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As Nevin smiled maliciously at me I suddenly felt a lightening bolt of fear run through and as I sat there panicking and crying, awaiting my fate, listening to my own heart beating out of my chest I felt myself giving in. I was giving up. I felt no hope and entire body then felt numb. Nevin raced toward me the same time a flash of black passed by my eyes and slammed into Nevin's body, it was a very pale man with dark black hair and hazel eyes. He pinned Nevin down and I could see my once arrogant evil attacker cower in fear pleading for his life. The man whose name I didnt not know pulled something sharp out of his coat pocket and raised it high above his head. Watching intently with my feelings of fear returned I screamed as the man stabbed Nevin right in the heart.

"And thats the last thing I remember," I explained to the police officer "I blacked out and woke up here on the front steps of the station." the officer nodded his head as he wrote all this down. "Alright your free to go" he said "We have your number so expect a call from us as we continue this investigation" I nodded and he walked me out. I went down the giant steps of the huge stone building and headed home. It was now dark outside, I was a little paranoid to say the least. After finally arriving to my building and locking the door behind me I saw a note lying on my kitchen counter.

'Laena gone too visit the fam be back in a while'
'xoxo Kate'

Shit! I forgot about her damn trip up to New Hampshire. Now I'm alone in Philadelphia possibly traumatized, I'm too shocked too know exactly how I feel yet, and my roomate is gone. Great. I looked around my lovely apartment glad to be back. The coffee pot was calling me just begging to make me some pumkin spice coffee. Who was I to say no? After my coffee was poured and sugar was added I closed all the curtains and sat down on the couch turning on the tv to distract myself from the days events. Mindlessly watching trash tv was doing some good until a shadoy figure in the window caught my eye. I froze with fear at first but then carefully I got up off the couch just as the figure jumped out of sight, I froze again. Maybe I was going insane I was on the very top floor of the building there is no way someone would have survived a jump like that. Then panick set in, had someone just commited suicide on my window sill? I rushed over throwing open the curtains to open the windows and look down when something caught my eye in the corner of the window I could have sworn I'd seen, for a split second, a very pale man with jet black hair it made me jump back in shock but I convinced myself it was nothing and proceeded to look down at the city below. I gasped at what I saw! Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Tears of confusion sprung from my eyes making me feel weak and angry. What the hell was the matter with me? I dried my face and tried my hardest to stop crying which made a painful lump form in my throat. I closed the window and the curtains and returned to the tv determined to forget this day ever happened.

AN/ Feedback is highly appreciated!!! Starting to feel on a roll so next chapter will be up quite soon!!!
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