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Chapter 1.

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Well I got myself into this one didn’t I. I thought I could get over it on my own. I thought I could save myself and not hurt Mikey or Mum. But I was stupid, a fool to think that I could.
Mikey tried to help. He tried talking to me and spending time with me but I just pushed him away. Mum tried to help too but I cut her off much like with Mikey. Soon I only left my room to go to school. Even then I had days I would just not get up.

Then I started spending weeks off school, just staying in my room. Never leaving unless to do the necessities. I didn’t even shower. It had gotten so bad I brought a coffee maker into my room because I can’t live without coffee!

Now it’s been three years. Three long years of living where ever I can. I still have my old phone with me. For the first year Mikey and Mum would call and text me but I just ignored them. I read and listened to any messages later but never reply to them.

At first I lived with an old friend of mine but he chucked me out when he found out I was gay. Oh yeah did I mention that? Well there you go! Well I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Gerard Arthur Way, I’m 17 and was born on the 9th April. In my old school I was the “Emo fag” and have that burnt on my chest from a not so chance beating at school.

I am sober now, after three years I got clean. Also no drugs and I’m not suicidal anymore. I used to be terrible. Drunk, depressed and well, you get it. But now I’m better and I want to make amends with my family. If they even remember me anymore. I wonder if they will take me back even from what I put them through…
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