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unthinking uryuu ch.4 urygo

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why do i feel this way about him i don't understand but then i do things make sense when they don't/ A/n ishida uryuu is feeling these thing his never felt be for but then his not thinking about th...

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ichigo was looking forward to be seeing uryuu then it happened he found uryuu talking to the girl he bumped into yesterday. ichigo never notice but uryuu talked to the girl every day . he started to walked uryuu but then uryuu held his mouth and ran to the boy's bathroom with the girl behind him then she stopped in the front and yelled in
"uryuu!uryuu! are you OK!?"
ichigo taking advantage of his gender, started to walk into the bathroom but the girl stopped him.
"didn't i see you yesterday?"
"yeah but can you excuse me i'm walking into the bathroom for a reason"
she moved out of his way and ichigo ran in.
"agh-lllgh-ahguchll ! not again god damn it! what the fuck!"
"not again?"
ichigo walk in the stall that uryuu was in. uryuu vary quickly knew what his dad meant by his body defying him! what he meant is that his body is going to make him throw up hell, horror and despair.uryuu remembered the evil smile he had on his face.
'that bastard! he knew iwas going to drink it one day so he baeted me and i fell for it!'
"damn it!"
"well, you seem pissed, if you have a hangover that might be why."
ichigo said holding uryuu's hair back.then uryuu's glasses got loses and was about to fell off into the toilet but ichigo got them before they did.
"yah know you should keep these off when your over a toilet of vomit"
"well, nobody's ever told me that"
"WELL,I have! so do it!"
uryuu laughed a little and started barfing again.
"karma for getting drunk"
uryuu got up and wash his mouth in the sink and then asked
" is she still out there?" whispering
"i don't know "
" well be smart for once and go check!"he said still whispering
" ok ,fine, fine"
ichigo went and peeped out the door to find her leaning on the other side of the hall way and looking out the window all worried.
"she's here and she's not here, she on the wall-"
uryuu didn't let him finish he pull ichigo to him and kissed him ruffly then pushed him back in the stall then looked the door and sat on him an kissed him again but but a little softer the he stopped after 3 mins.
" damn i hate that girl"
"by the way who is she?"
"thats hard to explain....."
he got off of ichigo
"i hate to say but she's my girlfriend"
ichigo shot up" so your basically cheating?!"
" i wouldn't say that i don't even think of us as a couple."
"then break up with her whats so hard?"
"my father put me up to it"
"so, if it's my dad most likely there's a catch if i break up with her did you think of that?"
"what did he do " he said rolling his eyes.
"he found out i started liking guys along with girls so he put a deal if your gay get the hell out of my house if you go byi then your good,so i said fine and then he told me i had to date a girl of his choosing for 12 months"
ichigo realized
"thats a year!"
"yep, we've been dating for about a year and i haven't enjoyed one kiss hug or date and plus she's a bitch!orihime used to come over every damn day and then she ran her out chad came for two days' and never came back , she slapped rukia and renji kicked my as because of her an-"
ichigo stopped him by kissing him said
"look you have 3 more months right?" uryuu looked liked a little kid not getting what he wanted but embarrassed about it.
"yeah" he said looking to the side.
" then all you have to do is grin and bear it"
he had the same face on
"and i'll do it with you" now he just looked like a pleased puppy
"thank you korusaki" then hugged him
"but i must warn you shes a bitch"
"i can handle it'
"i am just saying she's a really big bitch"
" ok but if you keep saying bitch i'm gonna turn you into one"
uryuu kinda liked it when ichigo talked dirty it made him laugh.
"babe you ok?!uryuu?"
uryuu blushed but he was mad ichigo held on titer uryuu lifted his head.
"i need to get out or she'll come in"
"she wouldn't"
he got one hand lose and put up 5 fingers"in 5,4,3,2,"he pointed at the door.
"i'm gonna come in if you don't answer!"
"told yah"
he let go and went out the door first she stopped him [again]
"did you see uryuu in there?"
"is he ok?!"
"i don't know!what you want me to do look in the stall?! I'M NOT GAY!"
nobody herd that but uryuu he started to laugh.
"uryuu are you laughing?"
"uh yeah i'm just laughing at this text that orihime sent me"
"her thought told you not to talk-" the bell rung then she ran to class to so they thought she really was behind the wall were they couldn't see her she but she'd hear and see everything.uryuu started to walk out of the bathroom but the stopped and asked
"is she out there"
ichigo looked around
"nope, don't see her"
uryuu exhaled and came out
"thank god!" he fell into ichigo's arms
" by the way whats that girl's name?"
"neila-mei, neila-mei saiko."
' i see why she has that last name"
"ha ha, yeah i thought it meant nothing but it was really a warning to tell you,you are gonna go thew hell"
neila-mei tried not to do anything reckless.
"so, how do you like being byi?"
"well i like being byi and in was never not byi I've always been byi"
"oh sorry"
then ichigo head his on uryuu's head[ ichigo's a little taller then uryuu]
and looked out the window.
"it's ok............ha.............hhahahahhaha!"
"sorry what you said earlier it was funny! "
ichigo stopped uryuu's laughing with a kiss then ichigo pushed uryuu into the bathroom door uryuu oped the door they both fell in.ichigo looked into the ravened haired boy's eye's and kissed him again.neila-mei got up and went to class she got what she wanted.

the devil was after me feelings but i feel safe with my saver
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