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Chapter 3

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5 days had flown by as I spent my days talking to Alexander and learning the rumours and stories of the vampire lords return. To be honest I think that the lord has a lot to live up to because of the imaginative minds of the vampires. I got little sleep during first few nights as my family would stop by and spend hours talking to me, I never knew how much I would miss them until those little meetings. I enjoyed spending my little spare time with them, that is until father forbade them from seeing me.
I was sitting on my bed in my room staring aimlessly at the wall when I had my thoughts interrupted when Alex burst through the door.
‘Your father wants you, well he didn’t send me to go and get you but he had your face in his mind along with a lot of impatience,’ he said quickly.
‘Sit down, if he needs me then he will send a servant,’ I replied as Alex sat down besides me.
‘I wouldn’t be so sure about that, last I saw of your servants they were running away from him. If I were you I would go down and see what he wants,’ he said. I reluctantly agreed with him and led the way down stairs, sure enough there were plenty of people walking away from the throne room then there were walking towards it. I walked through one of the side doors that led to the balcony that was at the back of the throne room.
There was a vampire kneeling in front of the throne looking somewhat scared while my father sat on the throne fuming.
‘You are telling me that the vampire lord is there now?’ father glared down at the vampire.
‘Yes sir. But only in his human form,’ I looked on at the vampire in surprise as he spoke our language with little trouble. Another thought struck me and I made a mental not to ask Alex about it later. I watched as father sat back with a thoughtful expression on his face.
‘You,’ he pointed to one of the guards. ‘Send for my son and the vampire known as Alexander and tell him he is leaving early. And you,’ this time he pointed at the messenger. ‘You can go with them, go, now!’ I watched as the guard did his best not to run out of the building and was closely followed by the vampire. I signalled to Alex to follow me and led the way into one of the corridors where the guard near enough ran straight into me.
He bowed hastily. ‘Sir, your father has sent me to tell you that you are to leave immediately accompanied by another messenger.’ I nodded and he walked off briskly back towards the throne room.
‘Ok, so back to my room for a second so we can think this through,’ I suggested to which Alex nodded enthusiastically.
Once we were back in my room I immediately hunted around for the rest of my gear and all of the herbs and poisons. Alex was talking to the other vampire quietly and quickly while I continued going through my room and picking up anything that may be of use. After looking under my bed and through all of the junk under there I found my set of spare arrows and throwing knifes.
‘You know, you could get searched and all of those taken off of you,’ the vampire commented. I looked at him and nodded.
‘I know, but I can easily go to a blacksmith or something or make some new ones. All of my gear is temporary anyway and how I understand it, there are not many searches going on for people who they cannot see,’ I replied the vampire rolled his eyes and wandered around my room.
After I had gathered all that I needed I turned to look at the two vampires. ‘Ok, first question. Anyone know what we are actually going to do when we get there?’
Alex looked at the other vampire and nodded. ‘Ok first off, this is Daran. He has just told me that the lord is near where one of the main cities, Gardeth. As luck has it, one of our generals has given us a load of money so that we have enough to get started.’
‘Wait a second,’ I interrupted him. He looked at me questioningly. ‘Do you mind if we stop off in one of the forests first? It will help me relax. That and I want to see what herbs you have there.’ Alexander nodded. ‘Great, now when you are ready I can get someone to send us over there.’ They nodded and followed me to one of the portal guardians. Alex and Daran were talking to each other again while I took no notice of what they were saying. By the time we had reached the portals Alex and Daran and lapsed into silence and were instead staring at the portals in wonder which made me curious as to how they got here in the first place.
One of the guardians bowed to me and led us to the portal on the far right. The portal is nothing special and you cannot even see it all that well. We stood before a raised platform where the air above it was distorted and shifted and manipulated the air around it. I looked at the guardian and they signalled for us to stand on the platform. I led Daran and Alexander onto it whom were looking somewhat uncomfortable.
I felt a strange pulling sensation as the sight of the dungeons and the other portals shifted and dissolved into one filled with greenery. The solid base of the platform changed to the softer form of grass. As soon as the transition was complete I fell to the ground in exhaustion.
‘Ah no place like home,’ Alex grinned as I pulled myself to my feet. I looked over to Daran who had recovered from the portals effects within seconds. ‘We should set up camp around here somewhere. Lewis will need sleep and food.’ Alex continued on talking to Daran who nodded in agreement. I followed them taking in the surroundings. The forest was different than it is back home in that it was no where near as dense. At home the only way you could get through the forest fast was through the trees while here there are tracks where their horses have walked down. The pair stopped in a little clearing, a little way out of the way from the roads and spread out to find some wood for a fire while I continued my observation of the human world.
I walked up to one of the trees and began to climb it to the top. Once at the top of the tree I looked out over the landscape. To be honest it is not too different from home apart from the villages are smaller than ours. Mainly because my people tend to either stay in the city or a town or go out on their own or smaller groups. I could see the nearby road run through a village and to a city in the distance. I sat on the branch I was standing on and stared up at the sky. Everything about this place feels wrong, like I don’t belong here. I am not looking forwards to when we reach the city plus as I remember, they do not really agree with magic or anything like that and even the vampires avoid the humans to avoid a fuss. Yeah the humans know about them but if they leave them alone then they will do the same.
I looked back down through the branches to see that Alex and Daran had finished with the fire and climbed swiftly back down to join them. I walked over to sit besides the crackling fire as day quickly was turning into night.
‘Ok, so we need to set up somewhere to stay which is near Gardeth but not actually in it,’ Alex started I nodded in agreement and pulled my travelling cloak around me tighter.
‘I will set out in the morning to determine his exact location. You two stay here,’ Daran demanded I nodded again, not in any position to be contradicting him, it is his planet after all. I yawned, like I said, the portals have various side effects, one of which leaves you very, very tired.
Alex giggled, ‘maybe you should get some sleep Lewis, don’t worry I’ll watch over you.’ I nodded having no choice but to trust him. I lay on my side and drifted off into a restless sleep, worrying about the challenges that will come with my new life.
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