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Chapter 1.

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I'm officially in hell.

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October 13th, 2004.

Dear Caden,

It thoroughly pisses me off to have to communicate with you this way, but I have no choice. I have been abducted by own parents. They found out about our plans to go to New York, and now they want me as far away you as possible. They tried shipping me to an all girl boarding school in New England but when they found out it wasn’t all girls, they packed me back in the car and here I am. They’re hauling me to another boarding school in New Jersey. My parents seem to think I’ll be safe surrounded by high walls and lesbians. I guess it’s safe to say I won’t be returning to Chancery.

This is the end of the world.

For now anger to the world shall be expressed through letters in a dreary unfortunate circumstance. One could only hope my sanity will remain intact after this unnecessary event.

You know things are bad when I ask you to pray for me.

Love always, Tatiana xo


I’m forced to stare up at the large old building, full disdain surges through me as the car door opens and I’m being pressured to get out. I bang on the car windows screaming help me!, this does not please my parents. My bags are rudely shoved into my arms as my parents glare at me in a way that clearly tells me how much they’re disappointed in me, I really didn’t give a shit. If I had cared what they thought, I wouldn’t have made plans to runaway in the first place.

My father ever so slightly greets me goodbye before the car starts up again and drives off, leaving me in the dust and stranded outside St. Crazy’s. I shake my head as I walk in through the large doors and almost puke on the plaid carpet. I’m given curious and unsatisfied looks as everyone is dressed in uniforms of some sort, yet here I was donning black ripped jeans, a Hello Kitty shirt and matching converse. I smile inside at the irony. They’re lucky this wasn’t a religious school, I would’ve been much more prepared. They would’ve really loved me then.

“Tatiana?” I hear a young girl say as I turn my head, her brown hair falling down to shoulders in wave tresses. She has chocolate brown eyes and barely any makeup on, she had a natural appearance as I couldn’t help but smug at her inside. Her physique and slender and petite. I simply nod as she holds out her hand.

“I’m Teresa, Teresa Owens.” she says in a regal way that I had a feeling was supposed to make inferior. I could see her eyeing me up and staring at my lips that were coated in ruby red.

“Tatiana obviously, but call me Tati.” I reply with no hints of a please. I only go by one name and one name only, unless I’m in trouble which happens frequently. She simply nods back and motions me to follow her as I sigh and trail behind her. She gives me a tour of the awful place while I’m banging my head against an invisible wall. I tune her out for the most part and stare at the too mucky weather outside that makes me feel naked and exposed for some reason. I wasn’t used to this…dark place. I was comfortable with my sunny skies in California.

“You know you are going to love it here, my great grandmother graduated from here so we carry a legacy. Both of my parents are part of the committee, so we obviously believed that Sacred Heart is the finest school in the west.”

“Who’s that?” I motion to the worn down statue of a man with a graduation cap on.

“That’s Daniel Goddard, the founder of the school.” she replies smoothly.

“He looks like an axe murderer.”

“Indeed, you will find the original axe on display.” a voice interrupts as I turn my head, an elder woman with fire red hair and all black attire approaches us with a kind smile as Teresa giggles, I roll my eyes.

“Teresa, kindly explain the joke to the new girl.” she smiles.

“Well one of the rules is, if you’re late to class you have to chop wood.” Teresa replied.

“You must be Tatiana. I know it’s a difficult adjustment transferring so far, but if I can ease the situation in anyway, please stop by my office. Carry on Teresa.” she nods before walking away as I shudder. What did she mean ‘ease’ the situation?

“Who’s that Zorro?” I retort as Teresa giggles once more, it’s rather annoying.

“Oh that’s Mrs. Rivers the head mistress, she’s really great.” she replies before she starts walking away.

“We take the honor system very seriously. Mr. Goddard believed that everyone should govern themselves and take responsibility for their actions.”

“What’s that?” I hint at her jacket that’s covered in awards.

“Oh this? I’m the captain of the girl’s volleyball team and the self government society for 4 years running.” she states proudly while I chuckle inside before reaching into my pocket and pulling out a cigarette and my trusty lighter. I can feel Teresa glares at me as I shrug.

“I’m taking a break.” I say as she takes the cigarette and scoffs.

“We are absolutely not allowed to smoke.” she retorts and breaks it in half as I roll my eyes and smile before I walk away from her, too tempted to bust her nose.

“Where are you going?” she asks in annoyance as I turn my head.

“To my dorm.” I reply sarcastically as I feel her eyes bore into me.

“I was going to warn you about your roommates, but now, I don’t think I will.”

I make my way up to the dorms while I groan at the long halls decorated with school crap. I feel like I’m trapped at Hogwarts or some shit, which wouldn’t be a bad thing, just this placed had no magical powers. It was boring, dull, well boring. I open the door to my room, surprised to find two girls looking through my shit, listening to my music, and laughing as they hold a picture of Caden while I glare and rip it out of their hands as they gasp.

“I did not give you permission to play my stuff.” I tell them as I shut off my radio and look at them while they stare innocently at me.

“Welcome. I’m Gia Russo, and this is Sabrina Sinclair.” Gia smiled sheepishly. She stood at about 5’5 with a slender frame. Black hair down to her ribcage that was put up in a half do pin up girl style, caramel skin, pouty lips, and hazel eyes. Sabrina had chocolate brown hair down to her shoulders and stick straight, parted on the right. She was a little taller than Gia, maybe my height which was 5’6. She was also had a slender frame, a little more skinnier with icy blue eyes.

“Are thou by chance Tatiana?” Sabrina asked sarcastically.

“Tati.” I corrected her as I looked down and scoffed.

“Those are my shoes!” I exclaimed looking down at my black heels that were now on Gia’s feet.

“We always borrow each other’s things.” she replied confused as I sighed and sat down on my bed.

“I loathe this place.” I mumbled.

“I don’t see how you can say that when you’re from California.” Sabrina retorted.

“So Tati, What are you doing her at Sacred Hearts? how come you had to transfer all the way from Chancery?” Gia asked curiously.

“Oh, no doubt things were getting to hot and heavy with Caden the penis.” Sabrina smirked in a singsong voice as held up Caden’s picture.

“Fuck off.” I retorted as they gasped and my bed suddenly collapsed in one corner as they giggled. Before I could say anything else, a loud bell rang as they giggled.

“Dinner!” they sang as they got up and ran out while I groaned inside.

I was officially in hell.

We walked down the long corridors and a figure made me widen my eyes. It was a guy dressed in a uniform with a bored expression on his face. He looked at me for a second before he carried on his way as I looked Gia and Sabrina in confusion. I didn’t say anything until we got the dining hall where I spotted several more boys sitting down and chatting.

“What are boys doing here?” I asked confused as Gia smirked at me.

“What, are you a lesbian?” she teased as I shook my head.

“I thought this was an all girl boarding school?” I told them as Gia and looked at Sabrina before they busted out laughing while I stood there awkwardly.

“So this isn’t an all girl boarding school?” I mumbled as they smirked again.

“Not anymore.”

A/N: Hello! So this little darling is my first MCR story that I’m posting. Thought of writing after my favorite movie in the world, but just mix it up a little. I’m not fully sure if I’ll be updating this regularly, but for what it’s worth, I decided to post it. Also, the schools mentioned have been changed up a little bit for story purposes okay? Well, reviews are much appreciated! So review if you like this (: xo Tati
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