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Every Rose Has Its Thorn

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Erin's got a secret...

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Towards the middle of November, Axl decided that Laurie had to stop singing backup.

"I'm worried about you, baby," he explained to her one evening backstage, after a ninety-minute set in Routhierville, Quebec. "You're breathing in smoke and God knows what else, and you--you're having trouble getting around."

"So what, Erin's just gonna sing by herself?"

"Ah, no; Marie offered to replace you." (Marie, who was now definitely going out with Slash, would be touring with Guns for the remainder of the Use Your Illusion tour.)

"Oh," said Laurie softly. "Okay." It wasn't that she minded having her friend take over her job, it was that she'd miss singing backup: she'd miss the exhilarating thrill of sharing the stage with Axl, the rush of adrenaline every time she stepped up to the mike during a chorus. She ran her hands over her silk black dress and asked:

"Do I have to get rid of this?"

Axl shook his head and chuckled a little. "We've had to custom fit it for you so much, I don't know who else would fit in it."

Laurie smacked his arm. "Shut up," she said, but she was smiling.

Just then Slash and Marie came backstage, holding hands and moving so close to each other it looked like they were attached at the hips.

"Hey, Axl," said Slash vaguely, his attention drawn away from his best friend by his girlfriend's soft laugh and bright eyes. "You ready to go to the after party?"

"Yeah," said Axl. He stood up and helped Laurie to her feet. As the four of them walked out, they passed Erin, who was talking to Gilby Clarke with a distressed look on her face. She glanced over at Laurie as she walked by, and there was a moment when Laurie thought that Erin would say something to her, but the moment passed.

They went out, got into the limo, and drove to the casino, and the whole ride there Erin looked more anxious than ever.


"Hey, Laurie, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Guns had arrived at the casino, and they'd settled themselves down in their usual ways: Slash and Marie were playing poker and pool; Matt, Dizzy, and Duff had gone off to hit up chicks; and Axl had gone off to greet fans and buy himself and Laurie a drink. She was waiting for him at the bar when Erin approached her with Gilby trailing behind her, an oddly pinched look on his face.

Laurie looked up in surprise and said, "Sure, Erin, what's up?"

The daughter of Don Everly sat down next to Laurie and was silent for a few seconds. Then she pressed her hand against her stomach and said:

"I know that you stopped smoking when you got pregnant. Do you have to?"

"I'd recommend it, yeah; it protects the health of the baby and it makes you feel a lot better, like, more energized and awake."

"Oh. Well...was it hard to quit?"

"Sure it was. I was addicted to nicotine, but I'm okay now." She paused, frowning. "Why?"

Erin's cheeks flushed. "I was just wondering...also, how long did your morning sickness last?"

"The first three months, basically. Then it stopped, but I still feel queasy and nauseated in the mornings because the baby's so big...Erin, wait, are you--"

"Did you ever consider abortion?"

Laurie hesitated. "Once, at the beginning, yeah, but I couldn't go through with it because when I got to the clinic it smelled funny and I sort of freaked out and left." She didn't feel like explaining the depressing things that the Chinese girl and the red-haired woman had said to her; even if Erin was pregnant, she would never have enough empathy or deep feelings to understand the way it had made Laurie feel.

"Oh." Erin looked over at Gilby, and he swallowed hard, reaching up to adjust the scarf around his neck.

"Erin." Laurie kept her voice as gentle as possible. "You're asking me all these questions because you're pregnant, aren't you?"

She burst into tears. "Yes," she said, collapsing against Gilby, who ran to her side just in time to catch her and keep her from falling off the stool. "I didn't mean to get pregnant though; it just happened."

For some reason, Laurie felt a pang of sympathy cut through her heart. She reached over and patted Erin's shoulder. "It usually just happens, yeah. I didn't want to get pregnant either. You might want to consider adoption."

Erin nodded.

"Gilby and I have been talking, and we decided that it'd be better for everyone if I left the tour."

Laurie's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Why?"

"So that I don't have to face Axl and explain to him how I managed to get hitched with his brand new rhythm guitarist. I already called Brynn Daniels; she's going to leave her kid with her nanny and come meet you in Manitoba."

"Okay, Erin," said Laurie softly. She reached over and touched Gilby. "I'm sorry, Clarke."

"It's okay," he said. "Thanks for listening, Laurie. Axl was right; you're an excellent advice giver."

Laurie's cheeks flushed and she smiled a little bit.

Gilby reached out and helped Erin off the stool. "We're going to lie to Axl," he explained, "tell him that she's tired of touring and wants to go home."

Laurie nodded. She didn't bother telling them that she'd probably end up telling Axl the truth later anyway.

Once they'd left, Axl returned, the drinks in his hands. He sat down next to Laurie and said:

"Hey, honey, what'd they want?"

She hesitated. Then:

"Nothing, Axl, they just wanted to talk to me for a bit."

"Oh, okay." He sat down next to her and slipped his arm around her shoulder.

"To us," he said softly, tapping her glass with his and taking a long drag of liquor.

Laurie sipped hers and lay her head on his shoulder. It was only a moment before she realized what the wonderful, warm feeling in her chest was: contentment. I'm happy. Finally.

"To us," she whispered. "Forever and always."
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