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Chapter 2.

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"Is it true there's nothing but fat people in Chicago?"

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My alarm clock had ever so gracefully screamed into my ear as I grumbled and threw a pillow over my head before my hand had slapped the off button. When I looked around the room, it was empty and was very boring except Sabrina and Gia’s stuff in each corner. I sighed when I realized it was evidence that I really was stuck in this forsaken place.

At least my room mates were out, I checked my stuff to make sure nothing else was missing as I mumbled to myself bitterly. I didn’t like people touching my shit. I reached on the side of the bed my uniform that was navy blue, red, and plaid. I cringed in disdain while changing out of my pajamas and putting it on. It barely went pass my knees in an uncomfortable way. I was not used to exposing my legs, even though they were covered with stockings, it still fucking sucked.

I began to wonder how my parents had confused Sacred Hearts with an all girl school. The dumb shits had even dropped me off without noticing it! Shows how much they care, I was surprised they hadn’t broken down the door to come drag me out of here. I was close to writing them, but then I realized…I had the upper hand here, I mean it was a co-ed school, it must have some kind of perks to it.

After dressing and applying a small amount of make up, I grabbed my book bag and made it to my first class, freezing as everyone looked at me curiously. I only gulped and slid into an empty seat by the door and the teacher began lecturing, I had only paid attention to half of it, it was history; I knew this stuff like my right boob to my left boob. Halfway through the class, the door slammed open and Sabrina smirked as she sauntered in before sliding into her seat as the teacher glared.

“Sabrina may I know the reason why are you so late?” he asked annoyed while Sabrina held her hands out innocently.

“Cramps.” she replied simply as Mr. Hughes sighed when a few students had giggled.

“I wonder what would’ve happed to American foreign policy if President Kennedy got cramps.” he asked curiously.

“Possibly history has already been influenced by his bad back sir.” she retorted with a smirk as he returned the same gesture.

“Please submit a paper supporting your thesis Ms. Sinclair.” he smiled as she grumbled and looked away.

“Do you have anything to add to the subject Ms. Russo?” he turned to Gia who shook her head.

“No.” she replied carefully as he smiled.

“Hmm, plenty of room but no Q’s.” he said poking a pencil through her hair that was up in a bun.
“Just as I thought. Empty.” he added as snickers filled the room while Gia looked at us confused.

“What?” she mumbled as I couldn’t help but giggle to myself, only to feel stares upon me as I turned my head to see a guy with short cropped black hair that was died blonde on the sides. He looked a bit short and had dark green eyes with olive skin. He stared at me with an amused expression as I shifted awkwardly in my seat and kept my focus on the board, his eyes still boring into me as my cheeks flushed.

When the bell rang, I jumped out of my seat to get out of the room only to be blocked by someone.

“Hi, I’m Frank!” the guy from class said loudly and eagerly as he extended a hand while I reluctantly shook it.

“Tati.” I replied carefully, eyeing his tall stature.

“Tati huh? That’s interesting, kind of like Haiti.” he replied curiously.

“I guess.” I mumbled awkwardly.

“So! You new here? Well obviously you are, I know the school well and I have never seen your face before, I am sure of it.” he replied firmly as I nodded. Was he on something?

“You’re right, I’m new.” I replied as he smiled.

“I knew it. Well where you from? East coast, London, China?”

“Chicago.” I replied in the same nervous voice as he looked upwards.

“Chicago…interesting. Hey is it true there’s nothing but fat people in Chicago?” he asked curiously.

“No…” I replied confused.

“Oh, well, it’s just something I heard…never mind.” he replied.

“Frank Iero! Get to class this instant!” a teacher yelled as he held his hands up.

“I’m going teach, no worries.” he said innocently as the teacher glared at him while I couldn’t help but smile.

“Guess I’ll see you around. Later tater!” he smiled and waved before walking off as I should my head.

“It’s Tati.” I grumbled bitterly.
I wasn’t even halfway through the first day and I already wanted to hang myself on a noose. This whole place cramped my style. I couldn’t do this, or I couldn’t wear that; I thought we didn’t support communism?

My parents must take pride in knowing they’re making my life a living hell as some sort of punishment.

I rounded the corner on my way to the cafeteria when I bumped into someone, rather something, since the body was frigging hard as I stumbled back with a wince as the monster, I mean guy looked at me annoyed.

“S-sorry.” I stuttered nervously as he remained silent. He was a little taller than Frank's height but way more paler, I mean way more. His face was immaculate with pink lips and soft hazel eyes; dark raven hair hair to match. He only looked at me once before he carried on his walking as I looked down.

“Well that was rude.” I whispered as I continued walking to the cafeteria, the noise level gradually rising as I got closer to it. I stood in line to grab my food (which wasn’t that great) and that’s when the girls had waved me down as I considered turning back to eat in my dorm, but I just sucked it up and sat with the psychos.

“Tati, this Lila Reynolds.” Sabrina said with a smile as she pointed to a girl with creamy skin and long black straight hair that was put into two braids. Her brown eyes twinkled as she fiddle her fingers in a fancy wave with a smirk.

“And Missa Roberts.” Sabrina motioned to the other girl with short brown hair that came to her chin in a pixie cut. Her eyes were a hazel, her skin a caramel color, and she seemed to be the shortest of the group.

“Hi.” she beamed brightly as she waved while I only gave a nod before we began eating our lunch.

“Are you carrying Caden’s child?” Gia asked smoothly with a smirk as the girls giggled while I picked at my bread.

“Ignore Gia, she’s had four pregnancy scares.”

“Four.” Gia repeated as she held up four fingers with a soft surprised smile.

“Was it beautiful?” Missa asked me as Lila leaned in curiously as I looked at them bewildered.

“Do you honestly expect me to answer these questions?” I asked them as they all smirked.

“But we’re curious.” Lila shrugged. “We all have our hymens, except Gia.” she retorted.

“Enough. Clearly she doesn’t want to describe it.” Sabrina put in.

“I don’t even think she’s done it with Caden yet.” Gia smirked at me as I looked down with flushed cheeks. My attention was averted when I spotted Frank across the way with four other guys. Frank saw me looking at him and grinned as he waved at me while the others watched him confused before he pointed at me while the rest turned their heads to me as I looked down quickly.

“Who are they?” I asked curiously as I motioned to the guys as Sabrina smiled at me.

“Well, the short guy with spiked hair, that’s Frank Iero.” she said pointing to Frank. "The muscular guy is Bob Bryar." she added motioning to the big blonde haired guy with blue eyes, I doubt I would ever want to mess with him. "The curly haired one is Ray Toro. The quite geeky looking one is Mikey Way, and the one that hardly speaks with the inky black hair is Gerard Way, Mikey's brother." she finished while motioning to the boy I bumped into in the halls as I tried to keep my staring under control.

“He’s kind of a dick.” I admitted as they looked at me curiously.

“I ran into him in the halls.” I added they shrugged.

“He may be a dick, but he’s a hot dick.” Gia smirked.

“Gia!” Missa scolded as Gia held her hands up.

“What? He is.” she retorted as they all couldn’t help but shrug in agreement.

“They’re pretty close with each other, not in a sexual way or anything. In their minds, they rule the school.” Sabrina rolled her eyes and shook her head as I watched them curiously before Gerard caught me staring at him as I looked down quickly to avoid his glare.

This ought to be interesting…

When the night had come, Caden on my mind when Gerard suddenly popped into say hello as I shook my head and slumped into my pillow. Why would I think of him anyways?

I heard Sabrina and Gia shuffled before Sabrina smirked.

“Goodnight Gia.” she sang.

“Goodnight Sabrina.” she sang back as Sabrina smiled.

“Goodnight…Caden.” she teased as Gia began to gyrate her hips.

“Oh Caden, harder! Deeper!” she moaned as I glared before sinking into my pillow and tried to ignore their giggles while I sighed.

These bitches…
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