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2nd Chapter

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Gerard has changed the past few months and its horrible. He wears Dickie's two sizes to big for him. He cut his hair shorter and stop dying it. He also got his ear pierced. The worst part is he listens to rap,pop,and other shitty music and likes it! when I snapped out my thoughts when Frank Iero grabbed me by the shoulders and started yelling."What is your problem? You have changed Gerard! He is now friends with the people that he hated. He hates us and doesn't even talk to Mikey! He calls us emo and fags and... an."

I cut him off. "You think I changed him, just look at me! Does it look like I changed him into that? I hate what he has become probably more than you! I mean he carries a pocket knife and has stolen shit that he doesn't need!" I stopped finally noticing I was yelling and scaring Frank. He stared at me for a while before hugging me. When he let go Gerard passed by with his 'friends'. He started yelling terrible things at Frank.

"You fucking emo fag, why don't you go slit your wrists and die. It would make the world a whole lot happier." He saw me but apparently didn't know who I was.

He started talking to me "Honey, why don't you leave this fag. He wouldn't be able to show you a good time unlike me." Then he slapped my ass. HE FUCKING SLAPPED MY ASS! HOW FUCKING DARE HE THAT MOTHERFUCKER! I growled and he responded "Oooo, your a fiesty one." Then he slapped my ass AGAIN!

I looked up at him and he gasped. He was about to apologize but I just punched him in the jaw. Then in the stomach, he fell down. He brought his hands up thinking I was going to kick him but thats a cowards way to fight. I spit on him and grabbed Frank's hand. When I touched him a shock when up my arm but I ignored it. I heard someone screaming my name so, I turned around and saw Gerard. I waited for him to catch up. He kept saying how sorry he was but I stopped him.

I started talking with venom dripping out. "You Gerard Way are a jackass. I fucking helped you and you used to your advantage. You used my kindness so you wouldn't get hurt but now I'm going to make your life a living hell. I will never forgive you for what you did to me and your friends. Remember them? The people who helped you and comforted you but now you got new friends don't you? You barely talk to your little brother anymore! You are now friends with the people who hurt you. You disgust me and guess what? I fucking hate you!"

I walked away leaving him standing there in shock. We(Frank and I)started walking to my house hand in hand. I was glad he was here. He made me feel better without even trying. When we got to my house I ran inside not wanting anyone to see what was going to happen. I started crying. I never cried even when I broke my arm or when i got stabbed in a fight. Gerard better be fucking happy for making me cry. I heard someone come in and I looked up. I felt better since it was Frank.

He laid next to me in my bed and help me. He said some soothing words and stroked my hair. I was getting sleepy. Just before I fell asleep, I felt someone kiss my forehead. When I woke up from my nap I notive Frank stayed with me. I hugged him closer to me. I heard someone walk into my room. I looked up and saw Gerard in my doorway with a shocked expression. I threw my shoe at him but he left before it hit him.

They can't be together. They are just friends and nothing will happen but they were sleeping in the same bed. They had clothes on though so thats a good thing. I got to stop panicking. Anyway she hates me now, she even threw a shoe at me. Well I'm going to go to a party instead of moping around. I got ready and started walking to Brittany's house. When I walked in I saw the last thing I expected.

Lucy was here with Frank. Lucy looked so beautiful it hurt. Then I noticed his arm around her waist. It made my blood boil. When he kissed her on the cheek, I fucking lost it. I walked up behind and tapped his shoulder. When he turned around, I punched him in the nose and it made a nice crack noise. I walked away hearing Lucy's hateful words grow more distant. Then it hit me. I just lost the person I most loved and cared for in my life. I'm starting to hate myself more and more.
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