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unthinking uryuu ch.3 urygo

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why do i feel this way about him i don't understand but then i do, things make sense when they don't/ A/n ishida uryuu is feeling these thing his never felt be for but then his not thinking about t...

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"thats for being an idiot...."
then he pulled uryuu toward him and kissed him smoothly.uryuu was shocked, his eye's whined open .
ichigo warped his arm's around uryuu's head and neck.then uryuu closed his eye's then ichigo took off uryuu's glasses then push him down so uryuu would be on the bottom and ichigo on the top.their lips departed and ichigo asked
"now will you tell me why you drink a whole bottle of gray goose?"
uryuu exhaled and said
"because um,[exhaled again]because i liked you and i was hoping that when you realized that i wasn't coming to the dinning area you'd leave"
thats a relief " ichigo said running his hand thew his hair.
"to what!?"
ichigo looked back at uryuu"because i like you too but..."
"but what?"
"but did you have to go emo on me?"
"yeah, uh about that i was kinda drunk,........ kinda!"
then ichigo kissed uryuu again then again and this the closeness uryuu wanted and missed it?
'yeah, it is for sure' uryuu thought.
a little moment into their kissing ichigo put all his wight on kissing was alright but uryuu didn't have mutant powers to heal fast. his back still had deep cuts and stabbings from the glass and the sec. ichigo put all his wight down uryuu started wiggling and trying to escape from felt like nails poking him in the back.
"mmm,gif mof!iachijo!" uryuu tried telling him to get off but ichigo thought he was moaning or something.
'he'll get over whatever is going on' ichigo thought but he saw tears in his eyes.ichigo got off.
"whats wrong!?"
" agh! wa-ah-what the hell do you mean,'wha-wat-whats wrong?' did you for get about my back?!"
"oh,shit,shit,SHIT! i'm sorry really did forget i'm sor- "
he was interruped by uryuu's phone, he picked it up.
" hello? ishida-san? your uh fathers varistor for you is here,may i send the varistor up?" said the fort office
"NO!NO! DON'T!don't send her-uh um the varistor up ok?! tell the varistor to come up when i call you ok!? "
ichigo had a feeling that uryuu didn't want him to know about this 'varistor'.
then uryuu hung up the phone and put his glass on and put on a nice white shirt on and next thing you know uryuu was pushing and stuffing ichigo out the door.
"kurosaki you have to leave!"
"well,i can't tell you"
"another thing you can't tell me , oh i get it you can't trust me!"
"no this time i really, really,REALLY can't tell you!"
"yep, you don't trust me!"
"kurosaki you know i can trust you but there are things that you just can't know!so please leave!"
and uryuu shut the door in ichigo's face
"fine, whatever"
and started going down stairs to leave.
'thank god!but i still have 3 more mouths with this girl great more shit on my plate!'

-mean while on the 1st floor-

ichigo was was thinking about every possible name to call uryuu in the book of curse word names
"bitch, ass,pissof- "
he stopped because he bumped into a girl that looked like orihime with the body but then a little normal teen girl face she had ravened hair like uryuu but her hair was long and had uryuu's eyes.
she had the same schoolgirl outfit on as orihime but the bow was blue.
"oh, im sorry here let me help you up."
"no. i'm fine thank you though"
guess she for got that she a had glass on because when they bumped into each other her glasses flew off her head.then when she went to get up a neckles fell out it looked like a quincy cross and as soon as he was looking at it she put it back in her shirt and ran away. was worried about the girl now not in a good way though.

- 20mins. later -
'there she is here we go again, i get my self into it i need to get my self out just 3 more mouths' uryuu thought and opened the door
"hey nelia-mei"
"sorry i bumped into some guy and i guess my glasses fell off it took a while to find them"
"it's ok-"
uryuu held his mouth and went running to his bathroom

i still dont get love is it give to you, handed, or forced? things make cents when they don't

TO BE THE CONTINUED........................
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