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Chapter 4.

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“Hmm…what about the movie?” Frank mused as we were putting our shoes on.

“We can watch it with them later.” Mikey suggested.

“Sure!” Frank said trying to tie his shoe lace. “Um…Gerard?”

“Yes Frank?” I asked pulling my jeans down over the tops of my converse and tucking the laces under them to hide them.

“Could you, uh…help me tie my shoes up?” He asked his face turning a light pink.

I giggled a little at him and answered, “Of course.” Going over to him and tying up his bright green converse. Made my beaten black ones look older and more worn.

“Oh sorry Frank, forgot you couldn’t tie them.” Mikey said apologetically to Frank.

“It’s ok Mikey, Gerard’s gooooood!” He replied stretching the “oo” in good.

“Uh, thanks…I think.” We laughed and went to find their friends. This should be interesting!
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