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20 Screams

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Vi's back! YAY!

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That’s what I had begun to utter as I noticed a whole group of Battery City guards drop dead in front of my cell’s open door, shot before they could pull out their guns. I covered my ears with my hands and shut my eyes, not wanting to see anymore blood tonight than the blood I had lost myself.

“Poison!” a voice yelled down the hallway. “Check 209!”

I gasped as I heard that through my hands. My cell was #209, and I didn’t want to be shot. I crawled under my bed, shaking, and hid in the corner made by my bed and the wall.

Footsteps walked into the room, and I saw black boots step past the bed. I felt the breath in my throat hitch, and I covered my mouth with my hand, biting down so as not to make much noise.

“Ghoul, I don’t know if she’s in here!” the voice in my room yelled, and I breathed a little easier at the name ‘Ghoul’. I don’t know why, but the name stuck me as recognizable…

The black boots stopped in front of the bed, and I felt my breath hitch again. “Violet…?” the voice said, sounding worried. The black boots bent at an awkward angle, and I saw a knee touch the ground, followed by a hand, followed by a pale yellow face and bright red hair. I felt my eyes widen in fear as the man with the red hair widened his eyes at me.

“P—Party?” I stuttered, my teeth chattering with fear. [This can’t be Party, though, this man’s much too thin/], I thought to myself as the man with red hair smiled and held out a bony hand to me.

“Violet,” the man said, and I grabbed his thin hand, crawling out from under the bed, nearly naked and covered in blood and bruises. I saw the man’s eyes glisten with tears as he scanned over my body, taking in every aspect of me. I was used to it, the ‘look’, as Korse did this every day, even though I was beaten half to death and had so many bruises my skin looked black and blue. “Violet,” the man said again, pulling me into a hug and putting his head on my shoulder. “Never leave again.”

“Party… I’m so sorry…” I said, feeling my eyes moist with tears. “It happened again…”

Party nodded, his head in my rust colored hair, his hand rubbing my bruised back. “You don’t have to worry, Violet…” Party said, tears running down my skin, making me shiver. Party pulled me away, scanning my body once more. “We need to get you out of here.”

I nodded, eyes wide. “No shit, Sherlock,” I said, and cracked a smile in this hellhole known as Battery City. “Wow, it feels like I’ve been dead for a while…”

Party flat-lined his mouth. “You don’t know the half of it, Vi,” he said, taking my hand and leading me out of Cell 209. He stooped down, caught his breath, and handed me a Drac gun. “You can run, right?”

I nodded. “As long as you can, Party. Why so thin?” I asked, but whipped my bloodied head to the left when I heard running feet. I saw a charging Drac coming for Party and I, and I shot him before Party had even raised his gun. I shrugged as the Drac hit the floor, Party staring at me with his mouth wide open. “I guess I didn’t lose my aim,” I said, mock frowning.

Party regained himself and nodded. “The guys are out, shooting Dracs and trying to find your stuff, which, by the looks of it,” Party looked at my body again, “might not fit.”

I smirked. “Hypocrite. Just get me outta this hellhole,” I said, looking down the hallway for any more Dracs. Alarms were going off around Party and I, and he started running towards the right, towards a group of advancing Dracs. He and I both shot at different times, our blasts sounding like even beats as the Dracs dropped dead in front of us.

Party lead me to a set of stairs on the left side of the hallway, and I smiled as I remembered sliding down the stairwell handle, shooting and cutting Dracs while I slid by them. I lost my smile as I remembered why I was escaping, and Party turned back to face me.

“What?” he asked, looking at me.

“What? Did I saw anything?” I asked him, tilting my head. “I don’t remember saying anything…”

Party’s eyebrows knit together in worry. “You said something about rape…” He frowned, and I felt the sudden urge to kiss those frowning lips, make him stop frowning.

“Eh, don’t worry about it, Party. How are we going to get down all the stairs though…” I trailed as Party hopped on the stairwell banister and begun to slide down, shooting Dracs from below. I hopped on behind him, shooting the Dracs coming from above and kicking Dracs in the chest occasionally. “Damn, Party, you know how to leave…” I said, aiming for a Dracs running down the stairs and shooting him in the chest, knocking him back and causing a massive domino effect on the stairs.

“Well, it was the only easy way,” Party yelled at me, grabbing a passing Drac’s gun and shooting from both hands, breathing heavily in the process. I sped up to Party and got his guns, dropping the one I had.

“Party, you seriously need to eat food more often,” I said, shooting Dracs from above and below, like I had that one time when I was running out of Battery City after killing Tim…

“VIOLET!” Party yelled, looking back at me. He grabbed my shoulders and shook me.

I shut my open mouth, stopping the scream emitting from my lips. I didn’t even know I had opened it, let alone start screaming. I frowned, and began shooting Dracs again, hoping we would reach the main lobby soon enough.

Not five seconds after I thought that Party jumped off the banister and so did I, handing Party a gun from a dead Drac. “Party!” I yelled, tossing him the gun for him to catch. He caught it, and shot right in my direction.

I gasped as my life flashed before my eyes and time slowed. I saw my childhood, my parents, high school, Tim, and three months ago, when I first met Party. I had begun to scream as I saw Tim step closer to me, that signature sick grin of his on his face as he said, “C’mere baby.” I shut my eyes and wished I wasn’t about to die, wished I could say at least a few words… I felt tears spring from my eyes.

I heard a gasp behind me and a body fall to the ground as Party rushed over to me. “Vi!” Party said, taking me in a one-armed hug and leading me out of the BLI building and shooting Dracs one handed. I was still crying that I had seen the flash back of Tim, but no longer screaming. I shut my eyes, being pulled along by Party, and was finally pushed into a car, feeling the car rev and speed away from the BLI building and Battery City.

“Violet!” I heard a voice say, and I opened my eyes, wiping the tears out of them. I looked at the source of the voice and saw Kobra Kid driving… My love? I was in my love. I smiled and looked around the car. It was antique red upholstery, with a ’70s radio sitting in the dashboard. There was an analog clock in the dash, so no batteries for that. The car had a lot of trash in it, and I scowled.

“Damn, Kobra, think the car’s trashy enough?” I joked, receiving a hug from Party. I smiled at him with my idiotic grin. “What?” I asked him, kissing his nose lightly.

Party smiled sadly. “You don’t know how much I’ve missed you…” he said, kissing me on the lips.

Kobra snorted. “Vi, trust me, unless he missed you while he was literally dead for three months, he didn’t miss you THAT much…” Kobra said, getting a glare from Party and a frown from me.

“Mikey…” Party said, narrowing his eyes and pulling me closer to his thin body. I heard his bones clatter together and sighed.

“Party,” I whined, “you don't like needles, do you?” I asked him, thinking what Kobra was saying was the truth.

Party smiled tightly. “I can’t stand them for the life of me. How can you tell?”

I smirked. “If what Kobra is saying is true, and you are as skinny as you are now, that means you didn’t get any IV drips in you.” I turned to Kobra. “I have a feeling something huge happened while I was gone.”

Kobra sighed and fixed his hands on the wheel, driving away from Battery City at a 103 mph when I realized something. “OH MY GOD WHERE’S JET, GHOUL, AND MOONSTRUCK?!?!”

Party chuckled behind me, rubbing his ear. “Think you could have said that any louder? I don’t think Korse heard you in hell… Don’t worry, the guys are in your truck, making sure nobody follows us back to the diner.”

Speak of the devil, Kobra’s radio crackled to life. “Yo, Kob, heard you got somebody,” Jet’s voice said, and I snatched the radio from Kobra’s holster, pressing the button.

“Yes, and if you don’t give ransom, you’ll never see Party Poison or Kobra Kid again,” I growled, smirking, making both Party and Kobra look at my way, scared and confused. “You have a hostage here who wants to say his last words, Jet Star, so listen closely.” I gave the radio back to Kobra, who took it from my hand and tried to convince Jet it was all a joke, nothing real.

Party just chuckled. “If I’m being taken by you, there’s not much you can do,” Party said, poking a bruise on my arm and making my bit my lip in pain. Party frowned. “How long have you been in there, Vi?”

I sighed as I racked my brain, trying to remember. “Uhh… I wanna say three months? How long has it been since the day I went crazy?”

Party looked over at Kobra, clearly not knowing. “Three months is right, Violet,” Kobra said, releasing the button to his radio for a second before pressing it again to discuss something with Jet and Ghoul.

I nodded and bit the inside of my cheek. “Korse is worse than Tim, as you can see. Tim just raped me, giving me bruises that were easily concealed. Korse was…” I shivered and shut my eyes, not even wanting to describe how rough he was.

Party nodded, frowning. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you bandaged back at the diner. How’s the arm though?” he asked, motioning to my right arm.

I smirked. “Still broken, along with a couple of ribs, I think. Korse… Damn, a new weapon every week,” I said, looking at my arms. “At least it doesn’t hurt.”

“What about…” Party said, looking at my stomach.

“I got enough to eat, Party, don’t worry,” I said innocently, shrugging. “Three meals a day, along side pills.”

Party shook his head and Kobra glanced over at us. “I mean… Are you still, er… Pregnant?”

I tilted my head. “What do you mean pregnant? I’ve been getting birth control pills with every meal,” I said, worried I might be pregnant, even though that would be weird, seeing as Korse is a robot and all…

“Violet. You were pregnant when you went insane, remember?” Party asked, looking at me.

I palmed my face. “I don’t think I possibly could be, Party… I think when I first got there to Battery City, they tested me and killed anything inside me.”

Party nodded. “Cool.”

Kobra looked over at us. “Guys, we got a situation.”
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