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Chapter 2.

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I sighed. Today was the day I was going to call them. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked through my contacts for Mikey. I found him and pressed “Call”. It rang a couple times before he answered.


“MIKEY!” I shouted, I missed his voice.

“G-Gerard?! Is that you?”

“Yes it’s me Mikes!”


“I’m sorry Mikey, I wanted to do it by myself. I couldn’t. I ruined your lives and I’m sorry.”

“G, it’s alright. But why DID you call?”

“Well, um…I know I don’t deserve it but…can I come back?”

“Of course G!”

“Really?” I hoped he wasn’t fucking with me…EW…that’s gross we’re brothers!

“Yes really!”

“Thank you Mikey! Do you still live where we used to?”

“Yeah we do, 69 Salter Place.”

“Awesome, well I’ll see you there then?”

“Yeah you will.”

I hung up and started walking back home. I was only maybe 7-8 miles away…


I looked down the oh so familiar street. Same old cars and houses but with one exception that I couldn’t help but notice. There was a small kid in a garden playing a guitar that had “Pansy” written along it. His fingers moved expertly along the neck, he was amazing, well as much as I could hear of him he was. I looked at his face. Wow. Gorgeous, green-brown eyes with flecks of hazel in irises. His thin lips pierced with a bright green hoop and nose also pierced but with a less eyes catching silver. The ear that I could see was stretched slightly but not too much to be disgusting, just right to look amazing. His thick lashes too and little nose…okay this guy is breath taking. Oh did I mention his hair?! Black Mohawk with red sides, fucking epic!

I didn’t realise I had been staring for a very long time and before I knew it I was on the ground with a very old version of Mikey on my stomach.

“GGGGGGGGG!!” He exclaimed taking me into a bear-hug so as I could barely breath.

“Mikes! Can’t breathe!”

“Sorry!” He said jumping off of me.

“It’s alright.” I laughed getting to my feet.

“Who’s this?” I heard someone ask.

“Oh yeah! Frank, this is Gerard my brother.”

“Cool. Hi.” He said extending his hand for me to shake. I did and I felt this weird feeling when I took his soft baby like hands. “I’m Frank.”

“Gerard…obviously.” I blushed slightly. He laughed. His laugh is adorable! It’s more like a giggle.

“So let’s go watch a movie?” Mikey suggested.

“Um, yeah sure.” I said.

“YAY! MOVIE!” Frank shouted giddily jumping up and down. Mikey and I laughed at his childish behaviour.

“Come on.” Mikey said motioning us to follow him into the house.

When I entered it was the same, same colour same carpet…same dent in the wall from one of my ‘high’ moments. I shivered but continued into the house.

“In there.” Mikey pointed to the living room. “Coffee?”

“YEESS!!” I said. I hadn’t had a good coffee in months.

“Yes please.” Frank said more politely than me.

Mikey left leaving me and the gorgeous boy alone.

“So…why did you leave?” Frank asked innocently. Of course Mikey wouldn’t tell him.
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