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5-Sicky day

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Morgan stays home but gets company further along.

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Hi so i thought the ending was depressing last time but lets see where this goes. Had to do some creepy research and watch LOTMS (life on the murde scene) like 15 times but im not complaining.

walked out again and looked at myself in the mirror i squesed at my thighs and my stomach, my arms, my ass and my face. why could i not be like the others with those skinny bodies? Lifes not fair and with that i fell asleep with tears escaping my closed eyes.

Matt POV

The next morning i woke up late even too late too have a chance to make it too school but i got up and felt the dried up tears from last night when i ran my hand over my face. Mom came into my room and i laid down on the floor fakeing beeing sick, i really did not feel like goeing to school.

''Oh baby whats wrong?'' Mom said while she took my untouched plate of food.

''I feel sick, i have a huge headace.'' I put my hand to my head for affect.

''Honey you get back in bed and rest and ill call the school before i go too work.'' I crawled up in my bed again and pulled my covers over my body.

''Thanks mom.'' I murmured and let myself drift of too sleep again. And woke up and saw that the clock showed 12.13 so i decided too get up. I did my morning procedure but did not bother to do my usual heavy makeup and just setteled for eyeliner and alittle powder. I did not look healty since i decided too make myself alittle paler than usual too appear sick. I only picked up my The Used hoodie and put it on over my pyjamas and took my cellphone with me up too the kitchen where i poured myself a glass of watter. I checked my cell, no new missed calls of texts... No suprise, maybe i should call Gee? Meeh maybe later. I watched Batman begins and listened too the Beatles, its my favourites for chill time. I picked up my cell and looked through my few contacts for Gee-man, i found it and dialed.

Dial tone.... Dial tone.... Dial tone...

''hi who is it?'' Gerrards voice said in a uncertain voice.

''Hi Gee its me Morgan a.k.a Captain Doll Face i guess.'' I heard a chuckle on the other end and a door close.

''Hey Doll whats happening?'' I could hear him walk somewhere and a car honk at him followed by a ''Fuck man! Fucking jerk!'' i laughed slightly and said.

''I'm home and im all alone and its freaking me out alittle, and did you just get hit by a car?'' I said the last part with a wtf-just-happened voice. He muttered something i could not understand.

''Aaah that sucks, want me too come over and naah only almoast?'' I hesitated for alittle while but then answered.

''Yeah sure come over, but go too the basement door to the left side of the house my room is down there.'' I heard a knock on my door just right after he answered with a okay.

''I guess thats you so ill hang up.'' I pushed the red button and walked over to my door and opened it to find Gerard with his black hair messy like the times i had seen him before and his black jeans jacket along with black skinny jeans and an iron maiden T-shirt.

''Honey im home!'' Gerard said and chuckeled, I laughed and played along.

''Oh please come in, how was work honey?'' I pulled him inside and he shut the door.

''Same old, same old...'' We paused for a minute and i felt kinda akward.

''You wanna watch a movie?'' Without an answer i made my way too the two shelfes i had stocked up with movies.

''What you got?'' Gee said comeing over too my side and looked.

''Ooooh Death Plane, wanna watch it?'' I nodded, that movie is pretty okay i guess, ah wait scratch that its fucking awesome! Gerard put the DVD in the DVD player and started the TV and i sat down on my bed that i also used as a sofa, i sat with my legs up against me and my back up against the wall. Gee came and sat down besides me as the pre credits rolled and i got under my blanket cause i was freezing, the silence between me and Gee danced as we watched the movie.

''So you like zombies?'' I looked at him, he was alittle less then 6'' taller than me so he was higher up than me his eyes a honey hazel brown mix that made me wanna get lost in there. STOP! Morgan what are you thinking you abrely know this person!

''Uhhm.. Yeah but i like Vampires alot more.'' I added a cheeky wink and we laughed. I jumped literally 3'' up in the air when the first explosion came and grabbed hold of Gee's shoulder and stayed there not realising it sooner or later the movie ended and we decided to go and harras Mikey. I got my gray skinnys and Blue converse and changed to a black tanktop, i changed in my bathroom since i was not exactly about to change infront of Gee. A blue scarf and my beloved black beanie on and we walked out when i had gotten my cell, money and keys. We got over too Gee's and Mikey's house.

''Mom im home! Brought a friend with me!'' Gerard called out and a light blonde middle aged woman appeared from the living room.

''Hi honey who's this?'' She smiled friendly and looked at me i was about to answer but befrore i had opened my mouth Gee said.

''This is Morgan, she lives across the street, wheres Mikey?'' He started walking thorwards the basement stairs through the kitchen and left me here with his mom.

''Uhhm nice to meet you Mrs.Way.'' I said and smiled at her.

''Oh call me Donna please.''

''Okay Mrs... uuhm Donna.'' I was about to walk downstar after Gee but had lost my way.

''Gerards room is down past the kitchen and in the basement at the door to the right down there, and tell Gerard that Mikey is at Alicias place.'' I walked thorwards the kitched but made sure to answer.

''Will do Donna and thanks!'' I continued down too the basement and knocked on the door to the right.

''Come in!'' I stepped into his room his walls where a tree panel and had comic drawings of zombies and vampires and other creatures cartooned hanging on the walls and shelfes filled with stuff like comics that i intend too investigate later hehe and clothes scattered allover the room.

''Dude youre room is fucking amazing!'' I looked arround the room trying to avoid tripping over something.

''Nah its noting special...''

''Youre kidding right? And oh Donna told me too tell you Mikey is at Alicias who i guess is his girlfriend or something.'' Gee nodded, suddenly i was laying on the floor with someone ontop of me and i heard a familiar giggle.... Frank, i began laughing and pushed him of me...

''Damn it skittles.'' I sat on the floor next too Frankie and packed a light punch at his arm.

''you know how too pack a punch for someone so small.'' I laughed and sarcasticly replied

''Thats comeing from the tallest person in the world!'' He pouted and said.

''Hey im taller than you!'' I acted offended.

''By like 2 inches or something!'' Gee came outta nowhere.

''I'll save you Captain Doll face!'' Gee did a fist in the air and the other at his hip pose and darted down on frankie and sat on him. I laughed so hard i had a hardtime breathing as Frankie struggeled from under Gee too get him of or even get air.

I am gonna leave you with that but it feels like rubbish and its just building up too the high point that is like some chapers ahead and i feel like they are moving way to fast ahead, but what do you think R&R! :)
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