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Chapter 3.

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"I don't believe in labels."

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A/N: Late update, sorry! Late updates will most likely continue throughout of the week on account of I have exams Wednesday and Friday, and I’m being confined to the dentist for at least two months (fillings, crowns, root canals, and oh yes wisdom removal. Having no insurance for four years sucks.), which results in me being numb and in pain. In between that time I’ll try to update when I have a good chance. And just a huge thanks to the reviews on this site and a few other sites I have posted this on as well. Well without further delay, here’s chapter 3 and I do hope you enjoy, and as always, excuse the typos and please review!- Tati

Dear Caden,

I miss you so much. I’m perishing this grotesque place with every day that passes by. I’m in most cases completely alone, my room mates are demented.

Dear Mom and Dad,

As I’m sure you’ll be pleased that I’m trapped here like a patient in an asylum, I would like to inform you I have escaped from here, and have met and fallen in love with a trucker named Otis. We’re planning on moving to Kentucky, I hear marriage requirements are lot easier than here in California. He may not be the smartest, but he definitely makes up for it with his huge dic-

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today I was elected into the security council of the model UN. I’m so popular, I got to play Russia. My room mate Gia has been cast as the lead role in the school play.

Dear Caden,

Maybe I can escape from here and we can meet in New York?

I knocked swiftly on the large oak door when I heard a voice behind it. I took it as a cue to come in as I saw Ms. Rivers looking over paperwork on the large desk.

“Yes, Ms. Valentino?” she said to me as I shifted on my feet.

“I’d like to know why you denied my request for a weekend pass.” I replied softly as she sighed softly and looked up at me.

“You wanted a weekend pass to go to New York to see a museum…alone and unsupervised. Your parents seemed to think you’ll run off with a boy, I am required to keep you here unless you get invited by a friend they approve of.” she replied as I looked down and cracked my knuckles. There went my chance for freedom.

“Look Ms. Valentino, I can suggest no better cure for your conspicuous misery, then to make some friends.” Yeah with who? The bitches of Jersey?

“Don’t reject them. They’re not just people, they’re you. And if you get to know them, you might discover yourself. There is no greater journey.” she added as I narrowed my eyes.

“Thank you.” I mumbled before sulking out the door with a huff. I didn’t need to ‘discover’ myself, I was quite aware of who I was already.

I sauntered down the halls where I walked into class and sat down, still pissed that my plan was foiled by parents, yet again.

“Tater!” I heard someone whisper, or try to at least. I turned my head to see Frank waving madly, even though he was like a inch away from me as I waved back awkwardly before shaking my head. I didn’t understand how a person like ‘him’ could be so happy in the mornings.

“Well for the most part, your papers ranged from fairly adequate to completely vapid. I understand History might not be the most interesting subject, but a little more effort wouldn’t hurt you. Although, with the exception with one.” Mr. Hughes began as he passed out papers, but stopped at me.

“Ms. Valentino, I congratulate you on your grasp for European Politics.” he smiled at me as I took my paper.

“Thanks.” I mumbled with a slight smile.

“Meet me in my office after class?” he asked as I just nodded while he continued onto class as I felt slightly weird. When the bell rang, I had went to Mr. Hughes office as he asked and he motioned me to sit down in one of the seats.

“If I’m not mistaken, you show you a genuine interest in political theory.” he told me as I shrugged.

“Kind of I guess.” I replied.

“I’m going to be attending several lectures over the next few weekends in New York City, which you might enjoy. I’m sure I can arrange for Mrs. Rivers to give your permission to come, maybe even work out some…extra credit?” he said softly.

“New York.” I only said with a smile.

“Between you and me, Sacred Hearts isn’t exactly a healthy environment for a young…curious…free spirit.” he replied as his hand reached out dangerously close to my chest as he picked up a piece of lint.

“Wouldn’t want to get stopped by the monitors with lint on your jacket, people have been shot for less.” he smiled in a way that made me shudder and hugged my jacket closer to my body as I stood up.

“’I umm…I’ll think about it.” I said quickly before walking out of his office and exhaling as I looked down the hall. Great, I was practically hit on by my teacher, just great.

I dashed down the hall back to my dorm when I bumped into someone, causing me to crash to the floor as I grumbled. I really needed to stop doing that.

“Whoa, where’s the fire tater?” Frank smiled as he extended a hand to help me up as I took it and brushed off my skirt with a huff.

“Hi Frank.” I grumbled as he pouted.

“What’s the attitude for? You don’t like me anymore? Is it because I’m black?” he asked me seriously as I stuttered confused.

“What? No…? You’re not even-”

“Okay good, you had me worried there for a second.” he sighed as he wiped his forehead as I just smiled slightly.

“Come on.” he motioned to the halls as I looked at him.

“Where we going?” I asked carefully.

“Well my dear Tater, I believe someone like you, needs an awesome tour guide like me, the real tour.” he stated with hand motions as I just shrugged.

“Let’s go!” he said taking my arm and dragging me down the halls as we walked around the school while trying to avoid the monitors.

“You see, in order to survive at Sacred Hearts, you just got to find where you blend in, and where you don’t. See, you got the jocks, the snotty ass preps; which pretty much are the same as jocks. The plastics which could be classified as bimbos, the usual geeks, and the sporty spice people.” he told me as I nodded and looked at him.

“So where do you blend in?” I asked curiously with a raised eyebrow as he shrugged.

“I don’t believe in labels.” he replied snottily as he walked ahead of me while I just smiled and caught up with him.

“When I came here I was told Scared Hearts wasn’t co-ed, why is it?” I asked confused as he just laughed.

“It wasn’t co-ed until a year ago. With the economy going to shit, and the reality that girl schools aren’t considered as equal as boy schools, Sacred Heart was desperate for money, so they decided to merge with our schools. Pretty much, the girl schools couldn’t make it on their own, so they gave into the penis.” he replied looking me as I giggled.

“So why did you move from Chicago to all the way here in the first place?” he asked me as we approached the courtyard while I sighed.

“I was planning on ditching the place to go to New York with a few friends. My parents found out, flipped a lid, and here I am. They figured if I was far away enough, I’d remain in their captivity.” I replied as he just nodded.

“I see.”

“What about you? How long have you been in a boarding school?” I asked him as he smirked.

“I’ve been here for almost two years now.”

“What for?”

“Well, I’m your regular hoodlum out to destroy society.” he smiled.

“So you were really expelled?” I replied.

“Who told you that?” he asked curiously.

“I just…heard it from some people.” I shrugged.

“Well that’s what most believe about me. I was expelled yes, but I didn’t come here because of that.” he scoffed.

“What did you come for then?” I repeated as he looked at me with narrowed eyes.

“Do you really want to know?” he asked me as I nodded.

“I mean do you really want to know?” he repeated as I nodded once more.

“I mean do you really, really, really-”

“Frank!” I shouted annoyed as he giggled.

“Fine. Honestly? I had nothing better to do.” he said simply as I laughed.

“Are you serious? You came here out of sheer boredom?” I scoffed.

“Well mostly because my friends came here. After the expulsion, I didn’t really have much to do. I just wanted to see my friends and I couldn’t because they were here. So I lied to my parents and told them that sending me here would ‘restore’ myself, like a damn born again Christian or something. My parents fell for it and sent me here thinking I’m on the path to Heaven.” he sighed dramatically as he put a hand to his heart as I couldn’t help but have a giggle fit.

“You’re something else Frank.” I said shaking my head as he smirked at me.

“Tell me something I don’t know.” he replied as he winked at me. I blushed before looking down as he smiled.

“Come on, I got one more thing to show you but you CANNOT tell anyone about it, okay?” he asked me seriously as I nodded.


“Pinky promise?” he said holding his pinky up as I smiled and wrapped mine around his.

“Pinky promise.” I repeated as he nodded in approval.

“All right. You can’t ever go back on a pinky promise.” he said as I smiled while he led me to a secret door behind the courtyard. He motioned me to be quiet as he opened the door while I looked around. It was empty and didn’t look like much, but it did have some old furniture and was pretty cool for the most part. I heard voice as I looked at Frank worriedly while he just grinned as he walked further into the abandoned room.

“Caught you!” he yelled at four figures who looked at him worriedly before they sighed as they glared at him and laughed. It was the same boys that the girls had talked about.

“Fucking dick, you know how much we have to be careful in this place.” Bob said to Frank who smiled as the others suddenly turned to look at me curiously.

“Who’s she?” the one with the glasses had pointed to me, almost threateningly. I gulped and looked at Frank.

“Were you going to uncork and pork with her Frankie?” Bob smirked as Frank scoffed.

“I was not going to uncork and pork, have some respect for Tater.” he said firmly and smiled at me as Bob raised his eyebrow.

“Tater?” he asked confused as Frank nodded.

“Don’t be shy Tater, we’re not the mafia.” Frank said pulling me closer as I nervously laughed. I felt my hands start to become moist as I didn’t know what to say in front of them.

“This is Tati, she’s new to the school.” he shrugged.

“Ah fresh meat.” Ray said with a smirk.

“Where you from Tati?” Mikey asked curiously.

“Chicago.” I replied softly.

“Cool.” Bob said with a shrug. “How’d you get sucked into Frank's presence?” he teased as Frank stuck his tongue out.

“I’m a very appealing person I’ll have you know. And besides, Tati‘s cool.” Frank shrugged.

“Sure about that?” Gerard piped in as I froze and looked at his piercing his eyes while he raised an eyebrow, and not in a good way.

“Yes.” Frank replied sarcastically as Gerard only rolled his eyes and folded his arms across his chest as I looked down.

“We won’t get in trouble for being here?” I asked meekly as they all laughed.

“Even if we did, would you really care?” Bob retorted to me as I shook my head.

“Exactly.” he smiled while I couldn’t help but smile back in agreement.

Even though I felt extremely awkward, I had to admit it was better than being in my dorm with Sabrina and Gia.

“Well Tati, if you’re scared about being in here, you should tag along on our night runs.” Bob smirked childishly.

“Night runs?” I asked confused as they nodded.

“Yeah, we know how to sneak past the guards.” Ray put in.

“And then we go and kill people.” Frank finished as I looked at him worriedly while he giggled.

“We’re just messing Tater, relax.” he replied as I flushed with embarrassment as Bob smirked.

“I feel so bad for you now that you met us.”
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