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New Unexpected Friend

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Gerard becomes friends with someone he least expects. Summary sucks but the story is really good plz read

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I was walking home from school when Sammy and his gang came out of nowhere. Sammy yelled"Hey faggot are you going home to go fuck your boyfriend?" His friends laughed, I seriously don't see how its funny.

I replied "Ya thats not what your girlfriend said last night."

He laughed and said " She would never do you. You are just some emo fag." I retorted "How would you know, she has fucked like half of Jersey." Then he charged for me.
I tried to dodge him but he was fast. He punched me right in the face. I hit him in the stomach and brought my knee to his face when he bended over. When he fell one of his friends hit me in the face and I fell. The guy kicked me three times before he got interuppted.

A cute girl ran over to us yelling "STOP!" She had black hair with green highlights and was wearing a Black Flag tee. She was one of us 'emos' so it surprised me when they stopped.
She spoke up "Andrew leave him alone or I'll break both of your arms."

He stepped back and said "Baby girl he was smacking his mouth like there was no tomorrow." Great he is her boyfriend and is lying about me.

Baby girl said "We both know that is not true. Now leave him alone or I'll make your life a living hell." Andrew nodded and Sammy got up.

He said "Baby girl please don't tell dad ok." Whats with the baby girl stuff already. She just nodded and helped me up. She shooed them and they left.

She asked "Are you okay?" I replied "I'm not o-fucking-kay."

She smiled and said "Come to with me to my house so we can clean you up." I nodded and said "Gerard, Gerard Way." She turned to me and said "Lucy Flores"

I noted she had a little gangster twang and rolled her r's perfectly. "Well Lucy if you don't mind me asking. Why did they keep calling you baby girl?" Lucy just laughed and said "They call me that because I'm like their little sister but really I'm only related to Sammy. Don't worry they won't bother you because I said so. They respect my desicions and won't bud in."I nodded and it was silent the rest of the walk.

"Here we are Casa De Flores." I looked up to see a pretty huge house in front of me. I said"Dude, your house is fucking huge." She laughed and led me inside. I think I died and went to nerd heaven. The living room was filled with video games and they had a Xbox 360,Wii,PS3, and a huge flat screen. She laughed at my expression and led me into her kitchen she said "Stay" and left. Just as she left Sammy and Andrew came in laughing. They stopped laughing when they saw me sitting there.

Sammy sneered "What are you doing here?"

I said "Your lovely sister brought me here to clean up the mess you guys did to me." Andrew looked so angry he might explode.

"Leave Lucy alone or I swear to-" He didn't get to finish because Lucy walked in. She said "Leave now and don't bother him or his friends or I'll hurt you both mentally and physically." They left looking still pretty angry.

Lucy shook her head and tried apologizing but I shook my head."Its their fault not your's so stop apoogizing." She cleaned and bandaged all my wounds. She said sorry every time I wonced but I kept saying its not her falut.

When she was finished she asked "Are you hungry?" I said "No" but my stomach disagreed and growled rather loudly. She giggled and went to the cupboards. She asked "Do you want spaghetti?"

I replied "You hit my weak spot italian food." She giggled again and started cooking. When she was making sauce I asked "Why are you being nice to me?"

She sighed and turned to me. "I don't like it when my brother picks on innocent people. I also thought you were pretty cool and wanted to be your friend. So does that answer your question?"

I said "Yes, it does and you seem pretty cool too. So do you want to be my friend?"

She smiled and nodded. I grinned even bigger and hugged her. She as tense at first but relaxed. When I let go she finished cooking. She said "The food is done."

Sammy and Andrew came down and took about half of the spaghetti with them. I got my food and sat down with her. Half way through the meal a man came in. He was slighty taller than Sammy was chubby and had a lot of tattos but not as much as my buddy Frank. He came over to her and kissed the top of her head and said "Hi mia."

Lucy said"Hi dad how was work?" Then he noticed me but didn't look angry. He replied
"Fine, who is this Lucy?"

She was about to tell him but I got up and said "Gerard Way,sir. I'm a friend of Lucy's." He looked pleased and shook my hand.

He said "Ok I'm fine about you guys hanging out but keep it below rated R." With that he got some spaghetti and went to upstairs. "Your dad seems nice."

She nodded and said "He doesn't care what I do as long its not illegal." I looked at the clock and jumped up. She looked startled and asked "What's wrong?"

I said "It's almost 11. I need to go home." She said "Follow me." We walked into a hallway and she opened the door on the left. We walked in to a dark room. Lucy turned the lights on and I was stunned twice today.

It was a garage filled with cars,motorcycles, and dirt bikes. She said "Pick a motorcycle." I pointed to a blood red one with shiny black leather and asked "How old are you?"

She said "14 and yes I can drive the motorcycle." I nodded thinking just two years younger than me. She got on and patted behind her. I raised my eyebrow. She sighed and said "Do you know how to drive a motorcycle?." I shrugged my shoulders and got on. She handed me a helmet. I put it on and she shot off

She stopped and asked"Where do you live?"

"58 Cemetery Drive" She nodded and off we were again. She stopped in front of my house. I got off and tried to give her the helmet but she shook her head. "You keep it. I might have to come get you one day or something." I nodded and went inside. I got attacked by my best friend Frank Iero. He said "Aren't you supposed to drive the motorcycle not the girl." I blushed and went to my room.
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