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The guys are all together and everyone is happy, but then Shockwave begins to have doubts...

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Shockwave's POV.

Emotions. Everyone has them, whether it be happiness, sadness, bravery or fear.
Well, I thought I had them but it turns out I was wrong. Emotions are meant to be provoked by the mind or the state that a person is in. Recently, I discovered I was a robot, I have no feelings. These fake 'emotions' were all just filed into my head, according to Korse's small computer I had stolen from him not to days back. I can't believe half the stuff I have unearthed.

The screen flickered dimly in the darkness of The Hideout, not bright enough to wake people but just enough so that I could read;

Your guide to using the Shock.01 Android.

Better Living Industries have made only one of these Androids. The Shock.01 is a highly technical device that is the ultimate weapon developed by highly advanced technology.

This Android is specifically designed for military use. This robot is able to display human emotion, speak fluently, communicate, self defend and even bleed mimick blood and fake injury.

Defense and weaponry mechanisms:

It will take time for your Android to adjust and react to danger. As well as being able to appear injured, the Shock.01 is fitted with the ability to cause powerful shockwaves that can reach out for up to a two mile radius. It is fluent in karate, fist fighting, firearms, and blade weaponry.

All the sensory pads, wires and mechanical gearing are so advanced it is ever so easy to mistake it as a real human.

What to do if the Shock.01 should develop too much of a personality:

1. Do not panic. This android is hooked to Better Living Industries survielance, this will notify the authorities of any curcit changes that could prove fatal or dangerous.

2. If this is just a minor concern and you are worried it could get out of control, locate the power source at just below the base of the neck on the beginning of what is the breastbone. This pad is notified of your fingerprint and will open at your touch. Underneath the opening is a black button with blue light around it. Click this button and hold it for three seconds, this will reset the Androids personality disk and software, giving it a new voice etc. but it will still be the same in appearance.

3. If your Android develop a KILLJOY personality or Alter Ego then space your distance from it. It can become unpredictable and rebellious. Stay calm, Better Living Industries will be notified within seconds and come to your aid. This will result in the Android being restrained, taken to the S/C/A//R/E/C/R/O/W mechanical factory to be dismantled or rebooted, depending on the severity of the case.


I flung the computer far from me, wincing as it crashed and clanged against God knows what far out in the yawning blackness of the room I shared with Fun Ghoul and Destruction Battery.

Destruction remained fast asleep, lightly snoring and her guinea pig Piston shuffled in the pillow her head lay on before going back to his dreams. She was lucky to be alive right now, when people fall off the roofs of cars they die of serious injury. But the way she fell and rolled saved her serious damage.
The other woman, Violet Rage, was nice. She was one tough cookie but I could see straight through that cover, she was kind at heart, but all those years of mistrust and having to cope with death on a regular basis had masked that over until she was left with a solid wall built with anger, fear, hate and uncertainty. But when she was with Party that wall seemed to crumble. I saw the way dad looked at her, he really and truely did love her, but seemed afraid to admit his feelings with complete ease. I hadn't really spoke to either Violet or Destruction properly as of yet but hopefully there will be time for that.

I felt tears prickle in my eyes as I though of Party, my new dad. But I blinked them away hatefully, the tears weren't real, it was just the chip in my head telling me how to react. How could I tell the guys this? I couldn't just walk in and say "Hey guys, guess what? I'm a robot! Isn't that great? And I'm also the Ultimate Weapon advanced so far!"
They would think I had gone insane; that the sun's heat had got to me. I sighed sadly, but even then my sadness was not real.

"Shockwave, you okay kid?" Came Fun's voice, tierd and slow. It made me jump. I looked at him, his black hair tangled and spred in a mess across his pillow and face. I plastered a small smile to my face.

"Y-yeah...I'm fine Fun. Just thinkin' is all."

He smiled sleepily and yawned,

"A dangerous passtime, Shockers...A penny for your thoughts?"

I snickered softly, I loved it when Fun came out with all these old sayings to lighten the mood.
I sighed once more.

"I just wondered that if you had a split personality or something quite like it, how would you know what are your feelings and what is your double's feelings. I mean, how can you tell them apart?" I tiptoed around the word 'robot', trying to make this question sound as hypothetical as possible.

Fun sat up and mulled over this as I watched him expectantly, awaiting an answer. He stroked his stubble, his fingertips causing it to create scraping sounds that echoed across the room.

In the end he suddenly got up and walked over, placing himself on the matress so that he was sitting across from me. He lifted his hand to his head and tapped his brow softly,

"People say that emotion comes from here, Shockwave. But from all my twenty nine years of life I have learned that emotion comes from here-" He touched his tattooed chest to where his heart is. "Your mind follows your heart; it expresses what the heart can't say. Ya see, when you're excited it gets faster, when you fall in love it skips beats, when you're hurt it slows or quickens. But, however, the heart has no face to show its emotion publically so your brain does it for it. The brain and mind are insignificant in emotion, they are just the messengers; the heart makes the emotion."

I stared, that was the most philisophical thing I had ever heard Fun Ghoul say. He pulled me into a hug,
"Does that answer your question?" he asked. I giggled.

"That's the most sensible thing I have ever heard you say, Fun."

He harrumphed good naturedly and ruffled my blue hair,

"I can be clever." He chuckled, "I just don't like to show it very often."

He let go of me and snuggled down into my covers, his kind words pushing the doubts away for now. He tucked the blanket around me,

"Gooodnight, Shockwave. Now go to sleep and stop fretting, you'll get worry lines."

I stuck my tounge out,

"And you should stop staring at Destruction Battery with your mouth open, you'll catch flies."

"Hey! That was uncalled for!" Fun smiled, sticking his tounge back in replt.

"Well stop gawping and I won't have to bring it up then will I?" I grinned.

He got back in his own bed, muttering about 'kids these days...' and the like. I snickered softly again and closed my eyes, letting the all but too tempting feeling of sleep overpower me and take me into the darkness.
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