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Party learns and rescues.

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Party Poison

The mere thought of it made my stomach growl.

I grimaced as my stomach growled again and looked at Mikey, Frank, Bob, and Ray, who had come back into the room. “Do you think it would be possible if I could get off this table to eat?” I asked them, still marveling over how thin I had gotten, and not the good thin. I was stick thin, unhealthy thin.

Ray smirked to my left, making me face him. “We tried to give you IVs while you were out, but it had made you scream bloody murder every time we got the needle near you, even though you had your eyes closed,” he said, reading my mind. “You don’t remember that? There was one time where you jumped off the table and tried to take us on, ninja style, with your eyes closed…” Ray chuckled.

Mikey frowned to my right. “You hit me one time in the arm for trying to give you fluids… But I didn’t get the worst. Look at Frank’s arm.” Mikey smirked and pointed at Frank’s left arm, which had huge bruises, all fading away but probably hurting like hell.

Frank glared at Mikey and then looked at me. “Two weeks ago. You were particularly violent. I don’t know what was running through your head, but you had begun to shut your eyes tighter and talk to yourself.”

I nodded, knowing this was probably when the angel came up to me. “I think I remember what happened there. An angel actually came to me while I was out of it and told me a lot of stuff, like the reason she left that day.” I tensed, still receiving a little pain remembering that day.

The guys nodded and Bob spoke up. “C’mon, Gerard, you need some food.” He and Ray helped me up while Frank and Mikey bustled around the room, getting some food for me.

I ate ravenously, not realizing how hungry I really was until I began to eat. “So guys,” I said, mid-chew, “What year is it?”

Mikey bit his lip. “It’s still 2019, but it’s September. Violet left in June, and you were out from then to now.”

I nodded and shoveled another forkful of glorious food into my mouth. “Any news from anybody? No, wait, did you guys attack the BLI convention?”

Frank shook his head and spoke. “We couldn’t. Not with the state you were in. We had to call it off for fear that we would lose over half the Killjoys. Some people did go, though, and 5 did return, but 40 went…” Frank trailed off, speaking quietly.

I nodded slowly, biting the inside of my cheek. “Anything from…” I trailed, hoping somebody knew the last part of the question.

Ray shook his head. “Nothing. Korse did get a new slave though,” he said sadly, looking at the ground. “A Killjoy, snatched from right in front of Battery City.”

My eyes widened at the mention of Korse. I, Party Poison, am Violet Rage, right now in Battery City, being tortured by Korse and the ass holes he calls friends. “Fuck…” I said, standing up from the chair I was in woozily. The guys rushed over to me, helping me stand up. “Guys… I know it’s going to sound weird, but that’s Violet as Korse’s slave.”

Called it, the guys all looked at me confused and curiously. “No way you could know, Gerard,” Mikey said, hand on my shoulder, supporting me. “You’ve been out for three months! I mean, nobody knows who it is, and even though Violet left…” Mikey trailed.

“Mikey,” I said, “that angel came to me in the dark. It was Violet, telling me where she was. I’m not insane. How do you think I’m back?” I raised my eyebrows at Mikey and tilted my head down a little, an expression of questioning.

Bob frowned. “Gerard…” he said, looking at me. “We know you’re still sad about Violet, and we know she left right before Korse got his slave, but it’s not Violet. The girl he has with him has only been seen once, and she has long, rust-colored hair.”

I shook my head, frowning also. “Guys, that’s her! Don’t you remember before she dyed her hair at the Black that her hair was nearly rust colored from the lack of dye? That’s her in Battery City, I just know it.”

Mikey set a hand on my shoulder. “Gerard it’s okay, we unde---“

“NO!” I said, standing up and nearly falling over. The guys moved to catch me as I had begun to fall, but I caught myself on the table, waving them away. “Guys, that’s Violet. Call me stubborn, call me an ass, call me anything, but I’m gonna go get her, after a shave and hair dye,” I said, glaring at the guys. “You can either join me in breaking her out, or stay here and hold fort. Which will it be?”

The room grew silent. I kept my eyebrows arched. “Well?”

“I owe it to her,” Frank said quietly, and walked over beside me, standing and facing the rest of the guys, arms crossed. “I did a lot of shitty things to her, and I owe it to her.”

“Thank you, Frank. Anybody else?” I asked, looking at Mikey, Bob, and Ray. Mikey was looking at the floor, Ray was scratching his neck, and Bob was standing ramrod straight.

“I like her,” Bob said plainly, and walked over to my side, beside Frank. “She’s really cool, and it sucks that this is happening to her again.”

Mikey shrugged. “Eh, what the hell. I agree with Bob, she's cool.”

Ray just walked over to my side, eyes wide and mouth turned down into a mock frown. “I don’t wanna be left alone.”

“Okay then, it’s settled. We’ll leave at dusk,” I said, checking the time on the clock on the wall. It was only 4:06.

“Uhh, Gerard?” Mikey said, getting a look from me. “It’s 4 in the morning.”

I chuckled and bit my lip. “All the better time for me to dye my hair and get a shower. Guys, we’re breakin’ into Battery City tonight.” I said, and turned away from the guys, walking into the bathroom in the diner. Yes, there was no shower, but there was a sink, and a couple of rags for towels. I don’t even remember the last time I had an honest to god shower, but I guessed I stunk from lying on the table for three months.

I turned the sink on and ran the water, trying to get it warmed up a little while I cautiously removed my shirt, turned away from the grimy mirror, afraid of what I would see when I would turn back around. I shut my eyes once me shirt was off and counted under my breath. “Three… Two… One…” I turned around.

My mouth fell open and my eyes grew wide as I scanned over my body. No bruises… Or muscle… Just skin and bones. I touched my stomach lightly, feeling my ribs. This… This can’t be me, I thought, listening to the water run and touching my stomach. I don’t even look like myself…

I turned away from the mirror, forcing myself to look away. I scanned the shelves behind the bathroom door and found what I was looking for with a smile on my face: a pair of scissors, a razor blade, and a box of red hair dye. I grabbed the three things from the shelves and turned back around to the sink, which was running hot now. I put a light blue towel underneath the hot water, letting it soak and get really hot. When it had finally turned dark blue from the water, I plugged the drain to the sink and turned the water off a minute later, letting the basin fill up with water. I brought the towel towards my body, not knowing where to start.

I sighed and touched the cloth to my chest, hissing as the hot cloth touched my skin and made me lose my tan. I had forgotten the feel of hot water, you could say, and this was a shock to my skin as it whined and begged me to stop. I kept pressing the cloth to my skin, wiping the dirt and grime off my upper body. After a while I got used to the sensation, and it was easy to wash myself, even though I would occasionally hit a spot on my chest and wince in pain. Finally I got done with washing my chest, and turned to my back, hearing my bones creak as I reached behind my back.

I finally finished my chest and back, and started to wash my hair in the sink’s basin, using what little soap we had on the shelves. It took forever, but finally my hair didn’t feel as greasy to the touch. I opened the box of hair dye and pulled out the bottle of red, not remembering how I used to do this with wet hair. The memory of using the hair dye hit me in the face with a sharp pain, and I moaned a little as I watched the memory in my head. I shut my eyes tight, waiting for the pain to leave my head, and opened my eyes when the pain had subsided to a mere throb in my temples.

I squeezed the bottle into the roots of my hair, rubbing the dye through my hair with my fingertips and thinking about Violet, even though it still hurt to imagine her face. I imagined she still had the purple hair, the crooked nose, the broken arm. But then I remembered that she was Korse’s slave and frowned, picturing her with a broken rib or two, very thin from lack of food, bruises all over her body… I shuddered and opened my eyes, willing that image to leave my head.

The bottle of dye ran out, leaving me with just rubbing the color in and rinsing my hair. The sink’s water turned red from the dye, and I shook my head violently, getting excess water out of my hair, but not dying it. I stopped after the third turn and grabbed the sink, blinking and shutting my eyes tightly, thinking, Oh, this was not a good idea, Gerard. My head hurt like hell from the head spins, and my eyesight was out of focus.

I blinked my eyes back into focus and rubbed my temples, wishing the pain would go away. I guess this is what I get for not liking needles, I thought, groaning as I hit a tender spot on my temples and rubbing the pain. I shut my eyes, wishing I could go sleep on the couch in the diner’s main room, but I shot my eyes open as I remembered the beard and mustache I had.

I groaned again and leaned up, looking at my face in the mirror. I narrowed my eyes, taking in the black beard with a frown. I looked at the razor the guys had, and noticed it was relatively new, with not a whole lot of rust on the blades. I sighed. It’ll have to do, I thought to myself and took the wet towel to my face. After ten minutes of pressing my face lightly, I brought the razor to my face, slowly but surely ridding myself of the beard that didn’t belong to me.

Violet Rage
“NO! PLEASE!” I screamed as Korse hit me again with the club, red with my blood and white with Korse’s semen. I was shocked at how he could still do that kind of stuff, seeing as he was a robot and all, but I guess things weren’t always im--- “NO! PLEASE! STOP!” I shrieked as Korse shoved himself inside my anal canal.

Korse just shoved himself in deeper as I cried out in pain, wishing he would stop. Korse smiled a sick grin, showing all teeth, and bit my neck, drawing blood.

“AHH!” I screamed, clearly in pain as Korse had bit me like a vampire. He bit my again, on my chest, and drew blood yet again. “Korse, please…” I whimpered as he continued to shove himself inside me, holding me down with the club.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, Jennifer, and you needed the punishment,” Korse said, with one last pelvis-shattering thrust inside me, his seed shooting inside me and making my cry out. He pulled himself out of me and sneered. “I’ll be back for you later.”

I curled into a ball on my bed as Korse began to walk out of the room, stopping to talk to the guard outside my door. I stopped crying and crawled close to the wall of my cell when I heard a blast from a gun, shooting Korse in the head and knocking him down to the floor, dead.
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