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unthinking uryuu ch.5 urygo

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(A/n warning this is ch. really feat. yoai you've been warned)

soon after, the two boys came out of the bathroom. and went to class.

:~20 mins. later~:

it was the middle of 4th period and ichigo went to get some water and he bumped into neila-mei [again]
"OK, are we magnets or you like to bump into girls?"
"oh well , i have to talk to you about something..........."
"look i have to get back to class-aaahhhhhhhh!"

she pushed ichigo down and then put an arrow in his face.

"so you are a quincy, knew it "
"aren't you smart?"

she passed her foot in his gut.

"ow! that dose hurt!"
"good..... i have a request for you"
" sorry i don't do videos on YouTube or pictures on deviant"
"as much as i'd love for you to do that for me , no smart ass not that type of request but thats funny you said something about pictures "
"then what?"
"stay away from uryuu"
" i'm not blind, i know what you guys do when i'm not around"
" well, don't we have a peeping tom?"
" shut up!"

ichigo laughed a little.

"just stop seeing uryuu!"
" hell no"

he suck out his tongue.

"fine, i didn't want to do this"

he then looked confused. she looked like she had something over him, then she pulled out a camera and pulled ichigo up and slammed him into the wall and kissed him and took a picture while she was at it.then thew ichigo back on the floor and placed her foot back in his gut and an arrow back in his face.


she pulled out this whole hand full of pictures and had that in one hand then the camera in the other and showed the kiss.

" like it? well any ways , listen, my plan is if you don't stop uryuu all of these pictures will be in and out of the school and on the schools web site"
"whats so big about the pictures?"
"well look....."

then she thew the pictures at him. he looked at one then looked at the ones around his head and hands , he grew with anger and knocked her foot off and garbed her by her shirt.

" oh, nothing but there are many things that you can do with a camera, 2 friends and really powerful drugs."

ichigo shook her violently.

"it'll do nothing if your the bad guy" he put her down.
"what? what are you getting at?"
"you know the first one cry's wins?well that only happens with a girl and girl fight but a guy and girl fight who are they going to believe? the so to speak sweet nice and innocent girl or the so to speak always getting in trouble boy? be smart ichigo, i mean, who would you believe?"

he didn't answer instead he said " how evil are you?"
" really evil, so will you stop seeing him?"
"will you?"
"good, oh and you have to say you don't love him any more later!"
she pick up the pictures and left.

a teacher walked by and said " get back to class!"
"uh yes ma'am"

he started walking back to class when uryuu ran passed him neila-mei was right behind him then saw ichigo then smiled and turned back around and said" have your last sweet time ,hahaha"

"bitch" he said and ran behind uryuu and saw that he was going to the bath room he walked into the big handy cap stall that uryuu was in and held his hair back

"hay, guess what"
"my dad text me how long i'm going to be throwing up"
"how long?"
"the rest of the week"
"damn, your damned"
"yeah" then he thew up a little more and sat down on the floor and so did ichigo.

"go wash your mouth"
"OK why else would i tell you to wash your mouth, i want to kiss you"
"fine you don't have to be so blunt about it"

he got up and washed his mouth

"and lock the door"
"i'm not your damn maid!" but uryuu did it any ways"there is my mouth clean for you?"

ichigo kissed him

"yeah it is"

ichigo got up off the floor and pushed uryuu on the toilet and get kneed between his legs and started kissing him again.ichigo's tongue when thew uryuu's mouth more then once, then ichigo went for uryuu's zipper. uryuu stopped his hand.

"what if we make to much noise"
"thats why your going to be quite OK?"

then ichigo unbutton and unzipped uryuu's pant and stuck uryuu's cock in his mouth. uryuu opened his mouth to moan but nothing came out. ichigo took it out of his mouth and started pumping several times.again uryuu's mouth opened nothing came out, then he started feeling weird he soon realized and said
"i'm go-going t-to come-e"

'finally' ichigo thought and put the cock back in his mouth

uryuu tried to look down but he only manged to get one eye open and he looked at ichigo

"wh-what are-e y-you d-doin-g?"
"what does it look like i'm doing?"

'what?! on his not gonna......?'

ichigo knew what he was thinking and he said "yep"


-a couple of mins. later-


uryuu came, ichigo drunk,uryuu breathed heavy then ichigo started laughing.

"why the hell are you laughing?!"
"the why you face looked it was so funny!"
"you're an ass!"
"sorry it was to funny!hahahahhahha!"

uryuu pulled his pants up and ichigo was laughing his ass off, uryuu's face got red, ichigo stopped.

"what is it not funny any more?"
"no it's not funny if it's upsetting you"

uryuu,as much as it was too girlie for him to say he just had to.

"awwww, ............damn you for making me say that!"
"oh, you thought that was cute?"
"maybe" he said looking to the side"well we have to get back to class" then he unlocked the door"come on"and helped ichigo up and they both started running to class but ichigo stopped when uryuu was out of site.he turned to the hallway wall and punched it leaving a little mark,then he layed his head on the wall,turned around and slid down.

"damn it! why did i do that?now it's going to be even harder,FUCK!"

another teacher walked by.

"uh, Mr.ichigo i would like for you watch your mouth, get up and back to class!"
"umm,uh, yes Mrs.takiwa"

he quickly got up and went back to class

he got me , i done for so ,what next ,oh wait i forgot ,life, what does it want from me? you want my eyes now? you have my heart, brain oh yeah and my legs too so,what else you need from the human body shop, we're open...............................

To Be The Continue...........................
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