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Silence fell over Gerard and I after that. He sank down to the floor next to me hesitantly putting a hand on my knee as a friendly comforting gesture. We sat in silence like that for a half hour before finally I said "Do you want a cup of coffee?" he laughed "Sure why not, I don’t really need to eat but I do still have taste buds, I crave coffee often" that fascinated me. Never needing to eat? Crazy. I turned on a few lamps around the apartment as I made my way to the kitchen, no way I was going to sleep now might as well be up and moving. Gerard followed closely behind I could feel how protective he was towards me, it really was comforting. After pouring a cup for each of us I sat down at the dining table as did Gerard. "So why are you so protective of me? I mean I'm not complaining but I don’t know I feel this very strong sense of comfort and friendship from you, like a strong bond but I don’t even know you." Gerard shrugged "I'm not quite sure I feel the same and it's just as you said, a strong unexplainable bond that pulls me towards you...I cant explain it" I stared into his eyes, studied his face, never getting bashful or feeling uncomfortable in the silence. A small smile fell over his lips and I felt happiness wash over my entire body. "Well Gerard tell me about yourself?" he nodded "Ok, well due to our disease we don’t age so I was born in 1920 had a fairly normal life a mother a father a brother we lived in New Jersey just outside of New York City. By 1948 I was living in the city and one night my brother and I had been drinking quite a lot, as we stumbled out into the back alley of a bar a few strange men approached us and before I knew it I woke up a few days later turned into this. The men that had passed on the virus explained the situation and that they were building an alliance to use the sickness to their advantage and take over America, I thought they were batshit crazy, excuse my language, but my brother bought it." he looked lost in thought and upset I would have been too after having gone through a situation like that. "He's still with those idiots trying to take over America maybe even the world, I don’t know, it's an ongoing fight, you see there are many like us who are in the government and the military. We've been keeping people like my brother from taking over, he's crazy with the thought of power it consumes him." after that he sat there sipping his coffee a scowl on his face "just remember that though you may share the same parents and experiences you are two completely different people and he made his decision you couldn’t have done that for him" I was trying to make him understand that although I'm sure he'd heard it before, only he could accept that truth and move on. Gerard nodded "I've said the same thing to myself many times before but it's still hard for me to change my opinion on the situation." I sighed wishing I could make everything better for him what a rough life and a long one at that. A muffled noise came from Gerard's pocket just then his head snapped up and he looked at me with concern before reaching into his pocket and answering the phone. He got up and walked over to the other side of my apartment speaking quietly but firmly, I couldn’t make out what he was saying. After hanging up the phone and walking back over to me he said "Get dressed and pack a bag we have two hours before our train leaves. Your needed in Washington." I couldn’t help but laugh, his brows furrowed in confusion "Why is this so amusing?" I calmed down a bit before replying "All you need is a suit and aviator sunglasses and you sound like a CIA agent or something, that was like a scene from law and order!" I laughed harder this time Gerard even chuckled a little too "I know, but this is serious, the President wants to see you." That shut me up.

A/N: MERRYKWANZAHANNUKAHNEWYEARCHRISTMASJANUARY! I GOT TICKETS TO SEE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE FOR CHRISTMAS/MY BIRTHDAY IN MAY. I basically bawled my eyes out. I dont think my parents even realize how amazing a gift that was I dont think anything will ever top it. Sorry I havent written since thanksgiving! And sorry this chapter is so short but I'm re-working the story a tinyyyy bit. I'll update a lengthy chapter soon I promise ;] Review Review Review let me know what your thinking!
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