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Frank realises something.

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Frank’s P.O.V
It was Friday evening. I couldn’t decide whether to wear my plain black Misfits t-shirt or my “homophobia is gay” shirt. I looked at the watch and cursed silently. 8 p.m. Shit! I had to hurry up! I rushed into the bathroom and plugged the straightener in. Then I quickly brushed my teeth and put some red eyeliner under my eyes. After I had made sure the straightener was hot enough I started straightening my long, dark brown hair. I startled when I heard the door bell ring and accidentally burned my left ear.

“Stupid shit!” I screamed, dropped the straightener and splashed some cold water over my head.

I sprinted downstairs and opened the front door. What I saw took my breathe away. Gerard wore really, really tight black pants which lay some special emphasis on his crotch and I couldn’t help but stare. It looked huuuuge. I blinked a few times and forced myself to look away. Gerard also wore a plain black shirt, a leather jacket and a red-black striped tie around his neck. His long, messy hair hung over his right eye and I had to resist the impulse to wipe it away so I could see his whole beautiful face. His long eyelashes framed his green eyes perfectly and he wore black eyeliner. His shy smile made my heart race and filled my tummy with a comforting warmth. He ran one hand threw his hair and stepped from one foot to the other.

“Erm Frank… You are…” he said blushing and stared at the ground.

I looked into the mirror in the living room and realised what he meant. I looked awful! My hair hung down in knotted, wet strands, my eyeliner was blurred so that it looked like I had been crying and to cap it all, I wore nothing but my boxershorts.

“I’ll be right back” I whispered and hurried upstairs.

Shit! Why did he have to be so beautiful and gorgeous and I was just me? A little freak… Wait what? I wasn’t gay!

“I’m not gay” I said to put my mind at ease but it didn’t work.

What if I actually WAS gay? What if I was in love with Gerard? Would it really be so terrible? But what about my promise? I couldn’t just cut somebody’s last wish off. But what if she would want me to fall in love again and be happy? I swayed and decided I had to stop thinking about this now. We had to leave.


Still Frank’s P.O.V.
I listened to this song called “Vampires will never hurt you” and it was unbelievably amazing. Mikey’s deep, slow bass harmonised perfectly with the loud and fast drums. Ray was the best guitarist I had ever seen, he played his guitar like a third arm or something. And Gerard… When Gerard first started singing I thought I’d faint. His voice was so beautiful, soft and full of emotions I got goose bumps from listening. This music was so full of hate, sadness, desperation and fear and it gave me so much hope because I knew exactly how that felt. The ‘studio’ they recorded in was actually a basement but I had to admit the sound was pretty good. When they finished the song I just sat there and I couldn’t believe how amazing this band and their music were.

“Guys! That was the best song I’ve ever heard! Your band… I can’t even…” I said and gasped as I saw a sweaty, panting Gerard exit the recording room.

I tried to ignore him and looked at Mikey instead. They took the towels that had been prepared for them and wiped the sweat of their faces. Then they looked at me smiling.

“Thank you” Mikey said.

“We’re not THAT great” Ray added.

“Nope, we actually are” Gerard decided and they all started laughing.

Suddenly I realised something. The way they joked with each other. It felt like they were some kind of weird family. Like they were connected threw their deep love and passion for the music they made.

“I need some fresh air and a cigarette” I told the others and rushed out of the building before anyone could reply. And some time to think, I thought.

I took out my cigarette pack and lit one. Then I leaned against the cold wall, took a deep drag and sighed. I was so fucking confused! I had only heard one song of this band and I already loved it! I needed to join it. Pency Prep was past, My Chemical Romance was the future. But I knew I couldn’t just ask if I could join the band. I needed to show them all how good I played. I just hoped I played good enough…
And then there was Gerard. I didn’t know what to do! I couldn’t be gay! Not after what had happened! I had promised her that she was the one and only for me… It was her last freaking wish! But I couldn’t deny that I was attracted to Gerard. And that I couldn’t keep him out of my head… or my dreams. I sighed again. Life was fucking complicated.

“Can I have one too?” I heard Gerard’s voice next to me.

I startled and dropped the pack. I bent down and so did Gerard and our hands touched when we both reached for it. I shrunk back immediately and smiled at him sheepishly.

“You can take one” I said and got up again. He took the pack, still kneeling on the ground, and opened it. Then he closed it again. He stood up too.

“Erm Frank… I still wanted to tell you something…” he began.

I couldn’t see his facial expression ‘cause it was so dark, he was just a black figure in the night. But his voice sounded kind of insecure and scared. He sighed.

“Sure…” I replied.

He approached me and suddenly I felt really uncomfortable. Within a moment my knees turned to jelly when his breathe tickled my neck.

“I wanted to thank you…” he got one step closer and my heart raced. “For saving my life…” he took my hand. “For being so nice…” he rested the other hand on my cheek and looked at me with this beautiful, big eyes. He just looked at me and I forgot the world around us. I think I held my breathe and I felt one tear roll down my cheek. I didn’t know why. Gerard was all that matter now. He smiled at me, a shy, lovingly smile and suddenly I knew it. I knew I had fallen in love with him and I was okay with that.

“And for being here today” he ended the sentence and his lips crushed with mine.

The kiss was soft and passionate but longing and wild at the same time. I was so surprised I didn’t know what to do and his lips felt soft and a bit slimy but in a positive way. He pressed his body against mine and stimulated my crotch with his. I moaned loudly before our lips met again. His tongue parted my lips cautiously and explored my mouth. I was so hot I thought the ecstasy and passion had set us on fire. I brushed his hair and his lips left mine. I wanted to beg for more but I kept quiet.

“And thanks for this as well” he said and smiled at me.

One of those irresistible smiles. We both panted and he kissed my left cheek.

“See you inside” he whispered and entered the building.

My whole body vibrated because of the sexual tension I had just felt between us.

“Wow” I simply said and touched my lips. “Wow” I murmured again and went inside.

Authors note: Hey guys :D I have been really busy lately sorry ;/ but here it is... FINALLY SOME FRERARD ACTION! :3 Tell me what you think please? It means really much to me! :) I'll try and upload as soon as possible! xoxo
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