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Chapter 3.

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I looked at my hands as Frank continued to look at me. It felt almost like he was scrutinising me.

“Look I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have brought it up.”

“No!” I quickly amended not wanting the beautiful boy to feel sad. “It’s just hard to talk about that’s all.”

“Then then you don’t to tell me. Seriously I don’t mind, I’m just really nosy.”

“He is G, very nosy. And don’t, whatever you do, give him skittles!”

“…Why…?” I questioned.

“Because he goes crazy! Seriously crazy!”

When Mikey said that he seemed to go all shy, looking down at his scuffed shoes.

A couple minutes of awkward silence and the click of the coffee machine went.

“I’ll make it!” Frank said seeming happy to escape the awkward room. I watched him rush out the room to the kitchen.

“So Mikey.”

“So G.”

“Um…Frank. He seems…nice.”

“Yeah he is, real hard work when he’s hyper though.” Mikey laughed and I joined in imagining Mikey having to stop a hyper teenage boy running around.

“I heard my name!” Frank called.

“Yeah, Mikey told me how nice he thinks your ass is!” Mikey blushed and Frank laughed, a high pitched hiccup noise, more like a giggle than a laugh.

“I did not! I’m straight!”

“Sure, sure Mikes, sure, sure.”

“S’not like you are.” Mikey said back sticking his tongue out childishly at Frank.

It was Frank’s turn to blush. “No, yeah…um…I’m half!”

My smile went; did he just say he’s bisexual? Maybe…

“Gerard?” he questioned and I snapped my head up to see Frank holding an Iron Maiden mug out to me filled with coffee just how I like it.

“Thanks.” I smiled brightly taking the mug and gulping it down. Bad idea. “FUCK!” I shouted nearly spilling my coffee.

“Careful G, it’s hot.” Frank said sheepishly.

“It’s okay Frank.” I said setting my mug on a coaster.

“So, maybe when your settled we can go meet up with some of our friends?” Mikey asked.

“Sure sounds good.” I answered sipping my coffee.

“Yay!!” Frank cheered. We laughed at him and finished our drinks.
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