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The Black Market

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Shockwave and co. head out to the Black Market and Current meets someone of interest...

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Shockwave's POV.

It was, surprisingly, a short drive from The Hideout to The Black Market. I sat aside Violet Rage in her Army Truck, watching the dust from the Trans Am get kicked up into whirling clouds.

"So, You're Party's new kid, huh?" Violet smiled, turning to look at me and she tucked a stray strand of her purple hair behind her ear with her right arm. The arm looked broken and she moved it stiffly, pain obviously written across her sharp features. I frowned,

"Your arm's broken, Violet. It looks bad."

"Believe me, I've had worse. I'll get it fixed at the Market." She laughed it off and placed her arm gently on the steering wheel once more.

"Don't let the docs at the Black fix it; they haven't got a clue what they're doing."

"They seemed to heal Party's stomach pretty much fine."

"Ha! You honestly think those sad excuses for medics did that?!" I started to laugh. Violet's brow furrowed.

"Death Defying's work then?"

"If by Deathdefying meaning me then yes." I smirked as she stared.

"Seriously? You did that?!"

I simply nodded and she chuckled,

"Guess my arm could use your help then."

"By the way, I am Party's new kid and I'll fix up your arm there, yeah?"

She smiled and grabbed a small device from the top of the dashboard. It was a deep blue with a white circle and a black rectangle, on the back was the picture and the word 'Apple'. She must have seen my expression and she stopped, pulling up to The Black Market.

"This," She explained, "Is a iPod Nano. It plays music, listen."

She handed it out to me and, tentatively, I took it. It was cold and mettallic but extremely light for something made out of metal. At the base, there was a chord with some old fashioned in-ear headphones. I pressed one to my ear and listened. Miracuously, music was playing from them. I was gob-smacked, this was amazing technology.

There was a loud knock at my window and I handed the iPod back to Violet; I could tell that we were going to be good friends. The door opened and we all got out, Party took my hand.

"I don't want you gettin' lost here, kid. There are some wierd people round these parts." He smiled as did I. Violet wandered off into the Black, her ray gun in its holster and her mask hanging loosely round her neck.

"I like Violet." I said. "She may look tough but deep down she's nice really."

Party laughed,
"Aye, that is true and I'm glad you like her; she might be with us for some time now."

"I know that you like her too, dad. Yeah, I've seen the way that you look at her."

Party turned red, redder than his hair.

"I-I...uhhh...ummm...haven't we got business to attend to?"

I laughed.
"Awwww, is Party in love? Violet and Party sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Party shoved me playfully,
"You're not too old for a smack and to be grounded, Shockwave." A smile playing on his lips and his face redder than a beetroot.

"Awww, you're no fun!" I whined, putting on a stroppy face. Party chuckled and hugged me, whispering in my ear.

"Okay, I do like her, but that's between you and me, yeah? And if you tell anyone I will have you grounded so you have to spend a week with Deathdefying in his Diner and I won't let you get in any fights for a month got it?"

I poked my tounge out and he smiled.

"Can I tell Kobra?"


"How 'bout Jet?"

" about no?"

"What about Fun?"

"No fuckin' way, that guy will hold it against me till the day I die."

"He fancies Destruction Battery, did you know that?"

"He does?"



"What don't you understand about 'Yep!'?"

I let go of Party's hand as soon as we entered the building. The whole place was bustling with every Killjoy from every State imagenable.

Suddenly I stopped, all the happiness drained from me. I stared at the woman, my mind filled with fear and I fell to my knees, shaking violently. Party spotted me,

"Shockwave? Shockwave!!! What's wrong?! Speak!" He shook my shoulders and I grabbed him, burying my face into his shirt.

"H-her, i-it's her..." I shuddered as I peeped over Party's shoulder and looked at her. She was still the same. Her black hair fell across her neck and a black mask with a gold outlining glittered round her neck. She sat at her stall, oblivious to my presence, smiling as she served customers.

"N-nite Killer." I whispered and began to cry as the memories came flooding back.
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