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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

A bright light seeped in through an open window and spilled onto the wooden floor of my bedroom. Wait, my bedroom? How did I get here? I attempted to sit up only to find that I was tied down to the bed.
'Lewis?' I turn my head to see Sophia standing there.
'Ah, hello Sophia,' I greeted her absentmindedly.
'Believe it or not, father is not going to kill you for running away with the vampire. He has other plans for you,' I pulled at the ropes that bound me to the bed to show her. 'Yes, well you did ask for that didn't you? I can untie you if you give me your oath that you won't take off. Do I have your word? Good, then lets go.'

I followed her through the corridors and into the meeting room where father was stretched out regally in his big chair. I bowed as he had his eyes on me.
'Take a seat,' he commanded, his eyes still on me as I sat down onto the nearest chair. He dismissed Sophia with a wave of his hand leaving me alone in the room with him.
'I have an errand for you and you had better not mess it up. As the vampire who is known as Alexander said, the vampire lord's appearance has been predicted by the vampiric prophets and our own prophets are seers have seen the same. You have been chosen to act as a spy and gain all of the information you can on the vampire lord and in the meantime you will be on earth learning the ways of the humans with the aid of the vampire Alexander. Now, any questions at all?' He leered at me.
'Just one sir, once I have the information what do you wish for me to do with it?'
'Find out if he is a threat to me of course. I want you to come back with information if he is deemed a threat.'
'And if he is not?'
'Well you have always wanted to go and live with the humans haven't you? Stay there. I am sure you are aware that you are not wanted or needed in this family,' I looked down at that. Part of me was overjoyed. I mean I am finally going to get away from here. The other part was not so happy, my own father has just admitted that there is no use of me and that I am a waste of space very much like how he sees the beggars.
'Yes sir. When am I to leave?'
'Next week. Until then you will be spending time with the vampire and learning more of the human world so that you are not totally incompetent when you arrive on the humans' planet. You will find the vampire in the dungeons, the guards have been given orders to release him to you.' With that he turned away and went back to studying the documents laid out in front of him on the oak surface, I took this as a sign to leave and took off towards the dungeons.

The dungeons are below the surface and so there is no light and the corridors are lit with torches. I walked up to one of the guards.
'I am here to collect the vampire from the orders of the king,' I stated.
'He bowed his dirty head and led me to one of the cells where Alexander was sitting staring blankly at the filthy walls. He looked up in surprise at me when he heard the guard and his keys.
'Lewis? What are you doing here?'
'I'll explain in a minute,' I replied in his own tongue to which the guard sniffed in disgust. Alex nodded and waited impatiently for the guard to let him out.
On arriving in my room I flung myself onto my bed laughing hysterically.
'Erm Lewis? Are you ok?'
'We're getting out of here!'
'Whoa back up. What?'
'Well that's the good part. The bad part is that gather has made me watch the vampire lord when he arises and to see if he is a threat to him. Well the race really and if he is not I am to stay on the planet and await further instructions. What era is the planet is now? Surely not still the stone ages, must be the middle-ages by now,' I mused.
'What's the stone age?' Alex asked confused.
'Oh, your planet has a habit of healing itself if you like. When the humans have progressed so far that they begin to kill the planet it erases everything and everyone only leaving a few behind if they are still needed by their god,' I shook my head. 'Our planet has never needed to do that. They are living things and we respect that. So do humans, well they did after a while they really mess it up.'
'Err ok... Now back to the spying on the vampire lord. How do you think you are even going to find him when he is born? Earth may not be as big compared to this planet but you still won't be able to find him that easily,' he commented. 'Can we talk about this later? I need to think about this a bit.'
'Yes of course, we can go outside I hate it in here. Oh, a word of warning, not many like vampires here and they will hate me even more seeing as I am talking to one but oh well. Give me a second I need to get all of my gear back on,' He raised his eyebrow as I took off my shirt and started to put all of the various knives in the correct places along with the smoke bombs and poisons.
'Ok, that is a lot of stuff for a little guy like you,' I laughed.
'All necessary, like I said, no one likes me because I have killed a lot of people they would have either been related to or were friends with. So the grounds is usually the safest place for me,' I noticed a noble walking in the opposite direction to us. She was part of a group of women that have a habit of talking about every single other noble or royal in the castle and I'm pretty sure that nearly everyone would like to have her killed. Eldara's eyes narrowed when she heard me talking in Alex's language.
'You know it is incredibly bad manners talking in that terrible language in front of a noble women Lewis,' she pouted.
'I am sure the 'noble' part is open to question Eldara,' I replied.
She ignored that. 'I can see why your father wishes to get rid of you. You are obviously not capable of being in the royal family, was a rather unfortunate accident, don't you agree?'
'As much as I would love to listen to your empty headed chatter, I do have more important things to be doing,' I walked past her with Alex closely following.
'What was that about?' he asked.
'Oh nothing,' I replied. 'Anyway, father said that you were to teach me about the humans and vampires,' Ok he didn't say anything about the vampires but it would not hurt to know what I am dealing with.
'Ok, only if you tell me a bit about you lot. It's only fair and I promise not to tell anyone else. Oh another thing, my king will wish to see me again soon so you will have to send a messenger or something,'
'Yes, I can hire someone,' I replied, leading him outside into the gardens. We sat next to the pond and I watched the fish swim around in circles.
'So what did you want to know,' he asked.
'What about those talents you mentioned.'
'Well there are three main talents. Every vampire has either one of those talents, resurrection, telepathy and the prophets which is future seeing and all of them can fly but only some are fertile.'
'Ok... so who is the vampire lord?'
'Well you know how all of the races has a god? Well he is supposed to be the vampire god but he has the same form as the rest of us. So he will have to be born a human first before getting changed. During that time is the best time that you will need to find him otherwise once he has changed it will be next to impossible to find him again.' He sighed and lay back down onto the grass. I continued to stare at the fish; worry was beginning to form in the pit of my stomach. I am going up against a god? Vampires are the children of hell; everyone knows that which is why they are so universally despised. Well I don't have to fight him, I am just observing am I not? What have I gotten myself into?
'Hey, I told you about me didn't I? Now you talk,' I looked at him to see his lopsided grin.
'Ok, ask away,' I replied.
'Ok, why did you faint while we were flying? I had to fly down and catch you, that kind of gave us away.'
'Oh so that was what happened. Well the flying is mainly dependent on the energy reserves. Like if you are really tired then you cannot fly for long. Like I said, we are mainly dependent on the land and forestry and the herbs you can find in the forest. That is where I get most of my poisons from,' I explained. 'Do you mind if I go back and get something to eat? I'm starved.' He nodded and I walked back towards the castle.
I walked into the kitchen to find Jacob sitting on one of the surfaces. I picked up a plate with food on that was usually left on the side for me seeing as I prefer not to eat with the rest of the family.
'Hey Jacob, I said without turning around.'
'Lewis is father really sending you away?'
'Yes and I'm thankful for it. Finally he has done something nice to me,' I retorted.
He sighed. 'Fine be like that, but just be careful, Sophia is worrying like hell over you.' I turned to look at his sincere face and nodded before walking out of the kitchens my appetite lost.
'Lewis I'm serious,' I sighed and continued on walking with Jacob following me like a lost puppy. 'Lewis.'
I stopped and turn to look at him. 'What?'
'Look after yourself,' I looked at his usually grinning boyish face and nodded. He cleared the distance between us and stepped forwards to pull me into a hug. After he released me I turned and left without another word.
I need some time on my own. So instead of returning to Alex I walked to the nearest window and jumped out of it. I flew up to the roofs and settled down on one of them, staring out across the pristine grass and over the stone walls where there were guards patrolling the surface. Beyond the walls there was a stretch of grassland where the army would practice their manoeuvres and after another set of stone walls the area was filled with houses and markets which made up the capital. As much as I hate my job, I am one of the only people in my family who can go out of the city walls without a ton of guards following. But then, I am not going to get another assignment here at any rate for obvious reasons. I watched the people in the city go about their daily lives and watched the poor work hard to earn their keep and the rich exploit the poor as they raked in the money.
I heard what could not be anything but Alex's leathery wings beat the air as he landed softly besides me.
'Wondered where you had gone,' he muttered.
'Sorry.' Alex sighed and sat down besides me and joined me in watching the market place, which was starting to clear as it started to get darker. I have no idea how long we were sat there and I didn't care. This was one of the times which I could have my own time and not have to spend my nights hunting down the people who were threatening father or those who did not pay their taxes.
'Man, you look like you're about to drop dead,' Alex broke the silence, I looked at him gone out. 'You look tired,' he explained.
'Oh, yeah I suppose.' I didn't resist when he picked me up with his strong arms and beat his wings to lift off in the night air. I must have been half asleep by the time we had reached the bedroom window and the last thing I could remember was Alex's face as he gently laid me in bed before I slipped into unconsciousness.
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