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7- Closet fun and Crashed

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What happens in 7 minutes in heaven but it goes for hell.

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Hello my lovely people! Kinda hyped up for this one now im done with this boring shit ill let you read.


''Duuuuude! I'm failing so bad!'' I laughed hystericly as i drove of the rainbow coloured road while trying to make a harsh turn. Ray was sticking out his toung in consentration and Gee was laughing at me makeing me push him of the couch and down too Frank and drive of the road. Ray passed him and won the race.

'''Aaaaah suck it!'' Ray yelled doeing his own little celebration dance.

''Doooooll you made me lose a safe victory!'' Gee whined wich made me laugh so hard i was gripping my sides and Mikey and Alicia was laughing along when Frank started batteling Gee for the driving wheel.

Morgan POV
Later that night when i had called my dad saying i was at Alicias house and said she was a chick from my class he was fine with it he was heading home with dinner asking me if i was gonna eat home but i answered that i had already eaten and hung up after saying bye. I went inside again and the guys and Alicia had gathered arround and empty soda bottle that was not so smart giving too Frankie.I joined in and stood in between Bob and Mikey.

''Whats happening?'' I asked looking at the spinning bottle.

''7 minutes in heaven....'' Bob said and went over too the Wii starting it with Ray trailing behind beeing spoil sports, Gee leaned in and whispered.

''It's cause Mikey and Alicia...'' I got the picture and giggeled, the bottle came too a halt and landed at Gee and he went into the closet and closed the door. Mikey spinned the bottle again and it landed on himself wich made me and Frank laugh hard Mikey scoffed and went into the closet followed by a dissapointed groan from Gee. Alicia put on Make me famous - Make it precious and we danced arround and i was headbanging along. The egg clock went off when the song ended and we opened the closet and found Gee and Mikey playing Poker on the floor with a set of card from the shelfes. I snapped a picture and caught them looking like poker playing deer caught in headlights, i showed Alicia it and we laughed. We went back too the table and spun the bottle it landed on me and i went in there nervously waiting for someone come in, what whould happen? Smockahontas by Attack Attack! started playing and i bobbed my head along and the door opened i could figure out Frankies silouette but it dissapeared when the door closed behind him.

''Frankie?'' I asked and looked arround the small pitch black closet.

''Yeah, Doll?'' I jumped fom how surprisingly close he was he was about 1 ft away from me but i now felt his breath on my forehead and nose wich revealed he had moved further into the closet and closer to me and it made my heart jump and get a new fealing i never felt before. My face became warm wich meant that i was blushing.

''What are we gonna do?'' I asked and i felt him back away alittle and i waited in silence for a responce.

''You know.. I kinda have too say something but i know its so wrong and so soon.'' He breathed in heavily and continued. ''Maybe if i just....'' He stopped there and i felt his hand cupping my cheek and then his soft lips pressing down on mine, i was alittle take aback a fist but when the warm feeling of his touch spread in my body and gave me some sort of courage and i kissed back i and ran my hand trough his growing mohawk and he put his hand on my back and pulled me closer too him and i put my arms arround his neck loving the feeling of this new adventure. We broke appart and smiled at eachother since the dark had become more see able in, when the song stopped we stepped outside of the closed and was greeted by funny looks and a giggle from Alicia who smacked Mickey who was about to say something. When the bottle had started spinning again my cell phone went of, the ID showed that it was my mother so i picked it up.

''Hello?'' I said wich a cheery voice thinking back on the previous events in the closet and a smiled tugged at my lips.

''H-honey! You gotta get too the hospital, youre father a-and b-brothers was in a c-c-crash!'' My mom sobbed out into the phone, my smile dissapeared and i turned away from the spinning bottle.

''Mom what happened? I was now getting slight problems to breath but got back on track.

''Morgan they where in a car crash on the way home their in the hospital you've got to come here now!'' My mom said after a deap breath of air and with a calmer but still shakey voice.

''Mom no thats impossible i talked too dad not too long ago he had just picked up food.'' I had tears spilling up in my eyes and the others had stopped the bottle and quieted down, Bob and Ray had paused the game and sat in a 180 position looking at me.

''They got blindsided by a truck when they where about too turn of the highway.'' My mom was sobbing slightly again and now i Frank had gotten to my side and the tears spilled over, i am not usually the person to cry infront of others but this is diffrent its like a piece of my heart dropped and i sobbed and hung up without a goodbye.

''EM what happened?'' Frank said with worry shadowing his hazel brownish eyes.

''A truck... a truck hit my dads car and my brothers where in it.'' I was stunned and i was stairing of into space for another 10 seconds until i threw myself into Frankies embrace and my tears ran down my cheeks wettening his T-shirt.

''Ahhh Em we gotta get you to the hospital.'' He said, i let go and ran for the door followed by Frankie,Gee,Mikey and Alicia. Ray and Bob promised Alicia too lock up the place. I got in shotgun and Frankie in the drivers seat, he took my hand and squesed it reassuringly. I took deeo breaths too keep myself calm while we got too the hospital i rushed in while the others went and found a parking spot. When i got in there i was greeted by a white and sterile looking hospital with some patiens in gowns takeing walks and nurses and doctors rushing arround and emergency patients that had deep cuts and broken bones. I looked arround in the caos and foud my mom resting her head with her hands on her forehead and the elbows on her knees and back rising and falling while sobbing. I ran up to her and hugged her, thats when my waterworks started again.

''Mom how are they?'' I sobbed out when she hugged me back.

''Youre dad is stable and so is Travis but Max and Drew is not so okay, they where on the side that took the collision.''

''Oooh mom please no!'' I pleaded for them to be okay i looked up with tear blurred eyes and saw Frank rush in but stopped whe he saw me and my mom, i motioned for him too come over here and he brought the others with him. I nudged my mom as they approached and she wiped some of her tears away with a napkin that she had retrieved from her bag.

Okay guys im gonna start writing on the next one now but i really want some reviews so lets say 4 reviews and ill get the next chapter up alright? :)

So long and goodnight!


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