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21 Worry

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Poor Vi... Her mind just doesn't know when to quit.

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Party frowned as Kobra told us about the all-hell brawl that has let loose in Battery City, lead by Ricky Crowe (aka Black Bird). He had seen Jet, Ghoul, and Moon head out to Battery City in my truck, and was in the mood to murder as many Dracs as possible, so he got a group of two hundred and change Killjoys and set off, into the night, leaving a trail of cold blood. Jet, Ghoul, and Moon had seen the group of 70 or something cars by Battery City as they were leaving, all with different colors of blasts shooting out of the open windows. Ghoul had called it ‘mesmerizing’.

The rev of an engine crept up behind us, and I grabbed a pair of binoculars, every Killjoy’s staple, and stood up out of my love, the upped half of my beaten body sticking out of my love’s T-top like a severely sore thumb, but blending in with the night well. I brought the binoculars to my black eyes and smiled at the sight of my truck trailing my love about half a mile away.

I ducked down into the car, sitting next to Party in the passenger’s seat. “Are we there yet?” I whined, smirking and biting my lip in attempt to not crack up laughing and break my fragile bones.

Kobra smiled and glared at me playfully as Party punched me, making me hiss under my breath in pain. “Ask that again and I will strangle you with the small bit of strength I have,” Party said with a smirk and a growl.

I raised an eyebrow and spoke slowly. “Are. We. There. Yet.”

Party growled and attacked me with kisses, making Kobra gag and turn towards the dusty road and me giggle like a giddy schoolgirl who had too much candy. It was when Party put his hands around my neck that I shot my eyes open and tried to push Party off me. Party didn’t feel me pushing him, though, and didn’t get off me. I shut my eyes and whimpered as Tim and Korse came to my mind, advancing towards me, both smiling the same sickening grin…

Party backed off me and clamped a bony hand over my bruised mouth as Kobra jumped, cursed loudly, and hit his feet on the brake, bringing my love to a screeching halt. All three of us were shoved forward by the halt, gravity laughing maniacally and making us hit our faces on the dashboard, me the worst, I imagine.

time slowed as Kobra hit the brake with both feet. Party released my mouth from its handed prison. I shut my eyes as I creeped towards the dashboard, preparing for the worst. I saw Tim, walking towards me, arms wide open, sickening smile on his face. He walked up to me, stopped, and slapped my right cheek hard as the world went dark.

I stood in the darkness, pain and screams around me. I tilted my head, confused. I’m not dead, am I?

I 360’d in the dark, losing my balance and falling to the ground in the dark. I caught myself with my left arm, my bruised and cut palm begging for mercy as I dropped myself to the ground, lading on my bloodied back. I screamed and withered in pain, wishing it would go away.

I saw the dark light up a little as a feminine figure walked over to my, heels click-clacking on the ground. I squinted my eyes, shuuting up and trying to see who it was in the darkness.

The figure stepped to my left, looking down upon me. She had rusty hair pulled back from her face in a tight bun, a black pinstripe business suit on, and an emotionless face. I gasped. This was Jennifer Cosby… Me.

I pulled my gun out of my clean orange pants and fired at Jennifer’s head. My blasts got its mark, hitting her tight between her cold, lifeless green eyes. Jennifer continued to look down at me, a slow smile spreading across her red lips. “You can never kill me, Jennifer, because I am you.”

With an anguished cry I jumped up off the ground and pulled Ricky out of my pocket, hitting Jennifer in the chest with the blade, twisting it with every breath she took. No blood spilled out of her body. “I will never. Ever. Be you again,” I said, shoving the knife deeper in Jennifer’s body with every word, putting it through her chest and out her back. I shoved her down to the dark ground, taking my gun and positioning it in Jennifer’s smiling mouth. “If I ever see you again,” I said, and shot Jennifer in the head again as she turned to dust in my hands.

The darkness was shaking and I shut my eyes, smiling at the fact that Jennifer Cosby was gone forever. When I opened my eyes again, I was looking into warm hazel eyes, frozen in fear. I shut my mouth in a frown, rubbing my right cheek lightly. “Never do that again, Party.”

Party’s eyes widened and he hugged me tightly, like he had after the Backup months ago. I felt him shudder in a sob, and I rubbed his back, quietly hushing him. I looked at Kobra, who was in the driver’s seat, rubbing his nose. “Not broken, is it, Kobra?” I asked him, watching his nose bleed a little as he rubbed it and began driving the night again.

“No thanks to you, Violet. You seriously need to stop screaming bloody murder like that…” Kobra said, running a hand through his hair and driving my love to the guys’ fast approaching diner. I nodded and put my head in Party’s hair, breathing in the feint soap smell he currently carried.

Kobra pulled my love around the back of the building, parking it in a desert-camouflage covered garage. I nudge Party and gave him a small smile as Kobra got out of the car, walking inside. Party nodded and bi the inside of his left cheek, letting me go. I got out of the car and stood there, not knowing what to do now. Party stepped out of my love, shutting the door softly, and wrapped an arm around my waist, making me wince lightly at the pain from my broken ribs and numerous bruises on and in my midsection.

We walked in the diner, stepping into the first room I had seen after the light was taken away from me. I smiled, taking in everything. Nothing had changed since three months ago.

Kobra walked out of the room through the door into the main part of the diner, leaving Party and I to wait for the guys on the couch. I leaned into Party and shut my eyes, wanting nothing more than a good nap and a whole bunch of packs of ice for my bruises.

Footsteps walked into the room, and my eyes shot open, not recognizing the soft steps. electric blue hair greeted my eyes, a teenager, with yellow eyes, staring back at me, a shocked and worried expression looking at my black-and-blue skin. I groaned and hid my face in Party shirt, not wanting to be seen by anybody else until I looked remotely normal, not like a beat-up Avatar character.

I heard Kobra walk back into the room, unwrapping something quite loudly. “Shock, that’s Violet Rage,” Kobra said, making me frown into Party’s shirt and Party rub my back soothingly. This is not the time for introductions, Kobra, I thought, shutting my eyes tightly.

“Rage!” the teen screeched, and I opened my eyes to look at her again. I knitted my eyebrows together, trying to recognize the girl.

“Holy shit! Current!” I said, jumping off of Party and the couch to envelope Shockwave Current in a bear hug. “It’s been too fucking long!”

Current giggled, but half-heartedly hugged me. “What happened, Rage?” she asked, genuine worry and concern in her eyes and tone as she looked at my mutilated body.

I sighed. “Remember how back in that shack forever ago, and we told each other out lives while we made the Mega Gun?”

Current’s eyes lit up like the Fourth of July at the mention of the Mega Gun. “I still have that gun… So what happened?”

“Well…” I trailed and sighed. “Abuse and rape happened,” I said, backing away from Current and holding my arms up so Current could see my body. She and Kobra, who was behind me, gasped while Party remained silent, fear in his eyes. “Don’t ever get caught up with Korse, Current,” I said, shaking a finger at her and her stunned face. “He gets scarier than he already is.”

Current nodded, frowning. “I’ll keep that in mind. How long were you stuck with him, Rage?”

“Three months, in Battery City,” I said, walking over to Kobra, who had a number of bandages and gauze rolls laid on the table in the room. “Three times a day he could come…” I trailed off, frowning as Kobra sat me down and wiped my left arm with alcohol, making me hiss and wince in pain.

“You big baby,” Kobra said, smiling, and I hit him upside that blond head of his with my right hand, making my arm scream in pain. “Hey, your arm’s still broken,” Kobra said, smiling and cleaning my left arm still.

“No shit, Sherlock,” I said, smirking. “If you keep stating the obvious we’ll have to rename you ‘Captain Obvious’.”

“Fun!” Current said, and ran loudly across the room to a smiling Fun Ghoul, Jet and Moon walking past him, biting their lips and trying to contain their laughter and smiles.

I laughed, and the others followed suit, Ghoul’s face burning in embarrassment and Current smirking. “Guys,” I said, still laughing, “keep the PDA down to a minimal.”

Moon smirked. “You should do the same, Violet…” he whispered, but I heard him.

Current giggled and latched onto Ghoul, who was mumbling something about being too young. “Not possible, Violet! Fun Ghoul and I are to be married next week, by the magnolias, with a long, lacy dress for me, and a crisp black suit for Fun!” she said, imitating a Southern Belle’s voice with perfect falsetto. The rest of us laughed as Ghoul turned redder than Party’s hair, Kobra began to wrap my arm in gauze, and Moon broke out seven beers from a fridge in the corner of the room, handing everybody a beer.

“So, Current,” I said, taking a drink of my beer and ‘aah’ing as it trickled down my throat, “why are you here?”
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