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Clocking Out

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Chapter 2, both POV's. -Quote from passage- Gee~I’ll get over this on my own… Frankie~Gerard doesn’t love me anymore, and my life is never going to work out. This is the end.

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Frank’s P.O.V.
“Please Gerard, please still love me. Please, please, please. I can’t handle myself without you anymore! I want you to love me again! I want you to need me again! I can’t stand this! I was so stupid, I was so fucking stupid! Forgive me Gerard! Please just forgive me!” I wrote down on a sheet of paper.
Then I folded it up and slid it in my pocket. I don’t deserve Gerard. He needs better than just me. I’m only hurting him. I just want to walk over to him, and make him tell me he hates me with every fiber of his being, so that way I can hear his voice again. I’m desperate. I need Gerard. I just can’t function the right way without him. I can’t breath, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I just can’t anymore.
“Oh, that’s bomb. Can we…” Just write it Frank! “Talk sometime? If you don’t want to, I’d get it. But, if you want to, I’d really like to catch up.” I finished writing on the paper.
“You done writing?” Ray said, as if he wanted nothing to do with me, and was only being the mailman for Gerard’s sake.
“Ye-Yeah…” I said and shyly handed him the note.
He grimaced and grabbed it from my hands. He really hated me now. I guess me seeing Gerard was bad enough, but the fact that Gerard still writes to me and still thinks of Ray as just a friend makes him upset. I followed Ray with my eyes so I could watch him hand it to Gerard. If it would make him feel better, I hated him back. He had always been trying to split Gerard and I up. He just wants to shove Gerard in my face at this point. He’ll lie through his teeth till you knock them out. He’d say that he liked Gerard, he’d always be there for him, and that he’d always be his best friend. Yeah, he probably did feel that way at one time, but now he only wants Gerard to drive me off the edge. That’d do it, too.
Ray smiled a little when he got over to Gerard, and he handed him the note. He wasn’t facing me on purpose. I knew it. Gerard opened the note, read it and smiled a little. Must not have been my note. Then he quickly looked up at me then back down at the note. I really hoped that meant yes. All I wanted right now was to hear his voice. Then I saw him writing the response, and he handed it to Ray.
Ray walked over about ten minutes later with a note that read
“I’d rather not. Sorry Frankie. I think we should stop talking. I don’t want anything to do with you anymore. It just has to be this way.
I almost cried. The one reason I didn’t is because I know for a fact that isn’t his handwriting. I looked up at Ray, a bit outraged.
“Real note, please.” I demanded.
“What do you mean?” He said, suddenly on the defensive.
“I want. The real note. Now if you wouldn’t mind. Hand it over.” I said, getting irritated.
“That is the real note. Or can’t you handle being hurt?” He said, making a joke out of me. “You want the ‘real note’ so you don’t have to look at that and think about how much he hates you now. You’re worthless Frank. Get used to it.” He said and walked off.
I put my head in my hands and started crying heavily. I know I was in the middle of the office, the workday slowly waning, and I just broke down and cried. This had to be the real note. Gerard doesn’t love me anymore, and my life is never going to work out. This is the end. My life is over. I’m ending it.

Gerard’s P.O.V.
“Yes Frank. I’d love to talk sometime. Could we do that tonight?”
I wrote down, I didn’t care if Frank only wanted to tell me to stop talking to him. I just needed to hear his voice.
I smiled as Ray walked over to Frankie with the note. I watched his give it to Frank. I saw Frank’s expression change to one I’d only seen the day he told me that he…Cheated… I started trying to listen to what Frank and Ray were talking about. It didn’t look to good.
A few minutes later I saw Ray smirk and walk away, then Frank started… laughing?… Oh. He’s laughing at me for still wanting to talk to him. This is so typical of Frank. As soon as he doesn’t care, everyone else’s emotions out the window. You know what, I don’t need him. I’ll get over this on my own…
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