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Jenna gets with James...

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The kiss caught me partially off guard. James and I had kissed before, but it hadn't been like this. This kiss was laced with desire, lust, and the future we had never had together. From somewhere very far back in my mind, I had the slightest inkling of thought that perhaps I shouldn't be doing this. Perhaps there was a reason why. However, in the heat of the moment, those thoughts disappeared.

"Jenna," James said, pulling away from me for a moment to look deep into my eyes. His green met my blue as our gazes locked, mirror images of the same craving. James' hands ran down my shoulders and over the tight sleeves of the dress I was wearing. He kicked the empty rum bottle that had landed by his feet across the room to get it out of our way.

"I know it's a bit late now and I know we never really got married," James admitted, "But what do you think about reliving the wedding night we never had? There's nothing to lose at this point. We're both dead. Honor and innocence, well, none of that really matters anymore." James stroked my cheek and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear, "Jenna, I want you to be mine tonight."

My mind started to go fuzzy. James wanted me? I had certainly conjured up images of what I thought our wedding might have been like, but never had I actually gotten to the wedding night part. Now was the time when I could actually find out. Okay, the settings weren't great: we were in a crusty old ship and James was drunk. Still though, I wanted him and he wanted me.

"Yes," I breathed in a whisper, totally prepared to give myself up to James in this moment. He smiled at me and worked his hands to my back. Falling backwards onto the bed so that I fell on top of him, James started untying my dress. His fingers worked quickly and accurately. Meanwhile, I leaned down and started to pull his blue coat off. Well, it had originally been blue I imagined. Now it was dirty and stained, but really, what did you expect from someone who had died in the middle of a war?

James slipped my dress off and I was rather shocked to find that I still had a slip and corset on. I didn't typically wear corsets. After all, there wasn't really any need for one. James helped me slip his coat and shirt off as he reached up to my face and met my lips. Our mouths moved together in a slow, gentle dance as my eyes traveled over the newly acquired bare skin.

I had never seen James even partially naked before, so this was all new to me. I placed my hands on his chest as James' hands rested on my corset and he began unlacing it. My heart started beating a little bit faster. James managed to untie my corset within minutes. He anxiously pulled it off and tossed it to the ground. I tensed over him, bare chested and wondering what he thought.

"You're beautiful," James whispered. In a swift movement, he rolled us over so I was now the one lying on my back on the bed and he was the one above me. Feeling a rapid beating within me, I arched my hips up slightly to let him easily remove my slip. I could feel his fingertips caressing my thighs as they crept over the bare skin and gently took hold of the edge of my slip.

James pulled it down, revealing me for what I really was. I expected the past scars and bruises from my past life to still be on my body, but surprisingly enough, they seemed to have vanished. Sighing with relief, I looked up at James to see what he would do next. His innocent green gaze traveled all the way up and down my body, taking everything in that I was offering.

James took my lips again and moved on top of me. I could feel him pressing against my abdomen. I groaned loudly and arched my back as James moved his lips down my neck and to my chest. He caressed the lumps on my chest and sprinkled kisses over my breasts as his hands traveled down over my feminine curves and to my thighs.

James gently spread my legs apart and brushed the back of his hand up the inside of my thighs. I trembled with need below him and let my hands dive into his messy brown tangles that for some reason, looked extremely good. I shook more and more as James brought his hands up to the center of my desire and rested a finger against me.

"Please, James," I begged, eyes filled with unsuppressed desire. James nodded and slipped his fingers between my warm folds and into my warm chambers within. My hips automatically raised and cries of wanting and excitement poured from my lips as James worked his finger inside me, caressing, stroking, and worshiping my body with every gesture.

When I thought I could bare it no longer, James slipped his fingers out of me and replaced them with his body. Despite the fact that James was even larger than Ian, it didn't even hurt. His gentle movements were never to rough, only strong enough to fulfill the growing need within us. Mini explosions seemed to be going off inside of me as James slowly started thrusting to my core.

Our bodies worked together easily as James rolled into me, stroking my sides and nibbling on bits of skin here and there. I tightened my legs around his waist, fusing us tightly together as we engaged in the first dance we had ever experienced together. Having sex with James was differently than Cutler. James respected me and was awed by me. Cutler was always in charge, always dominating.

I tilted my head back as James increased his rhythm, sending tingling feelings down my spine that traveled to every nerve of my body. He was pushing me to breaking point and I would come willingly for him when he broke me. Leaning down to suckle on my nipple, James gave a perfectly placed stroke into my boiling insides and brought me to my climax.

All the built-up tension within me released, bringing me into a state of peaceful oblivion. I hadn't felt nearly this good for a very long time. I hung on to James limply as he gave two more strong, yet gentle, thrusts into my being. He stopped there, closing his eyes as a peaceful expression slipped over his face. His warmth filled me, linking us together for however much longer we had to live.

"I love you," James murmured sleepily, rolling off of me and onto the bed by my side. I whispered the words back to him as I curled up against his lanky body and closed my eyes. James had fallen into a drunken sleep almost the minute his head hit the pillow. I decided to make it my goal to end his rum addiction. Surprisingly enough, my alcohol addiction had vanished when I arrived here.

Exhausted, I wrapped my arms around James and looked around the room. It was quite cold in here and I began shivering before long. I tucked a blanket over our bodies and tried to steal some of James' warmth. Strange creaking sounds came from all over the room. Getting a bit nervous, I snapped my eyes shut and let an uneasy sleep overtake me.

Of course, uneasy sleep is easily disturbed. I woke up several times in the night. Once, I thought I heard the door open, but later I thought that was only my imagination. Finally, morning did come eventually and with that came a new day. Blinking, I sat up in bed and looked around. James was still sleeping, but my sudden movement woke him up.

His green eyes opened and looked over at me with confusion. When he saw me half-naked, he looked confused and tilted his head at me, "Jenna? How did you get here?" I froze and gave James a funny look. Did James not remember anything from last night? I supposed it was very possible that the effects of the ship and the alcohol had caused him to forget.

"I died, remember?" I re-explained to him. "Don't you remember anything from last night?" James squinted, trying to remember. He looked down my naked body and then looked at the ground in embarrassment as he tried to sort out his thoughts. Apparently, nothing came to him and he was forced to mumble, "Um...did we do something last night?"

"Yes," I replied hesitantly, deciding that I liked sleeping with Cutler much better than with James after all. At least he remembered who I was when we woke up. James suddenly jerked up in bed and looked around frantically. Very upset, he burst out, "Oh god, what have we done? We're not married or anything. I just ruined both of our honor."

"Honor?" I questioned, giving him a strange look. "James, I haven't been a virgin for a long time. It's okay." James wasn't listening. He shook his head vigorously and replied, "No, it's not okay! We have to fix this somehow..." James narrowed his eyes and looked like he was trying to figure out the answer to a very complex mathematics equation.

Quite irritated by the way he was acting like I was poison, I jerked up and grabbed my dress from the floor. Needing to ask one question, I inquired, "Do you regret everything we did last night?" I didn't think I wanted to know the answer, but the question was already out of my mouth and it was too late to take it back. An intense silence filled the room.

"Jenna, us sleeping together when we weren't married was immoral. I'm sure you know that," James chastised. "Why didn't you stop me?" Oh god, so he was goign to blame this whole thing on me? I didn't think so! Annoyed, I yanked my dress over my head without bothering with the slip and needless corset. The thing was just a mess of strings in my opinion.

Getting to my feet, I did my best not to glare at James. However, I did have to make some sort of reply and retorted, "You were the one who wanted to do it." James looked puzzled and then shot a look across the room to where the empty rum bottle was lying on its side. Exhaling loudly, James' eyes settled on it and he asked, "Was I drinking again?"

Looking down stiffly, I gave a curt nod, avoiding the meaningful look James gave to me. I felt hurt and needed some time alone after all this. Deciding to leave James behind, I ran to the door and slipped out of the cabin. Cold immediately gripped me in its icy fingers, numbing me straight to the bone. I gasped and looked around me. The sky was a stormy blue and snow was falling.

Wrapping my arms around me tightly as so not to freeze to death, I wandered up the deck and looked around. Ice and snow was everything. Blue extended as far as you could see in every direction. Teeth chattering, I went to the side of the ship and looked down below me at the turquoise water. Looking around, I saw people wandering around the deck.

Turning to get a better look, I noticed people in many different colors. Some people were military men, some were common people, and some were unlucky fisherman. Not surprisingly though, I was the only woman to be seen. Sighing, I wondered how I was going to find will in such a large mess of people. Needing to speak to him at once, I started squirming between the crowd.

After what felt like hours of searching, I saw a familiar face at the helm. Will Turner looked just as I had seen him last. Curly dark hair fell to his shoulders and his dark eyes were fixed on a man before him. The two appeared to be arguing about something or another and both seemed to be getting upset despite the fact that they kept their voices even.

Something was familiar about the figure standing across from Will. He was short. Very short. Perhaps at least a head shorter than Will? Yet, despite his height, he had an arrogant air about him and it seemed he was down-talking Will. He was also wearing familiar black boots and a dark green jacket and black hat. My breath caught in my throat as I recognized the man.
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