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The sun crept in through the windows and across the room until it found me sleeping in my bed. I'm assuming it didn't like this and seemed to shine even brighter in my eyes. I groaned knowing I should be awake anyway. As I got out of bed I slipped on my bathrobe over my pajamas. My mine was screaming for coffee! Smiling as I entered the kitchen, Kate handed me a cup. She and I both had an unhealthy addiction to the magical caffeine drink. "so what's your plans for today?" Kate asked me as we sat at our small table
"Going down to that old bookstore I love so much they have everything there the place is piled from floor to ceiling with books" I said excitedly Katie just rolled her eyes and smiled at my nerdy love of books. I'd been to that store at least a dozen times since we moved in a month ago. We were both settling into our new place quite nicely. Shortly after we moved in I'd put up flyers on bulletin boards in churches with my rates and phone number on it and done quite a few weddings. It was a lot of fun but I was ready to start getting out my own creativity with models by creating sets in my studio. I'd also been writing some short stories based in the city. I loved it here.

I stepped out of my apartment at noon. Even though the sun was high in the sky it was freezing, there was no escaping the harsh winds that blew in February. I pulled my pea coat closer around me and flipped up the hood on my hoodie as I continued down the street. Along the way I got lost in a few antique stores where I found some cool lamps that I paid for and then some so they would be delivered to my new home. I really didn't want to be walking around with bags full of lamps while I was out exploring and shopping. Finally I made my way to the book store. I was beaming as I rushed in and called out "hello" to the owner, but stopped short when I saw his face. He was a guy around my age with long blonde hair down to his chin and comforting hazel eyes that were now distant and cold. His usually tan skin was now ghost white and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He seemed like a completely different person. He was a different person. "Uhm, hey Nevin, I'm back surprise!" I tried to laugh but think I gave away how nervous I was, he seemed to smile, no smirk, at how nervous I was "Nice to see you again." he said with a nod. I decided to shake off my paranoia and look around the magnificent books store. I felt eyes on me the whole time but decided to shake it off. I headed up the stairs to the second floor, all the while still feeling like I was being watched.

I turned numb to my paranoia and focused on the beauty that surrounded me. I inhaled the smell of the store. It was so good. Old books new books, they were amazing. My favorite book was pride and prejudice. A few years ago I was with my dad in this used book store and found a whole room in the store devoted to pride and prejudice books. I started pulling them off the shelves and looking at how different each and ever one of them were. No two were the same and it amazed me that there were that many different copies. As I looked at them all I noticed that each of them had inscriptions. I got attached to a few of them and told my dad about it. He bought me seven copies of Pride and Prejudice that day and he and I have continued to buy them for my growing collection but only the ones whose inscriptions we enjoy the most. They're so touching and mysterious. You carry these names around you in your head for the rest of your life wondering what happened to them and how did they get separated by their beloved book?

It had been about an hour when I started to feel a pair of eyes on me. I turned around to see Nevin standing on the banister with a crazed look in his eye. My eyes widened and my heart raced with fear "mmm that smell when their afraid, is so good!" he exclaimed "what the fuck are you doing?!" I ask him as he stepped off the banister and approached me. He only laughed at my question and obvious horror. I reached into my purse that was sitting on a waist high pile of books, searching for a small pocket knife my dad gave me for occasions such as this. I remember the confidence in his voice when he said I would never need to use the gift. Maybe he was confusing a statement with a hopeful comment, maybe my mother was right and I never should have moved to the city. As my fingers grasped the pocket knife and tried to flip up the blade Nevin grabbed and squeezed my wrist with such force that I let out a scream that gave away my excruciating pain. He immediately eased up and then held my arm up closing his eyes and smelling my wrist. I had no clue what kind of a sick freak this guy was but I prayed that I could get away from him. His eyes opened and he shot me a dangerous look "Drop. The. Knife." I immediately let it slip through my fingers. No weapon to save me now.

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