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6- Mario fail

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Morgan makes a new friend in school and spends the afternoon with the guys.

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Hi! My computer fucked up so i had to rewrite this whole chapters so its alittle shorted down. And im sorry for the lack of updates!

Lets begin shall we?


''I'll save you Captain Doll face!'' Gee did a fist in the air and the other at his hip pose and darted down on frankie and sat on him. I laughed so hard i had a hardtime breathing as Frankie struggeled from under Gee too get him of or even get air.

I snuggeled my pillow while the alarm clock ecoed throughout my room. Do i have to? Well ofcouse you do! I talk too myself all the time its a strange habbit. I got up and showered that was followed by my holy morning ritual, when i had gotten my last adjutsment of my eyeliner done i got dressed in black skinnies, fully black converse and an iron maiden T-shirt and a black and white wide striped hoodie, hehe i look like a prisoner with this hoodie. I got my bag thhat had my money,books and other necesaries in it and i checked that i had my cell in my hoodie pocket while i walked up the stairs and into the kitchen.

''Morgan honey you gotta eat fast if youre gonna catch a ride with Max.'' I sat down and took a newly made toast and spread butter on it that melted from the heat.

''Its chill mom, i got a ride?'' I reminised about yesterday when i had gotten Frankie to drive me too school since i won a bet of who could eat a pack of skittles the fastest after 2 of em' down my air throat i still managed to win and Ray and Bob had been djudes since they came over later and joined us in Gee's room

''With hwom may i ask?'' I looked up at my mom who was leaning against the counter and sipping on her coffee.

''Yes you may, its a friend who lives right down the street.'' I munched away on my toast and let her continue.

''Oooh and what is that persons name?'' I sighed loudly trying to get my point across that i was getting really annoyed here.

''The name is Frank and yes its a guy but he goes too my school and we're JUST friends mom so chill no funny business goeing on.'' Her corners of her mouth turned up into a small smile but she tried to disguise it by drinking from he mug.

''Okay well thats lovely but you know the rules that are clear for everyone in this house, no dating until youre senior year of collage.

''Mooooom, me and frank are like best friends!'' She giggeled slightly like a small girl, wtf? I heard Franks car honk from outside and i looked outside of the window and yupp it was Frankie...

''Well my ride is here i gotta go.'' I gave my mom a quick hug and ran out of the door before i could hear her call anything after me but i did manage too catch a glimpse of Max running don the stairs beeing late. I got in shotgun in Frankies car wich looked too be a 1976 lincoln but what do i know about cars? Not much hehe.

''Hey dude, you saved me in there.'' I breathed out and put the belt on and Frank chuckeled and put the car in drive and drove away from my house thorwards my damn school. We continued talking thoughout the ride too school and i got out too be greeted by some people looking at us.

''What are they staring at?'' I said while fowning and leaning in through the window so i whould be at level with Frank since he was in the car, He raised his shoulders in a i-dont-know matter and aleaxed them again.

''I dont know maybe yeallus of you.'' He grinned cheekily wich made me raise my eyebrow.

''Not sure what you getting at here but i dont think anyone whould ever have a reason too be yeallus of me.'' I giggeled lightly and turned too send a dirty look at the people who looked at us.

''Cause you just got a ride from a extremely hot guy!'' Frank exclaimed and i laughed loudly makeing him look mock hurt and i reched in and patted him on the head and said bye too him and walked inside the school and left my bag and shut it not grabbing any books because i have Art wich i so dearly love. I entered the half filled classroom that aleady had a low soaring goeing on from the talking teens, i seated myself at an empty seat up front afte asking a girl with a black long bob looking haircut and clad in dark colours it and durring the lesson while scetching on our separate pieces we found ourself becomeing friends i found out that her name is Jamia Nestor and that she lives not too far from me only a couple blockas away form my house and that we had petty much the same taste in music when we where done at the end she showed me the picture she had drawn it was beatiful it was a black and white drawing of a girl with blood running from her eyes and her mouth stitched shut.

''Whoaa it's cool, its beautiful in a horrifying way.'' I smiled at her and the giggeled slightly.

''Thanks youre the first besides the art teacher thats apprechiateive of my art instead of thinking im a psyco freak and needs too be put in a home.'' I laughed with her on the last part and showed her my drawing wich was a hanged couple holding hands up in a naked tree and in the middle of the night so it was a black sky and the full moon was up.

''It's so tragic but yet beautiful.'' I nodded, she sounded so sincere and not fake at all. This can be the start of a long friendship. We had one last chat before we parted ways and met up for lunch and after that we stopped at her locker before we said our goodbyes and exchanged numbers and parted ways. I headed up too my locker, put the familiar locker combination on the lock and opened it. Grabbed my waiting bag and made my way out too the swarming parking lot, i looked arround and there was no sighn of Max so i decided too walk home but i hear my name beeing called faintly i looked around and the calling became abit louder and thats when i saw Ray in the drivers seat and Bob shotgun and Mikey and Gee in the back and Frankie in the middle row. Ray was waveing me over too them and i ran thorwards them and jumped in the middle besides Frankie.

''Hey guys, whats happening?'' I put my bag down on the car floor and fist pumped Mikey as a greeting and highfived Frankie.

''We're headed too Mikey's girlfirend Alicias place too hang out.'' Bob said from the shotgun seat while he was smacking Franks hands of when he was poking him.

''Sweet, i finally get too meet the unknown Alicia. What's she like?'' I asked dirrecting it at Mikey. I saw a red flush creep up on his face and stick up there wich made me grinn.

''She's pretty awesome, you'll see for yourself when we get there.'' Ray started the radio and they where playing Bon Jovis song living on a prayer, that song is like that NJ anthem Frank and i bounced arround and the othes joined in but ay took it easy since he was behind the wheel. Suddenly we came too a halt after riding along the turns and stop lights. We stopped by a bick house with one floor and went inside. They rang the door bell and we waited until a chick as tall as mikey with black hair and dark makeup dressed in a Mikey Fucking Way T-shirt wich made me giggle and she wore black skinnies. She saw me behind Gee and Ray after she gave Mikey a kiss saying hi.

''Hey who's this?'' She gestued thorwards me and gave me a friendly smile, okay so far likeing this chick. I smiled back and answered.

''Hey im Morgan but these guys call me Doll Face, just dont ask why.'' She laughed.

''Im likeing this one come in.'' She stepped aside and let the guys in and continued. ''I'm Alicia by the way.'' That obviusly meant for me. We went inside too the living room and started playing Wii Mario Cart i was Bones and Ray was Joshy and Gerard was king Boo sorry if i was getting the names wrong this is the first time im playing it and im constantly driving of the road.

''Duuuuude! I'm failing so bad!'' I laughed hystericly as i dove of the rainbow coloued road while trying to make a harsh turn. ay was sticking out his toung in consentration and Gee was laughing at me makeing me push him of the couch and down too Frank and drive of the road. Ray passed him and won the race.

'''Aaaaah suck it!'' Ray yelled doeing his own little celebation dance.

''Doooooll you made me lose a safe victory!'' Gee whined wich made me laugh so hard i was gripping my sides and Mikey and Alicia was laughing along when Frank started batteling Gee for the driving wheel.

i felt like i really needed too update this fast since you guys have not gotten alot from me lately, this was meant too be a longer chapter but i hope this will do R&R tell me what you guys this bad or good i accept it! Hope you enjoyed it thou.


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