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unthinking uryuu ch.6 urygo

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'what am i going to say to him? I've never been blacked mailed nor done it! so how in hell do i get out of this one!' in his thinking mind, rukia worried about ichigo he was saying some thing in his sleep all night,kon was throwing a fit all this morning!she had to deal with it.
"kurosaki whats up?"
"uh, nothing why?"
"ichi I've known you for 4 years what is it!?!?"
he realized what he did
"no you know what monkey see monkey do!fuck off!"then she stuck up her middle fingers and walked to renji[her best friend].he let his head fall back then he squidded to the ground and put his fingers to his temples and rubbed then 4 mins later something hit his head it was uryuu's school bag and ichigo turned he saw just what he needed his now gonna be pissed off nobody knows but the both of them and neila-mai boyfriend's eyes, the only thing bad is the devils wife is here ,uryuu bent to ichigo's level and he had a how would i say it a cute like white kitty face on.' so cute........[nose bleed]'.uryuu put his bag in a pose so neila-mai,couldn't see. he gave ichigo a fast kiss then ichigo shot back in action.
"oh nothing, come on let's go"

-in school at lunch-

ichigo was by him self he wanted his alone time, he wanted to think the only one who was interfering what that was,......................the never sad always gidygidy ichigo's best friend,orihime, she notice that he was worrying about something so she sent one of her little friends to see what he was doing, so lily went she came back five 5mins later ,
"so whats is it?whats wrong?"
"his just sitting there writing 'i hate neila-mei, she's a bitch ' then his says it to him self"
"oh,on she got to him too! good job lily!return!" the flower petal on her clip come back then she moved to ichigo's table when he heard some one coming he closed his note book
"hey, whats up?"
"what did she do to you?"
"uh, who?"
"neila-mai, what did she do?"
"your lying" she sang
she jumped back and then put her sad puppy face on he couldn't help it, it was to cute ,he hugged her then over her shoulder he saw rukia who just rolled her eye's and walked out of the cafeteria and then over ichigo's shoulder orihime saw neila-mai ichigo let her go ,orihime's head fell down and her hair coved her face.he turned and seen why she was so gloomy.
"it's time"
he saw black an white the words it's time rang thew his head, she snapped in front of him,
"ello?are you listening"he saw color again then he nodded, he went to uryuu at his lonely table
"hey, ishida"
"I've got to talk to you"
uryuu fallowed him to the reading garden were neila-mai was in the bushes watching,
"what is it?"
"i-i-i can't be with you"
"well, not until the year is ov-"
"no your not getting...................i can't be with you never, all get it?"
"what why, wait did my dad saying thing to you?"
"no he didn't say any thing"
"then who did?"
"nobody i choose on my own"
" yeah,right!!!"
"YEAH I AM RIGHT! I-I-i-i i don't love you any more"
"that got to him"neila-mei said on the side lines smiling
"what-what did you say?"
"you heard me loud and clear i-i don't love you........"so painful
"because i don't know as a sissy" uryuu snapped
"you think dating a guy is being a sissy!?!??!?!?!"
"no, but i think being bi is!"
"i thought you were bi?!"
"no, i was confused"
"YOU DAMN GAY FAG!!!!!!!!!!"ichigo almost started to cry it was so painful to say.there was a long pause, uryuu's head fell but his spirit presser got heavy."he,so i'm a fag huh?"
ichigo looked at uryuu he was crying his glasses flew off and broke and a piece chipped ichigo cheek,
"uh?........KUROSAKI ANSWER ME DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
he let the bow go the arrow went to ichigo,then ichigo go saw a purple highlighted arrow bounce off of uryuu's ,it was neila-mai's arrow, her bow was the same as uryuu's but different color her was high lighted purple uryuu's was blue,her eye's turned purple too so did her quincy cross they returned to blue when she was done with her powers,
"please, uryuu stop!"
'wow, she quite the actress'
"move !"
"don't make me uryuu!"
she used flash step then knocked him out.

1hour later
"ah! what-what the hell!?!"
"oh uryuu thank god!"
"were's ichigo?"
"left he said he wanted you to cut off all contact to him"
"neila-mai do you know anything?"
"know what?is there something i need to know?"
"no not really"
"good let's go to class"
"shit we missed 4th period!"then they started running, but ichigo now on the side lines him self, in a ball mad at himself, he felt a hand come across his shoulder, it was renji and orihime the real gay guys in school, i may of never said this but orihime was dating tataki and renji did date byakuya, i didn't know why they broke up they just did, just because i'm the narrator doesn't mean any thing!i don't know
"so she really did nothing to yeah?"
"so she massed with you to uh?"
"yeah , kinda"
" well, it's better if don't get near uryuu as much"
she helped him up
"yeah, what ever[he mumbled] it not like i can"
" i can't a have a party at my house so were have it a chad's"
"annnd yourr tellin' me this whyyyyyyyyyy?"
"don't but smart come"
"thanks it's on saturday laters!"
"ah-uh yeah"
they walked away.ichigo put his hands in his head and sighed "i have a bad feeling about this whatever"
he walked back to class
- at the party- {i'm gonna say this first os you don't get confused about chad's house it's a apartment but it's around a whole bunch other ones when you first walk in there are stairs and then to the left there's a living room and the place you make food[not a good speller(^w^)]and up stairs is a bathroom , bed room, and a laundry room,outside there is a balcony and stairs lead up to it get how it looks know?}
"hey it's ichigo!"yelled rukia at the door[she not mad.........ish]
"when did you get here?"
"about an hour ago why?"
"oh nothing, i just didn't notice that you left the home of my closet"
"well i did so" she moved and went some were else, then a little devil from behind the door said "hay"she pointed a the living room, there was uryuu the window was opened[ he got new glass] he saw who came in , but-but he didn't even glance at ichigo 'what did she say to him' ichigo thought
she whispered with a smile" go a head"
"hey ishida"
"oh............hay kurosaki........"he said looking out the window then he turn to ichigo and smile sarcastically and turned to ichigo then put on a fake confused face "i thought you didn't want to talk to me any more"then he smiled again then fake smiled for 4 secs then walked away with a 'i hate you' face on.
"wow, it feels like hell had a show storm in here"renji said then walked away.ichigo glared at him.

ichigo finally found a spot were nobody was having sex or making out he walked in on three guys!2girls! and about 6 foursomes!'this is maim'anyways he was walking up the stairs to the balcony when he found out that he wasn't alone uryuu were on the other side but he didn't see him , ichigo see him looking at something his phone?yeah it was his phone he had on of his head phones in his ear and his jacket's hoddie on [ fall the season] he was looking at something ichigo tried to be quite to look over uryuu's shoulder , was that his phone number , yeah it was! it's said 'ichigo' it came along with his picture uryuu clicked delete it's said are you sure he was about to say yes but he said no and exited contact list and went to his home page then put his phone in his pocket and said" sorry"
' how did he?'
ichigo took one little step back.
"i know your back there,unlike you i can feel spirit energy" he turned around, ichigo was embarrassed and looked down.
"what do you want?"
"nothing, i just came out side to have peace"
"this is a party you can't have 'peace' here"
"well not really peace just a place were i not going to see people make-out or i walk in on some body having a threesome"
he rolled his eye's and started walking down stairs
"why did you say 'sorry'?"
"because.........told me to cut off contact with you right?well your phone number is the first thing and i'm just to weak to do it"
"but how-?"
"did i know you were behind me again your spirit energy"
then he continue walked down stairs
'were did he get he get me telling him to cut off contact with him?'
"neila-mai , your the biggest bitch in the world" then he walk back down and went in side.
'i don't why but i wanna do something really dumb'
he walk in the apartment and saw renji he smiled and said to him self" this is gonna bite me in ass...............but i don't care"

hell's storm is coming

to be the continue.............................
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