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It was a long five hours to D.C. the silence was deafening. My heart was beating rapidly and hard against my ribcage filling my ears with constant pressure. During hour four Gerard took my hand into his slightly cold one, which did provide me with some comfort, I was very grateful for the small but very effective gesture. When we arrived in D.C. we rushed through the crowded train station barely having anytime to let the beautiful but bizzarely modern building's elegant designs sink in. It was basically like standing in a ancient roman building with a mall, a train station, and a subway built in. In no time we were through the mess of people and out into the streets of the bustling city. Business people all over the sidwalks, buses and taxi's full of tourists on the cluttered roads, and the most beautiful architecture I'd ever seen filling the rest of the space.

Gerard grabbed my hand and pulled me into a taxi. I let the rest of D.C.'s gorgeous scenery sink in until we arrived at our destination. To my suprise and confusion we got out in front of the Washington monument. Gerard was almost impossible to keep up with as he strode toward the monument.
"Gerard I thought we were going to see the president"
"We are."
We reached a door on one side of the abstract building, Gerard pulled out a key opened the door and put his hand on my back shoving me quickly inside. Bone chilling air hit my body hard as soon as we were inside, it was pitch dark inside, and thats when it hit me.
What. The. Fuck. Am I doing here? I could still feel Gerard's hand on my back. Although I still had that odd strong connection to him a part of my was panicking. "Calm down" he whispered in me ear "I can sense your fear, it's ok, just wait here a moment" and then the hand was gone. I couldnt hear footsteps. "Gerard?" I called out.


Even weirder my voice didnt echo in the slightest. I could have sworn for that split second before Gerard rushed me in here I could see a long hallway, which would have caused my voice to echo. Nothing but fear filled my mind and body at this moment.

Author's note: I know this is short I'll update soon, I know I also havent updated in ages and I'm very sorry life has been insane the past few months. I havent proofread this either so sorry for any grammatical errors or weirdly formed sentences this chapter was kinda rushed
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