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Never Going Home

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Okay. Frankie's POV and the only part of 5, you go on and enjoy yourself.

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Pre-Script-Okay. I'm pretty bad at smut. So, this maybe be shitty. Skip it, rate it down, tell me I suck, blah blah blah... Whatever. :) Lots of love

Frankie's P.O.V.
After the doctor told me I was allowed to leave, I did. I did not hesitate. I did not ask if I'd need to do anything specific when I got home, I seriously didn't care. I was so sick of the never ending boredom.
As Gerard was driving me down to his house, I began to dread the thought of going back to my own home. Not only would I be reminded of... what I did, but I'd be reminded of the things that drove me to do it. Between Ray, and Gerard, and the hurt and regret for all the dumb shit I've done... I just don't want like thinking about it. It scare me to think that I'd be walking down the hallways I wanted so badly to burn. Drinking the water I wished I'd drown in. Sitting in the room where I almost died. Truth is, I scare myself. I'm lying when I smile. Or I'm just going fuckig nuts. And the only person I can trust is Gerard. And I knew he wouldn't want a suicidal little girl in the house all the time. So I wasn't about to ask to stay with him.
"We're home." Gerard said as he pulled into his driveway.
I snapped out of my daze when he said that. We're... Home? Like, the place I live? Or the place he lives, and he wants it to be my home? Or it's just his home and that's what he's saying so I get out of his damn car?
"Home?" I asked with a puzzled look on my face.
"Yeah, Frankie. Home. You know... The house you live in..." He chuckled.
"My place?" I asked, still pretty fucking confused.
"No... Um... I was actually wondering if you'd want to live with me..." He said, looking down a little.
"Of course, Gee!" I said, a little to excited.
"Good..." He chuckled, and got out of the car. Is it bad that I'm staring at his ass right now? No... I don't think so... Maybe... I'm not sure... Hey, if I don't mind, and he doesn't know, I guess it's all good.
I wasn't far behind him, and I kind of wanted to tackle him when he got inside. What the fuck is wrong with me today? I mean, first I'm staring at his ass, now I'm wishing we were on a football team. I blame him. He give me a reason to look at think, so, is it really that bad? That and I'm dating him...
"What's got your attention, Frank?" Gerard said with a smirk.
"Um... Nothing... Er... Nevermind." I answered, rubbing the back of my neck.
"You sure?" He said in a whisper, dragging his index finger down the front of my chest.
I just squeaked. I couldn't think of a better responce than something that really wasn't a responce. Well, in all honesty, I just couldn't think at all...
"I believe I asked you a question..." He sang, eyeing me up.
"I believe I can't give you an answer." I answered, and my stomach lurched when he grabbed my belt buckle. Oh shit... He wants to do this... You're ready Frankie... It's okay... He's not going to hurt you if you don't want to... Why shouldn't you want to? It wasn't just yesterday when Kyle was around. Grow the fuck up! It's not all about you.
"But Frankie..." He mewled at me, pouting.
"G-Gee..." I said, giving him a desperate look.
"Oh my god! I'm sorry Frankie. Shit. I'm always such a stupid ass. God. I'm sorry." He said, begging for me to forgive him.
"Gee, i-it's okay... It's not your fault... I-I just... It's been a really long time... and the last time..." I didn't want to finish my sentence. I just don't like thinking about Kyle either.
He gave me a hug, and pressed his cheek against the top of my head. "I'm sorry for being a dick..." He said, and I hugged him back.
"You weren't a dick... It's okay..." I said, smiling a little. Gerard was to good to be real. I'm just waiting for him to slowly fade away and I'll never see him again because he's a figment of my imagination.
"You sure?" He asked.
"Yeah. I'm positive." I said and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.
"Well... It's eight o'clock... What are we going to do for the rest of the evening?" Gee asked, pressing his forehead against mine, smiling at me.
"Iunno..." I shrugged, and giggled at how adorable he was.
So, we agreed on video games and pizza, and I made him order a veggie pizza from the Gui Gi's down the street. So we played video games until about eleven, when Gerard convinced me we should just go to bed, or we'd never be able to get up in the morning. Of course I'd agree to that. Gerard only slept in boxers, and I had no jammies tonight.
So I stripped out of my clothes, now I was wearing the same thing as Gerard. Boxers. And he got himself settled under the covers.
"You commin', or what?" He said with a grin latched on his face.
I hopped in and cuddled with Gee. God, he was so warm. He wrapped his arm around my hips and pulled us closer. No arguement here. He nestled his face in my hair, and that's how we fell asleep.

:O I'm a tease! Oh no! So close! And, what's this, a twist? Who's this Kyle man that's making Frankie not want to jump Gerard? I guess you'll have to keep reading... :)
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