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Sleep never came that night. I tried my hardest to calm down and allow myself the rest it needed but just sat there like a zombie glued to the TV. The sun peaked through the curtains alerting me it was morning. I finally got up showered dressed and headed out of the apartment to job hunt. I was turned down by a few local papers until finally catching a break at a small glamour magazine for teenagers. The job paid very well and perfect because it was easy, simple, and best of all I could work from home. All I had to do was test new hair and makeup products and write reviews on them. My job officially started as soon as I received the product in the mail, until then I was still free. In an attempt to keep myself busy I unpacked the few boxes I had yet to touch since setting them down in my new home. I unpacked clothes and books other small things. It was nice not to have to live out of boxes any longer. The sun started to go down and I was exhausted, going to bed early wouldn’t hurt. After I changed into shorts and a t-shirt I climbed into my bed and was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. A few hours of sleep would do me good after being awake so long. A nice deep dreamless sleep came over me it was pure bliss until; a loud crash came from the living room making me sit right up in bed. It felt like time stood still like ever second was an entire hour my heart sped up faster I was agonizing over the thought of getting out of bed to see who or what was in my living room. Finally I got up enough courage and slowly crept toward the door. I looked over at my desk and grabbed my dictionary, that’s the best I could do for a weapon, I opened the door and there stood a figure, unmoving, unrecognizable. I struck the figure in the head with my book after a groan of pain I figured it was a man. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY APARTMENT?!" I was completely hysterical tears sprang from my eyes, I couldn’t help it.
"Calm down I'm here to protect you!"
"By breaking into my house?!" I raised the book over my head ready to strike the man again when he took a step forward and I saw his face in the moonlight shining through the small cracks in the curtains. I studied him quickly and saw the genuine concern in his face. After dropping the book to the floor I took a step towards him, "What are you protecting me from?"
"You believe me?" he had a hint of disbelief in his voice,
"Yes, I saw it in your eyes, the concern towards me"
"I need to protect you from people like me"
"And what kind of people is that?"
"Sick people, like me, like...Nevin. We have little control over our sickness now, I don’t know if we'll be able to find a cure."
"What is this sickness called? Does it make you act like Nevin did? Do you know him is he going to find me?"
"No, Nevin is dead. I took care of that, he was too new to the virus there wasn’t anything else I could have done once he had your scent he wasn’t ever going to give up hunting you"
"Hunting me? So, are you cannibals or something?"
"No, there is a virus that's been an issue before but that’s was a long time ago it's been kept a secret for years it changes people into horrible things that feed off of human blood. They never age and they have fangs that carry the virus if it is shot into the bloodstream of a human they too will turn into one of us."
It sounded hard to believe, I should have been running away from this stranger and thinking about what nut job he is, but after the whole Nevin incident it made sense.
"In order to acquire human blood without infecting the person we must use a syringe like device that allowed us too get the blood without spreading the virus. Years ago most of the population was like us but they were killed in a bloody war. I'm one of the small few of our strange new species who survive but like any species there is good and bad in anything and it seems some of my kind have been purposefully infecting people."
I let it all register in my brain before a question popped into my mind
"So what makes me so much more important than anyone else? Shouldn’t you be protecting someone more important like the President?"
"He's fine, much of the government is now in the process of figuring out who is responsible for the spread of the virus and trying desperately to find a cure, I don’t think they'll ever find a cure but they're so determined. You however have a rare blood type"
"No I don’t A positive isn’t that unusual"
"Yes but going even further into your particular genetic makeup the scent of your blood to us is so rare so tempting that it's extremely difficult to the newly sick. Now that more of our species is being created you're in quite a lot of danger."
"I don’t even know how to respond to that." I sank to the floor more tears coming down my face. I looked up at the man wondering if I'd ever become one of him, if that was the fate of the entire country or worse the entire world. This was a lot to soak in, how could anyone ever possibly be used to having this information? As I stared at the man he stared back with a comforting look on his face full of genuine care and concern "Whats your name?" I asked.
"Gerard, Gerard Way"
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