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Chapter 4

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I woke to the sound of rustling and opened my eyes to Daran walking around out makeshift camp. He noticed that I was awake.
‘I would catch yourself something to eat, Alexander does not really know much about the basic human needs,’ he advised in my own language. I nodded.
‘Where is Alex?’ I asked.
‘He will be back in a minute, I however, need to go. I will be back soon once I have located the lord,’ and with that he turned and ran off into the distance. I got up from my position lying on the ground and grabbed my bow and arrows. I was just going to go and hunt when Alex returned.
‘Where are you off to?’ he asked.
‘To hunt, will be back in a minute,’ I replied and climbed the nearest tree.
I breathed steadily once up the tree and in the one place in which I belong. I jumped from tree to tree examining the floor below to find a suitable meal. Seeing as there was only one of me a large animal would not be needed and the other two don’t even eat so a hare would be fine. I stopped when I spotted a hare, which has stopped to feed. I notched an arrow and took aim as I let go of the arrow my aim was true and the hare had suddenly sprouted feathers on the end of a stick.
I brought back my kill to the camp and set about building another fire. Alex had disappeared again so I spent the next few hours sitting at the now burnt out fire.
Boredom had finally gotten the better of me and I climbed back up one of the taller trees and sat on one of the top branches and watched the roads as a couple of humans rode past on chestnut coloured horses. I looked past the road and back at the village, which was a miles of into the distance to the west from where I was sitting. In the distance I could see minute figures leaving the village and following the road round so that they were heading in my direction. As they got closer I realised that it was in fact three horses running along the road. As the hours passed and sun continued its course along the never ending sky the three horses and the one rider were now in clear view.
I watched with a mild interest and as the figures drew closer I realised that it was Alex that was riding the horse in the middle. I watched him come closer and when he was not too far away I climbed back down from my tree and holding true for my word, I stayed by the camp. I am actually quite proud of myself, I mean I have not once wandered off to go and explore like I would usually do. It is not the animals I am worried about as we have the same animals on my planet, I just hate being in an unfamiliar environment.
I sat down cross-legged and waited for Alex to make his appearance and sure enough, a few minutes later Alex walked into the clearing with three horses following him.
‘Hey Blondie,’ he greeted me while I raised an eyebrow at the new nickname.
‘Why have you got three horses?’ I asked.
‘Well it makes getting to Gardeth a lot easier for you and Daran and I would look like a pair of lemons if we did use horses either,’ Alex explained.
‘We don’t even know for sure if he is anywhere near Gardeth yet, is that not why Daran went to Gardeth?’
‘Well yes, but it does not hurt to be prepared does it?’ Alex wandered around the camp while I watched him from my new position on a low branch. He picked up one of my arrows and began to inspect it curiously.
‘Alex I have one problem,’ I voiced my worry to him. He nodded at me to continue. ‘I have no idea how to ride a horse.’ I confessed, meeting his eyes as he stared at me as though I was an idiot. ‘What?’
‘You really don’t know? Wow. Ok Blondie, I suppose I will just have to teach ya,’ he said with a big grin on his face and for the first time in years I was actually scared for my safety. I jumped down from my perch and followed him to one of the horses.
‘This is Prudence. She is the best horse for beginners from what I can tell from the merchant,’ I watched as he petted the horse, she nuzzled his hand and returned to drinking the water that he had put out earlier. Alex led me around the horse and to the saddle. I knew what a horse was, I was not stupid. I just had not ridden one, well apart from once with Jacob but he managed to frighten the horse and it threw us both off and ran away.
‘Come on, I am sure you know what a saddle and all of that is,’ I nodded. ‘Good, now if I help you up into the saddle…’ He picked me up and plonked me down into the saddle, the horse jumped a bit but did not charge, yet. I have never needed to ride a horse in my life for obvious reasons, that and galloping around on a horse when you are set out to assassinate someone has never been the best idea in the world.
I brought my attention to Alex as he explained to me how to ride a horse.
‘Don’t scare her or anything, horses scare easily and when they are frightened they bolt,’ he explained while I nodded trying to remember it all. This was going to be fun.

A few hours later and he had Prudence and me riding around the clearing which the camp was in. She was a patient horse thank god and I fell off her around 10 times.
‘Ok leave her to rest for now Blondie, we need to wait for Daran to get his butt back here,’ Alex said as he helped me down from the saddle and lead Prudence over to the water. I sat down with my back against the tree and watched as Alex took the gear off of Prudence.
I let out a sigh and turned my head up to the unfamiliar sky. It was so weird not seeing anyone fly over up above, but then the humans cannot fly and have no idea it is possible. To be honest I think it is better that way.
A couple more hours had passed before Daran made his appearance. I turned my head and looked at him questioningly.
‘Ok, the lord is in a house that is in the forest a little way out of the city walls and to the north. We can make it in a week at a steady pace which would be better for the horses, but if we push them then we can make it in 5 days,’ He spoke quickly and was moving around the camp, picking up the various objects that were littered around the place.
‘I think it would be better if we did not push the horses for now, we don’t want to wear them out too much otherwise getting there will just take so much longer,’ Alex mused.
‘Erm, what are their policies on weapons,’ I asked lifting up my bow. They looked at each other shiftily.
‘You may have to leave them here,’ Alex said slowly, well the bow at least, the sword you will get away with seeing as so many people have them, but you do look a bit strange with a massive sword which is probably as big as you,’ He added.
‘So the sword stays too?’ I asked dejected, Alex and Daran nodded. I sighed and unstrapped the sword and the arrows and placed them next to the bow which was then buried in the soil, I did not want anyone finding them.
‘One more thing,’ Alexander said. ‘No attacking anyone,’ He said as I pouted. ‘Seriously, if you do you could get us in a lot of trouble and blow our cover, so if you do have any other knives or whatever bury them too, and give that bag here I’m guessing it is mainly filled with poisons.’ I cursed as Daran laughed quietly.
‘It’s not all poisons… There are some other remedies in here as well,’ I argued and handed over the bag to Alex’s waiting hand reluctantly who rooted through the bag curiously.
‘What’s this?’ He asked lifting up a small vial with a small amount of clear liquid in the bottom.
‘Uhh if you shake it then it will turn into a gas then smash it and that gas will then put everyone close enough into unconsciousness,’ I explained. His eyes widened at that. After looking through the bag a bit more he threw it to Daran who then disappeared with it.
I was still sulking when we settled down again for the night. I lay on my side facing away from the two vampires as I pulled my blanket around me before drifting off into and uneasy sleep again.
I woke at some point in the middle of the night to the hushed voices of the two vampires.
‘Yes, but why does he need us to do this for them?’ I heard Daran’s strained voice.
‘Because we were ordered to. Our only business is to help him find the lord. I think Blondie’s father is right in finding out if he is a threat to us, I mean we need to know if he is actually going to do anything for the race or destroy it completely,’ Alex replied in a hushed voice. I stayed perfectly still listening intently.
‘Alexander, are not even the slightest bit curious about why we have to help them find out? We could do it just as easily, probably even better. We don’t need him, why don’t we just kill him now while we can, while he is unarmed and asleep?’ I forced myself to stay quiet when I heard Daran come out with that. I know there is a rivalry between us, but for gods sake.
‘Daran we can’t, you know that. It’s- it’s her again,’ Alex said quieter so I strained to hear what was being said.
‘Who?’ Alex answered him so quietly that I couldn’t catch it.
‘What the hell? She isn’t even a vampire!’
‘Shh,’ They paused, checking to see if they had woke me up. ‘We have no choice, she is more powerful then all of us put together, something is meant to happen and I am sure she will not be too pleased if you kill their prince.’ Daran swore at that muttered something else and the camp fell silent once more.
I troubled over the many thoughts and questions that now littered my head and shook them off before drifting off into unconsciousness once again.
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