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4-Text me and diet

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Doll face hangs out with the gang and when she gets home... well you have too read about it.

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Hi im back! Visited my brother at the hospital anyways but you guys dont really care :P you just wanna bask in my awesomeness. lmao! Burned my finger by accident so its painfull to type, but stick with me and you will be rewarded! Here we go.

I had been moving arorund like crazy and now i was applauding them, they really are amazing, I shouted.

''You guys are fucking amazing! How come i never heard of you?!''

Doll Face's POV

''With slight risk of sounding like a complete dick but, you havent heard of us? And youre into punk and all that good stuff?'' Bob said from behind Vampy, i nodded insecure now if i had insulted them or not.

''No i have not uuuhm.... sorry?'' The last part was like a question more than an apology. They looked at eachother for a short moment and erupted in laughter.

''What did i do now?'' I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted.

''Aww Doll Face cheer up.'' Gee said.

''Yeah its just cool that you have never heard of us.'' Mikey said patting my head silently mocking my height damn you mikey i hope a fly goes ninja on you.

''Pshhh... Im awesome like that.'' I said and smiled, they joined in and time moved by as they continued practise with playing some songs that where called Welcome to the black parade, Hang em' high,Our lady of sorrows and my way home is trough you wich is my new favourite song. They said that Party Poison was their first song of their newer stuff. I was now on the couch trying too trow skittles into Frank's and Ray's mouths but i failed two out of 6 times so i kick ass!

''Okay open up!'' I said and giggeled, i aimed up high and trew it at Ray. With a faint sound it hit his forehead and dropped down onto the couch.

''Doll aim better! Dont waste the tastyness of these worship worthy skittles.'' Frank whined and popped it into his mouth before Ray could take it.

''Aww cry baby... Shit with a capital S whats the time?'' I asked remember i had to be home cause i forgot too tell someone where i am.

''Uhhm about.. 6.37 PM why you asking?'' Gee said looking at his cell phone and then typing in something and putting it down, makeing Mikeys cell phone vibrate loudly an mikey too scream.

''GEE! UNICORNS ARE REAL!'' continueing in a lower voice. '' The come too me in my dreams....'' And as a moment breaker my cell phone went of with Sum 41 - Screaming bloody murder... Mom, i cautiusy pick up my cell and pushe the green dial button.

''...Hi mom...'' I was hesitant for her reaction.

''Where are you young lady, i have been looking allover for you!'' The yelled into the phone makeing me move the phone from my ear flinshing.

''Well for youre information Max left me at school and geez im accross the street at a friends house.'' I said while casually throwing a blue skittle at Frankie who catched it in his mouth and went to town on it.

''Oh well... what friends and Max said you where not waiting for him as said so he left.'' She said with a sudden change of tone in her voice. I swear that woman is bipolar!

''Is it so impossible imagening me having friends? Geez and when i got out of the school Max was gone with the car so i tried walking home but got lost and my friends found me and now i am at Gee's place.'' Fucking shit! There is a strong no dating rule in my house and well that one is mostly for me since dad is a control freak with a gun license.

''Who's Gee?! Nevermind just come home honey.''

''I am on my way.'' I said while smacking Frankies han away from the skittels and hung up,
I grabbed my bag and stood up.

''Well boys this has been lovely but its time for me to go, i got some business at home undone but ill see you and Mikey yes unicorns are verry real.'' I did a salute and Gee showed me up.

''Uhhhm see you arround Vamp boy.'' I said with a smirk that he returned with a dashing crooked smile.

''See you arround Captain doll face.'' Ha said and opened the door. And i was about to walk outside but he stopped me.

''I forgot uuhm give me youre cell.'' I looke at him weird but did as he said.

''So call or text if you need anything.'' He said and flashed a smile at me and giving my cell back i returned the smile.

''Will do Gee-man.'' I said while walking away and waving over my shoulder and into my boring house. When inside i heard my moms mature but girly voice call out from the laundry room.

''Morgan is that you?'' I hear her footsteps comeing for me.

''Yeah!'' I called out and she arrived ontop of the stair case that goes own too my basement.

''Where where you?'' She asked again and i rolled my eyes.

''You already asked that mom!'' I said annoyed. ''But for the record i was at a friends house.''
I said that while turning arround and walking downstairs again.

''Well thats nice youre makeing friends...'' The rest she said was muffeled by the sound of me slamming my door shut as usual. I put the misfits on the song dig up her grave blasted my speakers and i started bouncing and singing while I found that my boxes had gotten down into my room. I had my furniture arranged for me i guess its not that bad i'll live with it, I opened my box labeled ''DVD/CD COLLECTION'' with my red marker and outlined with a black one too make it look like a comic book. I picked up my 'the dark knigh' dvd and Yes man dvd, Jim Carrey aaah that man is priceless. I placed them by genre and yes im kinda freakish when it comes too my stocking of my DVD and CD collections must be genetic cause I swear I heard mom freak out on Toby when he placed some socks wrong.

We sat down by the dinner table and dug in on the chicken Dad had gotten us on the way home since mom was bussy unpacking.

''Morgan mae herself some new friends today from what i've heard.'' Mom said too dad too start some conversation. Otherwise my brothers whould go on about sport and all that oh so ''manly'' bullshit, I loaded up my plate with some potatoes and salad and a piece of chicken.

''She did?'' Dad said with raised eyebrows.

''Is it so hard for people too believe i can make friends?'' My brothers laughed, mocking again are we?

''Well no honey but well you never seemed like the sort of person that whould you know be outgoeing...'' He coughed at the end and Drew laughed.

''What he is trying to say is that you whould not find maby emo's arround like you!'' I swear i whould have been strangeling this guys ass if he was not across the table. I took my plate and walked donstairs while mom was cussing at Drew for saying that. I turned on the stereo again and Dead inside by Skillet was playing and i went into my bathroom.

I saw that on the floor on the middle of the already small bathroom my mom had placed a weight scale measurer and a note pad with the head line. ''Dieting and work out diary'' I kicked the note pad to the side but got on the weight scale thing and it shot away like bullet too 130 pounds thats shit! i used too bed heavier so im not complaining but this sucks! I walked out again and looked at myself in the mirror i squesed at my thighs and my stomach, my arms, my ass and my face. why could i not be like the others with those skinny bodies? Lifes not fair and with that i fell asleep with tears escaping my closed eyes.

I type waaaaay too fast for my own good so im sorry if i may have missed some words. Yeah i leave you with a kinda sad ending.... Rate, Review to be right on hehe tell me what you think but hope you liked it, until we meet again my lover i shall think of you from afar.


- xo

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