it, I was shocked at the amount of things that had happened that were forgotten or lost in time! The books were made into films and each person attended the première. From what I remember it was a good film.

Yesterdays Kid found some old friends and decided to move in with them. She went to Uni and got some of the highest grades, no one messed with her not even the teachers. She will probably be ninety and deadly, still! From what I heard she lead a happy life and worked in art and taught people defence. She supposedly went to dance lessons, but I don't know if that's true.

Shockwave Current, Blue Flare and I stayed together, we formed a band with Nirvana Rainbow and Yellow Dynamite. It was successful, we were able to open a few shows for really good bands like MCR, Panic at the disco and The Strokes. Overall our lives were eventful. Shockwave and Nirvana Rainbow were the duo that made our band famous really, they voted for themselves to manage the band, which was odd because I don't remember there being an official vote. Yellow Dynamite was a guitar hero and could do all the wrong notes in a live performance and still make it sound good. Blue Flare was a good bassist and wrote some of the melodies. I published my diary, Darwin. The world loved it, it became a best seller. My favourite one was one of the first ones, I miss those times.

My Diary entry:

Dear Darwin,

Today had been good, I found lots of jelly beans and many different colours of hair dye!
I like ducks, the ones that don't move are my faves! They cant hurt me, or quack at me, however no one is to know about my dislike of real ducks. They will think I am insane!
Wait! I AM insane... I will never understand my self but then again the voices in my head wont ever understand me.
I wonder how many words there are for insane, I need a dictionary!

Well...Goodbye Darwin
Til Next time!

The end of one era brings another. So that's how the killjoys end their adventure, happy and excited. Nothing much to say apart from good bye. Until next time ;)
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